Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Giveaway


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In the past six months, I have fallen in love with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

I posted about it here when I first purchased it.  And since then, I use it

I could not imagine my life without it!

How else could I make Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter jump off the page

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter

Or braids look so groovy

Skylar getting braids

Or Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars look as sinful on the screen as they actually are in person

Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars

Or boats look artsy


Or transport you with me to my local farmers market and make you feel like you’re right there, too.


Or make you want to reach in and devour a Magic Eight Bar?

Magic Eight Bar

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 to help bring back in what my eye actually saw but that sometimes doesn’t always translate in photography.

I love it, and I can’t wait for one lucky person to win a copy of it, too!


Ready to win a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for yourself?  It’s valued at $299

To Enter:

1.  Tell me why you want to win this, what your biggest challenges are with photography, or what special photography projects you will use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 with?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and Twitter Follow Adobe Lightroom and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win free Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software @loveveggiesyoga @lightroom″

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like Me, Facebook Fan Adobe Lightroom, Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Friday, June 24, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen and announced.  Adobe will ship directly to the winner.

Open to everyone, worldwide.  Everyone can enter!

Get your entries in now!

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  1. My blog is currently in the very early phases, and I’d like to change that; I think Lightroom is exactly what I need to bring it to the next stage.

  2. I’ve taken many photography courses throughout high school and college and have even had a art show showcasing my work. But I always find that there is more and more to learn and experiment with in photography and want to learn more and more!

  3. I think it was yesterday that I “liked” your page on Facebook. I would use Lightroom for my food photography for my blog. That seems to be what I’m taking pictures of mostly lately, but I’d also love it for my travel photography and pet photography. I have heard wonderful things about lightroom.

  4. I would use Lightroom to improve my food photography! I always seem to have a problem getting the lighting justttt so.

  5. Ooh I would love to have this software. I blog menus for my personal chef business. The biggest weakness is I don’t have photos! I need to start posting pics of my food, but the pics I take never look as fantastic as the food so I get frustrated and give up.

    With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 I think I could make photos I love, and then have more motivation to take more photos! Win win!

  6. What an amazing giveaway Averie! I would LOVE the opportunity to have actual photo editing software. All I use now is the iPhoto that came on my Mac and although it’s better than nothing, I know there is so much more out there!

    I just have to say that I love being able to see you grow in your photography skills! You are getting to be quite the pro missy! ;) That boat pic is beyond gorgeous!

  7. I would love to have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 because I am always taking pictures of all the delicious foods I make (and a good amount of them are your recipes!) and the pictures turn out horrible due to the lighting. I would love to have professional looking photos to add to my facebook page!

  8. I need help with lighting and post picture editing is a must! This would be great to use as I start my own yoga business!

  9. Oh my gosh, this would be so helpful for AP Studio Art next year! My biggest challenge is lighting. I love taking indoor photos, but it’s always overcast here and we don’t have as many lamps as I’d like.

  10. I’m a recent graduate and too poor to afford a fancy new camera, but I think this would seriously help with my project of documenting my near-future move to the coast and start of a new life :)

  11. As a beginning photographer, I’m facing a lot of challenges!! The one that’s most frustrating to me, however, is lighting, as many of the other posters have stated. I would use Lightroom 3 to help me continue my passion for photography. I might be nice and share it with my boyfriend, who’s a great photographer. :)

  12. What a great giveaway! I would love to use lightroom 3 especially to help me with lighting issues. A lot of times I find I cook and take pictures long after dark and a lot of times have issues making those pictures look good or ‘natural’. I think lightroom could work wonders in helping with this!!

  13. my biggest challenge is lighting! i don’t have alot of windows in my house that give me the light i need in the kitchen.

  14. i would love this because i dont have any editing program for my photos :) i would also love to play around and take beautiful pictures of my daughter

  15. Tell me why you want to win this? TO IMPROVE MY BLOG PHOTOS!

    What your biggest challenges are with photography? LIGHTING!

    What special photography projects you will use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 with? FOOD PHOTOS AND CAPTURING MY KIDS AT PLAY!

  16. I would love to win this! Unfortunately I have to cook and take a lot of pictures after work when the lighting isn’t ideal, so this would be perfect!

  17. Thanks for this awesome giveaway Averie! There’s nothing better than to spruce up some of my dull photos using Lightroom. I’ve test driven the 30-day trial before, and loved how easy, fast and incredible the whole photo-editing process took :)

  18. Im a photographer/artist and getting this would really help me elevate my photos so i can earn some much needed extra cash selling them and doing something i love!

