Rock the Boat


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Our last day on the beach in Aruba was a big one.

aruba beach with white sand and beach chairs

First braids.

Skylar getting braids

Then a boat ride!

boat docked at pier at aruba

Skylar had never been on a boat ride before and we were literally out on the boat all of ten minutes but it was a fun 10 and we wanted to expose her to a little boat ride fun!

First, she got her lifejacket on.

skylar wearing life jacket

skylar wearing life jacket

Yes, it buckles sort of like an airplane seatbelt.  Don’t pinch your fingers in the buckles!

And then we boarded the boat.

skylar wearing life jacket on red bench

We pulled out to sea.  All 300 yards or so.

skylar wearing life jacket on red bench

Our boat Captain was Johnny.  We’ve known him for about 7 years.  He knew Scott and I before we had Skylar, while I was pregnant, and he and his wife have a daughter one year younger than Skylar so we’ve shared lots of history.  I think he felt happy to be Driving Miss Daisy Braidy.

Boat captain looking out on the ocean

Skylar looking at the ocean

Just a little ocean spray.

Ship on blue waterLike the effects on this photo?

The view of “land” way off in the “distance” from the boat.

Looking back at the shore of aruba's beach

Looking back at aruba beach shore

Lots of ocean spray in the eyes wide-eyed excitement!

Skylar smiling on boat

Skylar smiling on boat

And then we headed back to shore.

Shore of aruba beach looking from the ocean

And Skylar showed us her boat driving moves.

Skylar pretending to drive a boat

And how to Stop Traffic to tell me to stop taking pictures.

Skylar putting her hand out

But wait, I ran into the calla lilies right after the boat.  I wasn’t quite done with my camera.

White Calla liliesThanks for letting me know from the last post what your favorite flowers are.

And thanks for sharing what your Comforts of Home are.  I loved our vacation but I love being back at home, too.   I really love San Diego and my home here and it’s nice to be back, even though I am buried in catch-up work and have to get back to work and the grind today, too.

Time to go raid my freezer stash for raw vegan dough balls and bites.

I think I have some No-Bake Vanilla Sunflower Seed Butter Balls (Vegan & GF) in the freezer.

No-Bake Vanilla Sunflower Seed Butter BallsYou can use almond or peanut butter on these if you prefer.  I adore SFSB and haven’t had any in 3 weeks so that’s what I want to reach for.


1. Do you like boats or going on boat rides?

I do like going on boats, but I also like getting off!  About an hour is my limit before I get antsy and within 2-3 hours I just have to get off.  I have been on dinner/sunset sails that go on for about 3 hours and by the time dinner is being served, all I can think about it is get me off this boat.  Or get me another drink!

I used to have friends who’s parents had boats (half the population in Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, has a boat.  And they’re fine but I get antsy on them after awhile!

I like rides, and I like being pulled behind the boat on tube rides or water skis better!

2. Do you get seasick?

Yes.  Probably not any more so than the average person but getting Scuba dive certified here in San Diego was an exercise in getting wickedly seasick.  And for Scott, too.

Actually, talk to anyone who’s gotten certified here and between the very choppy and rough water, the dive boats that aren’t make to “roll with the punches” like other boats, and the thick wetsuits you have to wear for protection from the cold water temperatures cause one to overheat on the boat until you’re actually under the water, making it a perfect recipe for some massive sea sickness!  Ugh.

3. Have you ever been on a cruise?

No, I have never done it.   I see the big cruise ships come into port daily in Aruba, and frequently here in San Diego, too.  But back to my answer in #1, I just don’t think it’s a fit for  me.

Some people say they love cruising because they get to see many different places and islands rather than pick one and stay put for a week or so.

However,  I’d rather be “trapped” on one island for a week than trapped on a boat.  Yes, of course seeing different islands each day, but still, on one boat for many hours and days.

I know that people who love cruises can’t get enough and go over and over.  My parents included in that group.  Plus everyone raves about the food.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sure looks like Skylar enjoyed her last day in Aruba with 2 firts: braids & a boat ride.

