Beautiful Eyes

I entered this photo in i Heart Faces Beautiful Eyes Photo Challenge

Maybe I’ll have better luck with this photo and judging than I did hereJudging can be harsh!

I’m entry #690The exact number is switching a bit due to other entrants dropping out or being disqualified.

Not sure I hold out too much hope of winning anything but it’s fun to try and play along.

And if you have photography questions, editing questions, camera questions, see my Photography Section for more.

From my last post, Free Samples, it was fun hearing what you’ve sampled lately and many of you said that you think free samples taste better in the store than when you get them home, too.  Glad I’m not alone.



1. Who do you know with beautiful eyes? 

Of course every mother is say her child’s eyes are beautiful and I am no exception.  I love Skylar’s eyes!

2. Do you think your eyes are beautiful?  What color are they?

One feature I get complimented on are my eyes.   But I have no idea what color they are!

Some days they are blue, other days green.

Other days blue-green.

And other days more green-blue.

I actually don’t know what I currently have listed on my driver’s license. Blue or green.  They’re that fickle.

They are never the same color twice!  When I am out in the sun, they seem to get more vibrant and also they fade.  Sometimes I think it’s just my skin looking darker than makes my eyes look lighter.  However, I think my eyes actually “bleach out” a bit in the sun.  No lectures on cataracts and sun damage please.  Just musing and pondering and sharing out loud here.

They are also prone to getting red and bloodshot, in general.  A trait from my dad who has notoriously bloodshot-prone eyes.

Sometimes when I look at Skylar it’s like looking at my father.  Same eyes, same expression in her eyes.  The 4 year old female version of him.  It’s amazing how powerful genetics are!

See this post for other pictures of Skylar’s braids and eyes and her eye color is pretty fickle and ever-changing, too.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming on the next post.  It’s a recipe you won’t want to miss.  At all.  Hint: It may involve something kind of like this.  Kind of.


45 comments on “Beautiful Eyes”

  1. My eyes are blue but go grey and I always get asked if I have colored contacts in because the color is just amazing so they say. I love my eyes and always high light them when I go out with my makeup choices. My mother always says I have my dad’s sisters eyes, I hope I pass them on to one of my future kids!

    • forgot to add I got pulled over once and the cop gave me a hard time because I listed my eyes as blue and he said they were grey is there even gray as a choice lol!

  2. She definitely does have beautiful eyes! Good luck in the contest!

  3. She really is just beautiful. As are her eyes. So are you and your eyes!

  4. Good luck! Skylar has gorgeous eyes!

    When I was younger (teens) all I wanted was Blue eyes. I thought in order to be pretty you had to have blue eyes (mine are green/hazel) so I convinced my mom to let me get blue contacts. I used to wear them to school and out and I finally thought I was pretty.

    Years later- (now in my mid- 20s) I can’t believe I did that! My hazel eyes are my favorite feature. It took me a while to accept and love how I was naturally (I still have hair issues! haha) but I’m getting there : )



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  6. She is so gorgeous! Winner for sure!

  7. What a fabulous picture!! She def has amazing eyes. My eyes are blue and i do think theyre pretty!! Not sure color Kaylin’s will be yet!

  8. Skylar’s eyes are beautiful! What a gorgeous photo. Everyone tells me I have nice eyes, but like you they’re chameleons! They’re more green than blue, but when I was little they were ONLY blue. I always felt left out because my mom and siblings all have dark brown eyes and hair, and I had lighter hair with green eyes. now I like being different!

  9. I swear all kids have the best eyes! So it’s no wonder all parents think their kids’ eyes are beautiful :)

    I like my eyes, they are hazel. Shifting between brown and green and they actually remind me of the stone Tiger’s Eye. Although, this got me thinking. I must be a terrible wife! Because I am trying to think of what color my husband’s eyes are….and I have no idea! ha! I’ll have to ask him, because now it’s driving me crazy!

  10. Gorgeous pic of Skylar!!!!! She really does have beautiful eyes!!!

    I have hazel….kinda more green. I used to always get complimented on my eyes when younger as my eyelashes were super thick and shiny!!

  11. I have the same eye’s as you do. I say they’re green, hubby says they’re blue. Some days they are a crazy combo of both. I am blonde but when I get crazy and dye my hair darker my eyes actually change to grey (super crazy). My oldest son actually has gold eyes, it is the most amazing color I have ever seen. My husband (not my childrens father) has the bluest eyes they are almost see through!!!

  12. Her eyes are so beautiful! Good luck in the contest :) My entire family has blue eyes, but all is various shades.

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