  19. I have no idea how to use any programs for photography and would love to learn. I don’t even know how to use photoshop! LOL! I am not sure how to utilize light to my advantage when taking photos … all I know is that food looks better in natural daylight, and people look better at dusk. I would love to experiment with lightroom and learn how to use it.

  20. I have a hard time with the background. I either forget about it until it’s too late, or it doesn’t set apart whatever I’m photographing as well as I thought.

  21. I’m just learning about photography. I can tell when a photograph is “good”, but I’m learning how to use all the elements of a photograph to take a good picture. I still don’t think I’ve taken a good one yet, but I’m working on it! I would use Lightroom to enhance lighting and capture accurate color.

  22. This is exactly what I need to get back into photography :) I recently got a DSLR but haven’t been able to afford Photoshop. I would definitely love to win this.

  23. I’d love to win Adobe Photoshop because it’ll help me transform my ordinary, standard pictures into beautiful, colorful works of art. Honestly, I’m still new to photography, and I think that having Photoshop will encourage me to work for better shots.

  24. i’d love to win this because there is not a lot of natural light in my house, so my blog photos tend to be shadowy. i don’t like using a flash because it looks harsh. i love the way obects in your photos are totally bathed in light, so gorgeous.

  25. I have been hearing SOO much about lightroom from amateur and professional photographers but have had to make due to picasa / iphoto’s features. I would love to improve my photographs with lightroom. I am practicing concert photography and love doing engagement / marriage shots.

  26. Amazing giveaway! :) I would love to win as I bought a DSLR camera recently and I’m trying to improve my photography skills, but currently the only editing software I use is the basic one that came with my laptop…not so good! I love taking photos both of food and my family, but, as seems to be a common problem, I have issues with the lighting in my photos, and recently I keep getting white areas on my photos where light bounces off shiny packaging etc, annoying!!

  27. My biggest challenge with photography is that I don’t take pictures… Second challenge is that my camera sucks so the lighting always looks skewed. I would LOVE to play with adobe!

    Btw lady, I will be in ocean beach in a few weeks. Wanna grab a coffee, yoga or some raw food?

  28. I would LOVE to win this because right now I am burning myself into the ground trying to work full time in corporate america along with geting my part time photography business up and running as a full time gig. Everyone has told me “get lightroom!!” and you will save SO.MUCH.TIME with post production. Getting this would hopefully help keep me from going insane from my CRAZY workload and allow me more time to just enjoy the art of taking photos again (not worrying about all the time spend editing). :)

  29. i am so excited about this giveaway! i NEED this program because i have 3234324 pictures of my family that i would love to edit and play with. so fun!

  30. As a budding amateur photographer, I’m finding limits to what Picasa can bring out of my photos. My biggest challenge is not having the options to tweak with all the small components, especially with regard to noise – I take a lot of low light photos and don’t have much help for noise reduction!

  31. oh my goodness, i would love to win this!

    i just started my own blog last month, and am only using iphoto to edit my pictures. lightroom would give me that extra something to my photos!

  32. My biggest challenge with photography now is wanting to get creative with effects or even be able to do simple corrections, but not having the equipment to do so. I’d love to do more food, Yoga, and streetscape photography.

  33. Great giveaway! My biggest challenge with photography is not having enough money to get quality lenses. It’s definitely an expensive hobby!

  34. Holymoly I had to scroll a long ways to get to the bottom of the comments! ;) I want Lightroom because we were JUST talking about how much I wanted it! I currently don’t have an editing program and I’m reeeeeally hoping to be able to start producing better food photography. Taking photos is one of my favourite parts of blogging and I’d love to create some images I’m really proud of :)

  35. I have never used photoshop – I’m just making the switch from film to digital, and lighting as become an issue all over again. And “digital darkroom” process… I would LOVE a copy of photoshop to help me master this!

  36. Loooove. I could definitely use this to spiffy up the pics I take of my handspun yarn. I’m sure my boyfriend would love it, too (he does very inventive things with his photography, like make his own lenses!).

  37. I would love to win this! I just graduated college and my first project at my new job is to make ‘leave behinds’.. the problem is I have no equipment to make them with!!

  38. oh wow! I love taking photos, but am still stuck using my oooooooooold point and shoot.
    I hope to upgrade my camera soon, and could definitely use some software to help me play around. Your photos are gorgeous, and watching you have fun with your camera is inspiring!

  39. This is the addition I have been waiting for to complete my adoration with photoshop and change the way I photograph!!!!

  40. waahoooo!! :D I would like to win this because it would really help brighten up my photos! And, I run into trouble with getting enough light in the photos~still a newbie here! teeheee.