    Love taking the Cat cruises in Barbados. Did the full day one and discovered that 5 hours my limit – but that might have been due to all the drunk tourists ;)

    Amazingly I’ve never been seasick, but I do get car sick – thankfully not if I’m in the front.

    The big cruise ships just don’t appeal to me. I would prefer to spend the whole time in Barbados hitting the beach, walking the beach, drinking some rum, hanging out with our friends, and playing paintball.

  2. I have gotten sea sick … it depends how big the boat is, how rocky the waters are etc.. It is NOT fun at all – blah!

  3. It’s been so long since the last time I was on a boat, I have absolutely no idea if I get seasick or not! I have a very sensitive stomach, so I bet I would. But it sure looks beautiful!!

  4. I LOVE boats and anything to do with the water. LOVE. I could live on a boat, I think. I’ve never been on a cruise overnight, but I’ve taken several booze cruises in the tropics. So much fun for a few ladies in an evening with a crew of hotties. ;)

  5. okay, i think that picture of Skylar doing the boat driving imitation is priceless!! haha…luv her face, it’s cracking me up!

    oh, boats…okay, i have a really short time limit on anything where i’m sort of ‘trapped’ or contained. i think it’s fun going really fast on a boat for a bit, but then i get the ‘okay, now what?’ sort of feeling. i went on a houseboat with my friends for a long weekend and by the end i couldn’t get off fast enough!! but i’ve never been on a cruise, maybe that would be different because they are so much bigger, have the gym and all, and lots of stuff to do/see. then they are always docking, so maybe i’d be better off.

    i don’t get seasick, or haven’t yet, so that’s at least working in my favor. :)

  6. I grew up on a boat! Well, not literally… but… both my parents were crazy, insane water skiers. I was born in May, and we were on the water in June, baby playpen and all. As soon as I could swim (about age 3 or 4) I was up on my skis. I LOVE the water and think it’s so awesome that you took Skylar for a little ride. She’ll surely remember that for years to come.

  7. I love going on boat rides.

    I have only gotten seasick once. Bad choice to drink soda in the morning and sit at the top of the boat.

    I’ve never been on a vacation “cruise”. But I was in the Navy. I was mostly on land but I did go on a few “cruises” of up to 3.5 weeks. Not EXACTLY the kind of cruise you mean. :)

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a real boat, just ferries and Disney rides, which I love. The cool breeze from the water is fantastic.

    So glad that you enjoyed your getaway. All of your pics from the trip were amazing!! And yes, I love that blue tint photo!! Gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful pictures :D Skylar is so cute. Her hair is so long, it’s awesome!
    I do like going on boat rides, but I know what you mean. There is a point at which enough is enough and I want off. I have been on a cruise though and I have to say it was totally different because there are places to explore and lots of different things to do. But still, I probably wouldn’t go again if I had to chose between there and just one really nice place I wanted to go to. The food was amazing though :D If only I was as much of a foodie then as I am now. I get sea sick too :( But not always, I guess it depends on the water.

  10. Gorgeous shots! I always love how you are able to capture Skylar’s excitement :]
    And nooo, I do not do boats! As one of my friends teasingly puts it, “I don’t like to do fun things.” Boats, roller coasters, air planes, sky diving… all no.

    1. cmon fun is your middle name!

      and thank you for “Gorgeous shots! I always love how you are able to capture Skylar’s excitement :]”

  11. oh do i get seasick! ive been on small boats in india, new zealand, Caribbean, etc. i’ve also been on 5 cruises (most of the carib, hawaii, bermuda) and they aren’t really for me. i just went because my family did! the food is eh so so in my opinion. i typically fear places that mass produce food since i think they can’t possibly spend the right amount of time/attention to preparing a special dish but hey loads of people still manage to gain weight on this ships!

    1. “i typically fear places that mass produce food since i think they can’t possibly spend the right amount of time/attention to preparing a special dish ” — DITTO

      “but hey loads of people still manage to gain weight on this ships!”– moderation? more food tomorrow and the next day, huh, what’s that? I dont have to eat 8 plates of food at every meal? lol

  12. We live right by the water, and Phil has a very rickety looking inflatable boat that we go out in–everyone thinks we’re crazy! I don’t love it–it’s _so cold_ and I always get wet (my raingear leaks).

