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On our last day at the beach in Aruba…

Aruba Beach

…I asked Skylar if she wanted to get her hair braided and she, of course, said, “YES!”

Skylar getting braids

Enjoy the pictures.  There are tons!

Skylar getting braids

Skylar getting braids

I had fun taking them and watching her enthusiasm!

Skylar getting braids

Skylar getting braids




But most of all, the sheer joy on Skylar’s face during the whole hair-braiding experience was wonderful to watch.





I may have shed a few tears watching my “baby”, now 4.33 years old, have her waist-length hair braided.

Skylar getting braids

When did she go from bald newborn to having waist-length hair?

Skylar getting braids

Did the last 4 years just fly by?  Yes, they did!

Averie and SkylarScott took these before the hair braiding session.

Averie and Skylar

The highlight of her braiding experience was selecting which beads from the Braid Lady’s Bag of Tricks she was going to put on the end of each braid.

Skylar getting braids

Each braid has two little beads on the end.



Digging for just the right beads was a big job.

Skylar getting braids

And she felt so proud when she picked out those beads.

This was the end of our trip.

Skylar getting braids



A very wonderful, amazing, and memory-filled trip.

Skylar getting braids


Thank you for everyone who’s been reading with me the past 18 days that we’ve been here in Aruba.


I am sorry to have bored anyone with my beach pictures ad nauseum.

Aruba beach

Or my local island pictures.

Aruba fruit stand


And I even have a highlight reel post coming soon.  Lucky you.  And me. We get to re-live the whole trip, one more time, probably over the weekend when that post goes up.

Aruba beach

From my last post, Efficiency and New Technology, thanks for filling me in on what kind of computer you have and what kind you’d like to have.

For those of you who already use and love Windows Live Writer, I know.  I knew it already. When I get back to San Diego, I plan to do my final research and then pony up for a screaming fast new machine.

Thanks to suggestions that I move photos and other data to external drives and try to clean up my existing machine, but after 4+ years, I just need a fresh start.

This definitely isn’t a fresh recipe, but it’s a good one.  And it may be new to some of my new readers.   Thanks for finding me and saying hi!

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with a High Protein Option)

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

And they take about 5 minutes to whip up, no food proc or Vita required.


1. Have you ever had your hair braided?

My mother never let me when I was a kid on vacation.  She always said the braid ladies have dirty combs.  

Aruban woman doing braids



But Skylar’s Braid Lady’s comb looked just fine to me.



Skylar said it looked like Barbie’s comb.

Edited to add, I submitted this photo for judging

Skylar getting braids

The Braid Lady could braid hair faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.


The entire “event” was over and done with in about 10 minutes.

Skylar getting braids She could braid from root to tip after the hair was parted and sectioned, in not kidding, about 8 seconds.  Unreal speed.

The only time I ever had my hair braided was in Cancun when I was 19 on Spring Break.  Oh, I wish I had those pictures!

2. Any vacation stories or memories from your childhood, or adulthood, that you want to share?

I’m all ears!

3. If you made it this far, thank you!

You may be wondering why I have so many of these pictures?

Two reasons: first, I never know what pictures are truly going to look like until I hit publish.  So that’s one reason.

The second, is I am very serious about pursuing my career dreams and aspirations and I am going to use some of these in my portfolio.  Yes, my photography portfolio.  More on that another time.

Skylar getting braids


Do you have any favorite pictures from this post?

Why or what spoke to you in the image.  What story was told?  What did you feel?

Those are questions I ask myself when I am making pictures to use a Penny term.

P.S. Thanks for everyone who continues to comment on the Healthifying Desserts & Beans in Dessert post.  I had a feeling it would be somewhat popular when I posted it, but had no idea it would be that popular.  Thanks for your comments, stories, and thoughts.

Stay tuned for Blogging 103 and maybe some airport and airplane blogging…

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  1. Those braids look great, and she looks so happy to have gotten them done! Which beach was this at! 

  2. Great post, cute braids and Aruba is soooo very beautiful

    We need your advice……

    We provide a service that most hairdressers do not want to do. How do we reach hairdressers to encourage them to refrain from being so crass, harsh and insensitive to their clients desire to save their tangled matted hair.

    In fact most of our clients come to us after their own beloved hairdressers refuse to try to salvage their hair or spend more than 2hours trying. They seem to always tell them to just CUT their hair off as the only real option.

    If they don’t want to be bothered with the task-refer them to hairdressers like us. Cutting their tangled hair is not caring for their hair.

    We appreciate your words of wisdom.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE those last 2 pictures of Skylar in the first set. They are so artistic and beautiful.

    I have never had my hair braided, but it looks really pretty.

  4. What a beautiful little girl you have!
    And her HAIR! Lucky girl! Love the braids Skylar!
    Love what you have done with the photos, my fave is the one where she is sitting in the chair getting her braids done, and Skylar has the BEST smile on her face! Pure Joy is written all over it! Ahhh to be a kid again! :D

  5. Those braiding people have mad patience! I’ve never been on a vacay where my hair could be braided, but if we ever went and Sarah wanted it done, it’d be 110% OK with it!