  41. Great giveaway :)
    My biggest photography challenge is lighting. We’re blessed to live in a house (and not in an apartment), however, this old house doesn’t have many windows. I’ve been using Windows Live Photo Gallery for simple tweaks, but I’m CRAVING a software that has more features!
    Plus, I’ve been doing some free-lance Graphic design on the side, and I’d love to be able to manipulate some of my components more easily!

  42. Hi Averie, I would LOVE to win a copy of Photoshop Lightroom, I currently have an outdated version of Adobe Photoshop (which I adore) and would really enjoy trying this program out after all I have heard about it. I take care of four websites, mostly volunteering my time doing so, centering around volunteer fire departments, fire and EMS training sites and EMS conferences – which equals LOTS of photos for training purposes mainly. I have worked with graphics for years and just love it. And of course, I carry my camera everywhere I go :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  43. Ohmygosh this is a crazy awesome giveaway!!! I totally would use this for my blog…I’ve ben wanting to work on my pictures…they need more pizazz!

  44. lighting! when editing my photos i think they look great and then i upload them to blogger and am not impressed. i’m not sure where I go wrong, but i’m trying to lighten things up!

  45. I want to win this so I learn more about photography, and the tools to edit photos. My biggest challenge with the art is shaky hands! No matter how ‘still’ I hold the camera, I still manage to shake! I hope it wears off though :)

  46. I love photography but lighting is definitely my bugga-boo and LR2 with raw photos has saved a photo more than once. Would love to see what LR3 could do :)

  47. I *just* got a computer : finally! It’s a fabulous MacBook Pro. I would definitely use Photoshop Lightroom for photo editing (plus I’m starting a raw food blog soon and will be taking pictures like crazy!)
    Serendipitous timing for the giveaway :) I was talking a few days ago about wanting to buy a Photoshop program with someone else to cut costs; and I need to decide which one to get: I was thnking Creative Suite but now I’ll look more into Lightroom. Everyone raves about it :)

    Always love reading your blog Averie.
    I’d like on you Facebook or something but I don’t even have a Facebook account!

  48. I’ve used Photoshop in Photo I class and it made my pictures AMAZING! Especially when compared to kodak easyshare or iPhoto editing..

  49. I actually really need this software right now for a digital photography class that I’m taking and was about to shell out for the full-price software. Winning it would be WONDERFUL. I love digital photography and the creativity that editing photos allows. Photography is a huge passion of mine and I want it to be a part of my life forever :)

  50. I am following you on facebook now – weeee! (totally didn’t know I wasn’t…?) :D

    I so So SO want to win this…

  51. I want to win this because I am a new blogger and I really want to improve my photography. My pictures now never look nearly as exciting as yours and I would love them to be! I am taking photography next year in class but I would love to get to experiment with this program! Thanks :D

  52. I’ve used the trial of Lightroom, and I love it! It’s perfect for organizing photos and doing quick edits that you don’t need Photoshop for. This would help me with my blog tremendously! Plus one of my passions is photography so this would be amazing to have and use! <3

  53. Your pictures are gorgeous, I would love to be able to learn how to do that. My biggest challenge is ligthing and even though I don’t blog anymore, I love taking pics of flowers and of course my kids!

  54. I would love to win this because I’m obsessed with all Adobe products, but I do not currently having a program on my computer!

  55. I downloaded the free trial version and loved it but it ran out! I have a canon rebel t2i and want to learn more of the editing side!

  56. I would love to win this! Truly, I have no “real” photography experience. But I would love to play around with the software and try something new!

  57. To be honest, I want to win this for my husband. He is really starting to get more into photography and he really wants a program to use to help him with his new hobby. But, we can’t afford to actually get a decent program.

  58. AHH! We have *NO* natural lighting in our kitchen…KILLS ME! I neeeeeeed all the help I can get! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  59. Blogging has introduced me to the beauty of photography, and I would love to use Lightroom 3 to enhance my blog pictures!

  60. This would help tremendously with my photos! My apartment windows face North, and there are many tall buildings around, so natural light is pretty scarce.

  61. I would love, love, LOVE to win a copy of this program. As a budding artist and lover of photographer, this would be a brilliant add on to my editing suite. I just started taking some high fashion editorial pictures and to grow from a semi professional photographer to a strong professional one, I think this would absolutely help transform the final look my work. My biggest challenge as a struggling artist has been to be able to afford proper lights and some equipment to have pictures turn out quite well.
    I am also going to Ghana for a creative arts program for street kids in August and this would be awesome to have and also introduce to the kids :)
    Thanks for offering this. I am also following you on fb+twitter and retweeted the text.