    I have been on a cruise: an orchestra I played with in college got to play on the QE2 between New York and Southampton–we played a gig every night and a couple others, and otherwise got to ‘enjoy the cruise.’ I hated it!

    I don’t get too seasick, but I do sometimes get ‘woozy,’ and just not feel right.
    Glad you made it home!

  13. Really can’t get over how grownup Skylar is looking these days! I love boats and could quite happily spend all day on them. I don’t think a cruise is for me though, I like exploring too much!

  14. those photos of skylar on the boat are sooo cute! that is great that she got a taste of boating – no better place than in aruba!
    i do not like boats. i feel seasick easily. (also seasick on airplanes, that’s another story).
    we have gone on a cruise and, yes, even on a royal caribbean mondo-huge cruise ship, i felt seasick at times. i did love all the activities to choose from, the shore trips! we were more tired when we got home than before we left for that cruise vacation!
    have a great weekend!

  15. I’m fine with boats, but I don’t like being pulled by them. My family goes to Lake Powell every year, but I can only handle a couple days on a house boat with a million people and I hardly ever ride the tubes. It’s painful and scary. I’d much rather go camping like we used to.

  16. OMG! Skylar is too cute! Love all the pictures. Sounds like you guys had a great time.
    2.) Yes, I realized this on our honeymoon when we went on a 4 day cruise… I was throwing up and in bed the entire time. It was a horrible experience to say the least… and on our honeymoon!

  17. Cute pics, looks like Skylar did well for her first boat ride!

    1. Sure, boating was a hobby of my father’s, so I spent a lot of time on them as a kid. Now a cruise is my kind of boat ride. :-)
    2. I did when I was a kid, but not anymore.
    3. Yes, two of them and I want to go again soon. They were especially fun in Florida because we lived a short driving distance from so many cruise ports. You should try a cruise, they’re nothing like little boats.

  18. It was sooo great following your vacay via the internet :) I almost…aaalmost felt like I was there! Oh and welcome back to the 71 degree weather, it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend in SD! I think you brought back some Aruba sunshine with you.

    1. and funny, i was thinking it’s chilly here today…lol

      that’s what 90F and humid will do to you for 3 weeks!

  19. Boat rides are fun! I’ve been on three cruises, and have enjoyed each one. I was always “GAAAAHHHHHH, not internet!”

  20. she is too cuute!! i can’t wait to have one. :) i love boat rides! i never got sick before but i realize as i’m getting older, i get car sick now so that means i’ll be getting sea sick too! ugh!

  21. Great pictures! I love boats, all kinds, and I never get sea sick! I’ve never been on a cruise but have wanted to go since 2007 (when I had every intention of going so I went out and got a passport!) lol

  22. I loved the pics! Love those braids! Gotta do it right. :)
    I am hit or miss with motion sickness…

    and those sunflower balls are eyeing me.

    Welcome Back!

    1. thanks monica and hope you had a good week! I am shocked? at how cool it is here! why did I think everyone was talking about a “heatwave”…maybe that was last week…ha!

  23. I enjoy boats as long as my hair is tied back haha!! I don’t get seasick and the husband, me and his family are going on a cruise next December so I’m suuuuuper excited, since I’ve never been on a cruise before!!!

  24. Loving the photos! The effects you used on that one photo reminds me of the new Hawaii 5-0 remake on CBS. So cool!

    I’ve only been on a cruise once, the big red boat (a disney cruise) when I was around Skylars age. I don’t remember too much of it, but from what I do it was quite a fun time. To this day I still haven’t been on another cruise. I just haven’t had any particular desire to go on one and I prefer to get to place more quickly by planes and exploring everything at my own pace. Plus, I know its usually in regards to smaller boats, but all these pirate raids and sometimes crazy weather at sea aren’t increasing my desire to go on one.

  25. I LOVE the effects on that picture. Gorgeous.
    I love boats, we have 2 jet skiis but no boat. I don’t get sea-sick, my husband does.
    I’ve been on 3 cruises would love to go on more (Mediterranean) but convincing the sea-sick husband is an uphill battle.

