Home Sweet Home.  We’re back in San Diego after a very long trip back home from Aruba.  Two, almost-five-hours-each, flights.  With a couple hour layover in Atlanta.  With a four year old, but she did great.  Braids and all.  She’s the only four year old who has the Delta 10 minute safety video nearly memorized word for word, complete with being able to gesture where the four rear exits and four front exits and the two exits over the wings are located.  Not kidding.

Skylar with braidsAlways entertaining.

After being awake 24+ hours at this point, two suitcases that I unpacked, a midnight grocery run for some produce, and fruit that I was chopping at 2am so that tomorrow gets off to a semi-normal start, and oh yes, sleep to get, the best I can do is show these beautiful calla lilies that I saw on our last day at the beach in Aruba.  Same day as Skylar’s braid session.

I love calla lilies!  I saw these as we were walking across the Hyatt hotel’s parking lot and thought they were just gorgeous.

Calla lilies in boxesJust sitting there on a cart, in the blazing hot, midday sun and 90F weather + humidity.

Calla lilies in boxes

A woman told me they were being delivered for an event.

white Calla lilies in boxes

white Calla lilies in boxesIt’s kind of sad that after the event they were probably just discarded, but hey, at least I got a few pictures of them.

And I’m sure everyone at the event enjoyed them while they lasted.

white Calla lilies in glassSuch delicate, beautiful flowers!  To me, they scream “Wedding Flowers” or fancy bridal shower flowers.  I wouldn’t know. My “wedding flowers” were of the plastic variety but I am totally okay with that!

And in Operation Memory Stick cleanout, here’s another beach shot from our last day.
Averie and Skylar smiling on the beachHot and windy, tired but blissed out. A perfect day.   One I will always remember!

I’m glad you enjoyed my last post, Blogging 103, and based on the comments, the discussion of self-hosted vs. free WordPress was helpful as was purchasing your own domain name.

Stay tuned for Blogging 104 in the near future, and fill me in on any additional topics you’d like me to address in addition to what I mentioned I’d likely discuss.

And now, for the comforts of home:

1. My own bed!  Not that my bed in Aruba isn’t “my own” since I do own my house there but my bed in San Diego is far more comfortable and I can’t wait to climb into it!

2. A shower with American-level water pressure.

3. My DVR and a whole bunch of Real Housewives and mindless E! Channel shows waiting for me.  After the laundry, unpacking, mail sorting, grocery running, back-to-work, back-to-real-life flow, happens.

4. My iMac desktop.  Even though I want to toss it out the window and get a new one, the bigger screen size is just so much better than my Macbook.

5. Being able to talk on the phone.  We have a cell phone in Aruba that we use and do have ways to call that USA that aren’t horribly expensive, and yes, there’s Skype and email, but just picking up the phone and making a 30 second call without having to think about it is nice.

6. My Vita-Mix. The Magic Bullet was fine for smoothies, but it’s no Vita.

Oh yes, I also have a stash of Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting waiting in the freezer.

Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese FrostingAnd I am going to dig into them the minute I hit publish!  A major Comfort of Home!


1. Do you like calla lilies?  Or what is your favorite flower?

I love them and actually have a flower post coming up with tons of Caribbean flowers I saw.  I really like lilies, sunflowers, of course roses are beautiful, and so are hibiscus, Bird of Paradise, and all kinds of lovely flowers that I don’t even know their “proper” names.

2. What are your comforts of home?

3. Any weekend plans?

I hope you all have something lovely planned for the weekend.

It’s back to work for me.  And laundry, and mail and parcel sorting, errands to run, and just trying to re-establish a flow after our trip.

TGIF though!

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