  62. I would love to win this and give it to my fiance. He’s a big photography buff and definitely needs a good photo editing program.

  63. oh my goodness! i’d love to win the lighroom 3! my biggest issue is the lack of natural light in our condo, so the pictures never reflects the real colors or intensity :( documenting different aspects of our life as a family is very important to me and more enjoyable with beautiful pics!!

  64. What an amazing giveaway! I’d love to win to work on editing food and vacation photos – especially the vacation photos, when someone else takes the picture and it seems like something is always off (lighting, shadows, flash) taking a little something away from an otherwise awesome shot!

  65. I am trying to figure out if I will be able to open my own photography business ( I have SO MUCH to learn but it is a dream of mine) because I am having a hard time finding employment. This would help me become better at learning all that I can at taking better pictures! : )

  66. What a great giveaway Averie!! My issue with photography right now is finding a space where I can take pictures and set up a nice background for some density. My apt is tiny winy and we don’t have anywhere to put a table that has much lighting. It’s a work in progress but this would be awesome :)

    And of course your pictures have been looking amazing!! You can tell a difference 100% between the new camera you have and the one you used while taking pics in your last condo. A++!

  67. I would love to win this because I am in the process of planning my wedding and it would really help for all of the graphics and pictures that I am looking to create myself! :)

  68. I’d love love to win adobe Lightroom.. I’ve heard so many photographers rave about it..

    I’d use it to make my bloggie pictures a lot more inviting


    I’d use it to make my own professional modeling pictures even better, sometimes I likt to tweek them a little bit before putting them in my portfolio..

  69. I would love to win a copy of Lightroom to help enhance the pictures I take of my 4yo. He’s very photogenic, but hard to catch!

  70. I would love to try Lightroom! As a newbie photographer, it can be frustrating to feel like my pictures aren’t up to snuff with some of the ones I see on blogs. I think having the ability to make some slight adjustments and enhancements with Lightroom would boost my confidence a bit in my pictures!

  71. I have always been a major fan of the Adobe products (has Photoshop CS & CS2 on previous computers). In the past, I tried to use them for altering/editing actual drawings I would produce, but I no longer dedicate much time to the pencil. Nowadays, I am photographing everything (especially for the blog), but I lack funds for superior software and a nicer camera. I have a point&shoot, but I would love to one day upgrade to a DSLR, it’s just not going to happen any time soon. I am becoming better at angling and optimizing the features on my Sony camera, but I could use a little help and I think the Lightroom software would be perfect!

    I must admit, I found your blog from other Twitter members, but the examples of photos you provided are astoundingly beautiful! I liked your page on FB, followed you & Adobe on Twitter, and tweeted the contest. Thanks! :D

  72. I have a galley kitchen and it makes taking photos of food challenging. And the light hits my townhouse in a strange way; and it’s never at the time I’m hope to take great photos! This would be amazing to try!

  73. My biggest problem is getting correct lighting. Most of my shots are too dark. I would love to be able to correct my shots using Lightroom 3 to really match my vision! What an awesome giveaway!

  74. One of my biggest challenges with photography is lighting! The lighting in my apartment is terrible, so I always have to turn my ISO way up. Then I get a lot of noise:( I hope that in Lightroom, I can get rid of some of that noise, or at least make them a little sharper!

  75. My biggest photography challenge is lighting. We don’t have nearly enough natural light in our house!

  76. What an amazing giveaway!! I want this is such a bad way! Let’s see…challenges with photography: well, currently my stone age computer (but, am hoping to get that remedied soon). Another is lighting. I strive to only use natural light whenever possible, but sometimes adequate light just doesn’t happen. And being that I haven’t located that “money tree” yet for funding my love and passion of photography I will have to call that a challenge as well. ;-)
    I would use Lightroom 3 for the photoshoots I have coming up this month to present the families with the best photos possible.
    Thanks so much for offering your readers a kick-butt giveaway!

  77. Already follow YOU on Twitter, just followed Lightroom, AND tweeted (via @SweetToothCourt) :)

  78. My biggest photography challenge would probably be trying to get the right angles. I, unfortunately, do not yet have a DSLR, so I have to use as many of the options as I can with my little point and shoot. I’ve gotten pretty decent at using the different settings, but I really want to get better at positioning my images. I’ve never used lightroom, but I’ve heard it’s phenomenal and it’s been on my “to-buy” list for whenever I run into some extra $$$.

    Your pictures are always so beautiful, which makes me hopeful that I’d be able to improve mine as well! Thanks for the opportunity, Averie!