    1. thanks for the pic compliment!

      my parents have done really nice, 5 star cruises, italy, Mediterranean, greece, etc…maybe i could get over my fear for that :)

  26. Ah I loove love being on boats and cruises! I’ve also been on boats since I was a baby though (dads a fisherman) so I’m used to it haha. I went on a cruise once and it was for only 4 days to Cozumel. It was gorgeous! Specially being out on the sea at night and looking up and seeing all the stars oh gosh it’s a beautiful site. I actually am interested in this program called semester at seas where I would be on a boat for SCHOOL for a whole semester traveling to different countries =D It’s studying abroad but on a boat! If only I had the money to pay for it haha…

  27. What a great way to let Skylar have a taste of what it’s like to be on a boat! Being from a fishing-crazed family and living in Wisconsin, I was on a boat before I could even walk. I’ve gotten pretty used to being on boats, but I’m the type of person that can’t sit still for long, so it’s always been a challenge. And I have been on a cruise once in high school, and I honestly didn’t think much of it. The ship got boring after a day, laying out in the sun was almost impossible because of the wind on the deck, and the island stops were short and rushed and touristy. The foods was pretty good and it was worth the experience, but not something I’d recommend or do again. I get REALLY motion-sick as well, so I had to use the motion sickness patches to keep that at bay.

    1. “The ship got boring after a day, laying out in the sun was almost impossible because of the wind on the deck, and the island stops were short and rushed and touristy.”

      Ok that just paraphrased why Ive never done a cruise. Plus, bellying up to the glutenfest “free” pasta buffet or the “free” shaved meat table…not really my scene. I’d have to make up for that by eating more dessert :) lol

      And yes, we are from the same place…same lakes, boats, weekends at The Cabin. yep :)

  28. I love Skylar’s braids! So cute. I love boating, but I’m not a cruise person at all. Like you I love getting pulled behind the boat better than riding in it. Water skiing is my favorite! I’ve never been sea sick.

  29. I love boats — when I was younger my dad had a fishing boat and I loved going out on the lake! I’ve also taken a few fishing trips with my dad (on Lake Superior and on Lake Michigan) and I really enjoy being on the water — even better is hanging out on a pontoon boat. Those are the best!

    I have never gotten seasick, although I’ll feel a little sick at times depending on how choppy the water is.

    I’ve never been on a cruise but I hope that Jason and I can take one at some point. I think they look like fun!

    I’m glad Skylar had a great time!

    1. Nothing quite like being in a very small boat with ocean waves and that boat rockin & rollin. Lots diff than Lake Minnetonka where I grew up. lol

      I miss trip to Lake Mich and Lake Superior. Have fun for me at Grandma’s! :)

  30. I went on a cruise in 9th grade, worst trip ever! Spent a good 2 days on the bed in our tiny cabin seasick. NEVER again! I also get car sick easily, I can’t even read a text message without feeling sick.
    The irony though is that I’m completely fine on our wakeboard boat! We go out every weekend in the summer and it’s my most favorite place to be. Nothing beats the hot sun, cool water, and best sport ever (wakeboarding).

  31. those balls looks super yummy! one question – do you think subbing roasted sunflower seeds for the peanuts would work? I am off peanuts and all tree nuts (trying to determine if I have sensitivities) for a month, but can use sunflower seeds and sunflower butter (I made some myself the other day, turned out really yummy!)

    1. subbing the sunflower seeds will work just fine. Enjoy! and good luck getting to the bottom of your food allergies/intolerances!

  32. driving miss braidy :) looks like she had fun – I was wondering what you were up to when she had the jacket on in your last post – figured it was something fun!

    I’m the same way – I am okay with SHORT boat visits! I have no desire to go on a cruise, it’s just not my thing. I would feel trapped. My Hawaii grandparents went on cruises ever year and loved them. I grew up going out on deep sea fishing charter boats, those were fun – but I’m done with them too! :)

  33. i used to get horribly horribly seasick until I discovered acupressure bands which you wear on your wrists. In Australia I went on two boat trips and didn’t get sick once!