  79. My biggest photography challenge right now is learning how to use my new camera!! Photoshop would definitely help me in creating the best photos possible :-)

  80. Wow, this is awesome! I now take all of the photos for our company, so there’s a lot of pressure to not only take good shots, but fix them when I screw up :) I’ve been lusting after Lightroom since you and other bloggers started posting tutorials, so I’d love the chance to get this.

  81. A copy of Lightroom would definitely enhance the photos for my blog! My boyfriend just handed his Nikon D40 down to me, and I’m learning my way around the DSLR map. I’ve worked in other Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and Lightroom would be an amazing addition to my toolbox!

  82. wow, that is such a great give away!! I love photography and I take pictures nearly every day, but I have no real software yet, so with Adobe PS Lightroom 3 I could not only start kinda professionally, but, most important, face my biggest challenge: lighting. also I would love to transform my pictures into the beautiful shots you post :=

    1. before I forget: I am supposed to run a hobby exhibition with pictures of a small island in the north sea (Germany), so Lightroom would help me immensly with that project!

  83. I have been wanting to use photoshop forever! I love taking pictures but have needed a more professional editing program. I hope I win!!!

  84. I would looooove to win this so that I can actually make my photos POP with color. It’s more of a hobby for me, and considering I currently work in a social service nonprofit, I can’t always afford to cater to the hobbies I love. This could help build a portfolio and help me move throughout other areas of my agency!

  85. I would love to win this! I struggle so much with good natural light in my photography because NYC apts are so small with very limited amounts of windows.

  86. My biggest challenge is lighting, I really struggle with proper lighting. I liked you and lightroom on Facebook.

  87. Biggest photography challenge? Two things, really. 1) with two young kids in tow, it’s nearly impossible to stop and take a picture, and 2) the version I have of Adobe Creative Suite is from 2005. Still works, but, you know…I could use the update.

  88. I have always wanted to edit my pictures to another level I don’t think I am getting from Picassa and feel this just might be what is needed to do just that!

  89. I’m just learning how to use my DSLR so everything is a challenge right now! and this would be a great addition!

  90. I’ve been working on my photography since my dad gave me his old DSLR about 8 months ago. I’ve finally learned (mostly) how to use the camera itself, but I still haven’t spent much time on the photo editing part — mostly because I used to use Photoshop when I was in college, but it is so time consuming that I just can’t do that with the hundreds of photos I take monthly now. I’ve heard LR is much easier to use, if you want it to be, and I’m hoping if I win this I’ll have time to start learning to edit my photos!

  91. I already follow you on twitter, now I follow Adobe LR and I tweeted about this giveaway :)

  92. Wow, what a wonderfull give-away!
    I would use Adobe Lightroom to brighten up etc. my photographs, most of all my food photographs. My biggest challenge in photography is to keep getting better and to gain lots of experience. I’m planning on doing a new project, not related to food, but for now I’m keeping it a secret :p

  93. I have always wanted to own the Adobe LR having heard and seen so many good things about it! I am convinced it will make my normal looking P-S camera pics DSLR worthy!

  94. I would love the Adobe software because I’m still using a point and shoot camera that takes mediocre pictures. Until my camera fund is fully funded ( and even after) it would be great to improve the photos I’ve taken and will take. Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  95. My biggest challenge is time, honestly. I think this would really help though, for those times when I don’t have enough time to fiddle with the lighting and get it exact. I can get it “close” and then edit. I’m hoping my new house has good lighting!

  96. I would love to have this software! I take pictures, but they always look so much less than the actual thing that I never post them. I’d love to have something to make these pictures look as tasty as the food was!

  97. I’d like to win this to learn more about how to edit photos with blemishes. I have lots of photos from traveling that I took with a camera with a scratched lens. I’d love to be able to correct and enhance these so you can’t tell!

  98. Lighting is my issue for sure! I live in a basement apartment with the WORST lighting…

    This is a GREAT giveaway!

  99. I would like Lightroom because I too am an aspiring photographer, and I am so excited to make my passion my emphasis as an art major. I love ALL the CS5 programs and would love to add Lightroom!

    I’m also a facebook follower, and tweeted about it!

  100. I would like to win this give away because I got a new camera recently and have been really trying to improve my photohraphy, but am struggling a bit and I think a good photo editing software could really help me get where I want to be.

  101. Sorry, I commented on the wrong post!!! I love the photography in this post! I would love to win to improve my photography as well :)

  102. I want to win Lightroom because I want to improve my food photography for my blog (to show people what my recipes will render & to better illustrate how to make things & for general aesthetic purposes). :)

  103. Oh I would so love to win! I could really use help with my lighting. Great give away, wishing everyone luck ;)

  104. I always have trouble with lighting when taking pictures! I would definitely love to play around and edit them…

  105. Wow, I would LOVE to win this! I will fully admit that my photography skills leave much to be desired. I have gotten a little bit better. But without a fancy camera, my options are limited. It would be really cool to play around with this software.

  106. I would love to win this! I just got a DSLR and am having a blast with my pictures. Unfortunately, I have no good editing software though to take it to the next level. And after buying the camera, the budget is tapped out for awhile! ;)
    My biggest challenge is light! It’s hard when most of my photogrpahy is after work (6pm on) to find good natural light at my house.

  107. I follow you on twitter, follow Adobe Lightroom and I tweeted about the giveaway! What an awesome giveaway this is!

  108. I would love to win this because I enjoy photography, haven’t been able to experiment much with it since taking high school and college photography classes and this would be perfect for playing with my photos!

  109. Great give away! I want to use it for my food photos for sure. I would love to play with them more!

  110. Ever since I took photography in high school (many years ago), I’ve been obsessed with it. I ALWAYS take the time to edit my photos but currently the only program that I have is iPhoto. Lightroom would be the ideal stepping stone towards furthering my photography goals.

  111. I would just love to win this photo editing software. Photography is easily one of my biggest passions, but without editing it is hard to really capture some of the beauty that gets lost through a computer screen. It would be so much fun to amp up my blog with the help of the software. I also ‘liked’ your facebook page!

  112. My name is Erin Thomas and i am 15 years old. i have been reading your blog for the last few months because i love finding new gluten free recipes (i have been gluten-free for around six months)
    I would love having Adobe photoshop lightroom 3 because i take pictures where ever i go and i love to edit them (i make a lot of movies too). My dream is to be a fashion photographer or a cinematographer because i love to edit. Some times i will have photo shoots with my friends and ill make them dress up :) then i can edit them.. and they look really good…but they would look even better if i had a real photo editing program.
    well thanks for the great recipes:)
    Sonoma, ca

  113. Hi Averie! Been wanting to get Lightroom so that I can shoot tethered to my laptop. That would be incredible – so that I can see what my photos look like on a screen larger than the one on my camera :)

    Btw – less than 2 months till Boulder! *excited dance*

  114. I’m really interested in improving my photography skills. IN the past year, I’ve taken two classes at a local photography school/store. My house has awful natural light and I would love to enhance my photos.

  115. I would LOVE to win this because I’m getting a DSLR and I’ve seen what it can do for photos!

  116. My camera broke last week and what i’m working with currently (my husband’s old point and shoot from college) is just so awful… it leaves a weird lighting tint on the photos… i’m certain lightroom could make this camera useful for my blog while I save up for a REAL camera. eep!

  117. I would love to win this and give it to my amazing dad. He’s finishing up his first book (it’s a guidebook to an amazing town in Tuscany, so it’s loaded with pictures) and has some last photo editing to do. He’s also working on revamping his website, and wants to add more slideshows. Annnd he’s in the process of launching the American Grappa Society and building a website for that. He’s mentioned many times that he wishes he had better editing software, but just can’t find the money in the budget. This would be a huge, huge, boon for him.

  118. I want to win this because I just got a DSLR & it’d be perfect! I twitter follow + tweeted ya :)

  119. I have been debating about dropping the cash to purchase this software for awhile now…winning it would make my decision way easier!! As a budding photographer, I would love to be set up with the programs necessary to make good photos better (once I get to the point of taking good photos)!

  120. I would love to win this to tinker with my family photos. Though it’s a good one, I always feel as though my camera doesn’t capture things exactly as they appear in person and it’s quite frustrating – hopefully, the program can help with that. Great giveaway!

  121. I would LOVE to win this because I am wanting to start my own healthy food blog. My biggest challenge with photography is making my images stand out and be impactful, and with Lightroom 3 I could achieve this!

  122. Actually I love taking photos of my kids and would love the opportunity to use a product like this one to change up some of the already wonderful kiddo photos that I have. I am a newbie to these types of programs, but enjoy learning new things and challenging myself! This looks like it could be very addictive and fun! Thanks.

  123. I’ve always loved photos and admired those who can take a photo and make something as simple as a leaf on a tree look artistic! July last year I swapped my point and shoot camera to a Canon EOS550D and I’ve been experimenting on and off with it (mostly taking pictures of my husband and his triathlon club competing) but the pictures just don’t pop out. My biggest challenge is learning how to use the correct aperture and using natural light to bring out the vibrancy of the picture. Now that I have more time on my hands (I’m on maternity leave for a year) I’m embarking on a new project: Capturing “daily snaps” of my new born baby when s/he arrives for the first year. I want my pictures to pop out likes yours, I want to be able to play with the colours and effects and most of all I want to go “wow” and I want my family and friends to go “wow”. I visit your blog daily just to drool over your photos and seeing the improvement in your photography skills is just amazing. Winning Photoshop Lightroom 3 would certainly help me with my project “daily snaps” in creating a beautiful coffee table book of my beautiful baby.

  124. I used to spend a lot of time on photography but haven’t been doing much for years. I have a degree in photography and used to process my own film and photos. Now with the digital age I am so behind in editing. I have a great camera and a brand new computer that dh bought to help me get back into photography. In the past I just used basic free programs but have the background to be able to do so much more! I have been hoping to buy this software but it hasn’t happened yet. My biggest challenge is everything because I have been using such limited programs. I want better quality pictures all around; family, friends, and fine art!

  125. Awesome giveaway! My biggest challenge is forcing myself to take time to set up a great shot… I rarely do it, but it makes such a difference!

  126. I want this because if I can’t have the good camera yet (come on, hubby!) then I’d at least like to improve my skills by editing. And then once I have the nice DSL camera, the editing will (hopefully) be a piece of cake!

  127. Oooo I’m getting a new camera for my birthday in a few weeks and this would be soooo much fun to play around with! I have a HUGE list of things I’d like some nice photos of…VT scenery, my puppy, etc…

  128. This would be a great giveaway win! I always struggle to make my photos look BRIGHT!

  129. I would love to use it to make the images from my point and shoot a little bit snazzier :)

  130. amazing giveaway! i would continue to grow in my photography adventures, mainly focusing on food and nature :)

  131. I would LOVE to win this because I just discovered my passion for photography and this would definitely give me even more room to grow!

  132. GREAT giveaway! I already have lightroom and couldn’t agree with you more! My boyfriend doesn’t have lightroom though, and I would love to win this for him! He’s the one that got me into this whole photography thing anyways, so it’d be nice to give it to him (considering I broke his camera a couple of months too… maybe that would get me off the hook?)

  133. I would use this to doctor photos for my blog. I’ve been flirting with the idea of getting a more advanced photoshop type tool for a while now so this would just be fabulous. thanks!

  134. OH gosh – I would LOVE lightroom so my pics wouldn’t look so awful sometimes. I know they can’t help me with focusing…. but every little bit helps!

  135. What an amazing giveaway! I have such a hard time with my photos being too dark because I have low natural light in my kitchen. I would definitely use this to edit photos for my blog since I do not have photoshop on my home mac. It would make the WORLD of difference! Im about to follow (@itsgoodno) !

  136. I follow both on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway (I’m @CassieStrum) :) I definitely think this would help improve the quality of my photos on my blog (I recently started photographing my food too!). I also think this will help me because the flash on my camera is broken so all my photos are dark and dreary, this will definitely help add some light to my photos. My blog needs better lit pictures, my readers are sad :( lol.

  137. I love photoshop products. I used to have elements but my computer crashed :( Anyway…. I would love to get back into editting my photos. I hate using my flash b/c it makes everything too bright. With the Lightroom I would be able to edit and alter the lighting until my heart’s content!

  138. Now this is a photo-op I can’t miss! I am so eager to try Adobe Lightroom 3 I can hardly contain myself. I love taking photographs on all of my hiking trips and outdoor adventures. It would be so much fun to enhance the photos with AL3 and share them with my friends and relatives all over the world. My biggest challenge, especially while out on the boat, is dealing with glare from the sun on the water. Sometimes my shots are completely ruined by too much light!

  139. I don’t know if this is allowed, but my 16 year old sister is passionate about photography, and I’d love to win this so that I could give it to her!

  140. I would LOVE to win this prize because I currently don’t use any program like the sort on my PC. I’m a budding photographer and would be so lucky to start off on a good foot! My biggest challenge is with lighting, and if I won this prize, I would use it to really bring to life the pictures that I take now!

  141. I would love to win Adobe Lightroom because I would like to start making photo collages and nice photos to give as gifts to my family and friends. :)

  142. I am following you and Adobe Lightroom and just tweeted about the contest!

  143. I would really love to win this! I am trying to learn more about photography and editing pictures for my blog and I just know that this will help me immensely!

  144. oh man, you are hooking. us. up. lately! what an awesome giveaway.
    i would love lightroom so that i can have a more streamlined, “batch” processing program versus opening each up in photoshop whenever i want to make a minor tweak. whether it’s simple photos for the blog or ones i’ve done for business, i think that is definitely where lightroom has an advantage!

  145. I would love this software because my new hobby is photographing my cats. I am starting Photography classes next year in 9th grade (holy crap I am going to high school, that is scary), and I am going to need Photoshop software for it. I would love to use it to get some striking photos of My kitten Mo’s markings on his head, they are breathtaking!

  146. I would love to win this! I’ve recently begun to edit my photos and using Lightroom would make an incredible difference in the photo editing!!

  147. Incredible giveaway!! thanks Averie!! I am recently into photography and am enjoying the freedom it gives me- I love finding the ‘creativity’ in a simple scene that, without camera in hand, I would have just walked right by. Biggest obstacle – getting my 8 month old nephew to stay still during his photo sessions!!

  148. That’s a pretty bad a– giveaway! Very cool. I would love to win that because the only camera I have right now is the one on my phone. It’s nice, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Some software would def help!

  149. I already follow you on Twitter, I followed Adobe Lightroom, and I tweeted this!

  150. Oh my gosh – this is an awesome giveaway. Much better than the two loaves of bread I’m giving away. :) I would want to win this because I really want to enhance my pictures that I have been taking lately with a professional editing program! I have the most trouble with lighting with my photos!

  151. wow! thanks for hosting this giveaway, averie! zowie!
    i would use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 to improve the photos on my blog. Photography is a blogging challenge for me and i could use all the help i can get! although if i win, i might be bugging you for tips! :)

  152. I would love to upgrade!!!! I currently use the older version on my Mac for my photography along with CS5 and I’m looking to get a new version of lightroom for my laptop so I can do some edits on the go. My biggest challenges with photography happen when I’m in a hurry and I forget to check my exposure and histograms on my camera. Lightroom saves me a** in those situations!
    I’m loving your photography by the way. It’s a wonderful passion to have! I started a long time ago and I’m still enjoying it so much. It can be a really expensive love
    My site is –

    if you want to stop by!


  153. I just moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana from Boston and I would love to document my culinary adventures through a blog! Problem is my camera sucks and my iphoto doesn’t cut it, I could never afford this product but it would really help!

  154. I would love to finally own a professional program to edit my photos! So far, iPhoto or Picassa have been the only things I’ve used, and they do nothing compared to the beautiful photographs I see on all the blogs!!

  155. My biggest problem/challenge with photography is lighting! I have bought that cowboy studio kit from your amazon store and that helps sometimes a little bit. I do all kinds of food gymnastics trying to snatch up the slivers of natural light that appear in upstate ny…

  156. My biggest challenge is knowing from which angle to take certain pictures… I want to get the best lighting possible, but it’s sometimes difficult to determine how to do so!

  157. I would like Lightroom so I can take the most beautiful photos possible of my family, food and friends. I may even delve into professional photography (which I used to do). I always felt it difficult to compete since I have never owned a photoshop software of any kind. It’s time for me to step into the 21st century!

  158. I would like to win because I recently picked up photography as hobby and have been loving it thus far! This software would come in handy & help me take my photography further.

  159. I would LOVE to win this because I am LAME when it comes to editing photos. Need to work on that..hmm!! I’d ADORE this!!!

  160. The lighting in my condo is terrible! And I don’t have much patience for photography. I want SO bad to improve my photos on my blog!!

  161. Oh la la! What a seriously awesome giveaway!
    I just started taking photos not too long ago and it’s quickly become a hobby. So much fun! I would love to use lightroom to edit/play around with my photos.

  162. I would love love love to win this! What an awesome giveaway. I’d use it for the pictures on my blog, and for the pictures I take of my kids. I love making them the best they can be :) I think my biggest issue is setting my iso properly. Sometimes my colors get washed out because my iso is set wrong. It’s something I really have to work on.

  163. I putting my Web site together as well as creating a book to encourage people to eat raw, living foods in pursuit of an excellent lifestyle. As a raw chef, I would love to present outstanding photos as a part of this!

  164. I would love to use it so I can get more photos onto foodgawker and tastespotting. I got my first accepted photo onto tastespotting today, still no foodgawker.

  165. oh, Averie, you KNOW I want this!! :D

    my biggest challenges continue to be white balance and lighting. I cannot always use natural light, and I am still learning how to use my lowel egos (LOVE those!) and white boards. this wouldn’t help with that, but as you know I “edit” with iPhoto only right now. ;)

    GREAT giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  166. my biggest challenge is lighting! i always use natural light and well, i don’t happen to live in an area where the sun is always shining!

  167. i love lightroom 2 – it helps me improve my photos when necessary so I would love to have the newest version