Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter


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I love peanut butter and sunflower seed butter, but this week it’s been all about another kind of nut butter.

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with strawberries

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter anyone?

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with strawberries



Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter

Makes about 2/3 to 3/4 cup

1/2 cup cashews, soaked (I used raw, unsalted, whole cashews from TJs.  Use raw/unsalted if possible)

1/3 cup agave/honey/maple syrup (combo of one or any), to taste

1/3 cup cocoa powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Optional and omit if you don’t like coconut flavored food; at which point you’d have Chocolate Cashew Butter:

1/4 cup coconut flakes (unsweetened or sweetened)

2 tablespoonscoconut oil

Soak cashews in water for at least an hour (4-6 hours or more is ideal).  Remove soaked cashews and add them with the remaining ingredients to a Vita-Mix, high speed blender, or food processor.  Blend until mixture is smooth.


If you don’t have a Vita or similar type blender (i.e. you are using a Magic Bullet or mini food processor), your cashew butter may not get as smooth or creamy as it will in a Vita, but just keep blending.  Scrape down the sides, blend.  Repeat. Repeat. Even in the Vita, it took about 4-5 minutes on high to get the nut butter really smooth.  Find those ear plugs. No one ever said nut butter has to be perfectly smooth.  Crunchy nut butter is still great.

If the nut butter seems too thick and your machine is having a hard time really blending the butter, add a bit more agave/honey/maple syrup, or coconut oil to make blending easier.

I store mine in refrigerator; will solidify a bit in the fridge from the coconut oil but softens again at room temp. 


Everything in…

ingredients mixed in blender

…Blend.  And keep on blendin’

This was after about 2 minutes on high.  It took another 3 or so to get it really smooth. 

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter

It all smooths out.  It just takes awhile. And it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, anyway.


Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with strawberries
If this recipe looks a bit familiar, it’s because it’s the same recipe that I used for the coating of the Chocolate Coconut Kale Chips I made earlier in the week.

Chocolate Coconut Kale Chips

The coating was too good not to make and eat as nut butter.

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with strawberries

Eat this on fruit, on bread, on top of oatmeal, in smoothies, as a smoothie “topper”, on crackers, or however you like to eat nut butter.

Or just dip your spoon into the bowl and go to town.

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with strawberries

If you like chocolate, infused with coconut flavoring, then this recipe is for you.

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with strawberries

The other great thing is that cashew butter is much easier to make than almond butter or even peanut butter.  Cashews just soften up and blend far easier than other kinds of nuts, in my experience.

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with strawberries

I should know.  I’ve accidentally made cashew butter many times in the process of making Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

So it was easy to make cashew butter for this recipe.  And it was only natural, but of course, to add chocolate and coconut in, too.

From my last post about Locally Grown and whether or not you support locally grown foods or farmers, it was great to read how many of you do as much as you possibly can to support local agriculture.  I think it’s wonderful to support small businesses, locally-owned, and family-0wned businesses from farms to restaurants to service providers when ever possible.

And yes, I can’t wait til my locally grown avocados ripen up!  Thanks for sharing what you’d make with them.


1. What’s your favorite kind of nut butter?

I have a serious love affair with peanut butter.  I have an entire post dedicted to my peanut butter recipes.  From tofu to desserts to peanut sauce, I use peanut butter all the time.

I also love sunflower seed butter.  TJ’s sunflower seed butter, especially considering how inexpensive it is, is probably my favorite nut butter for just “eating” whereas PB is what I use in recipes.  However, it’s like picking which blog is your favorite.  Impossible to choose.

But it’s between PB and SFSButter for me. 

All my recipes that I use PB or SFSB in, you could use Almond Butter in them, or another nut butter.  I know some people have allergies or taste preferences and everything is interchangeable with my recipes.

2. Have you ever tried to make your own nut butter?  What kind and how did it turn out?

I have tried to make almond butter before and it so-so.  And I don’t really love almond butter anyway but this was a few years ago when I first got my Vita and wanted to make nut butter in it!  Almonds don’t soften nearly as well as cashews, plus I didn’t flavor it well enough with agave/honey/maple, vanilla, and it was very boring tasting to me.

I have never tried to make my own peanut butter, or sunflower seed butter.  For $3.99 a jar, max, at TJ’s, I’ll leave those to the pros.

However, chocolate coconut cashew butter, cost me less than $3.99 to make and took 5 minutes.  Try it!


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  1. This is 2023 and I tried chocolate peanut butter using cocoa powder but it was just still smelling peanuts no chocolate flavor whatsoever… Where did I miss it? Does it have to be chocolate chips to get the chocolate flavor I need?

    1. I posted this recipe in 2011 but it still works perfectly. Follow it as written. Note that you are using cashews here, not peanuts.

  2. I love healthy nut butters. Cashews are so creamy and perfect for making smooth and chocolatey.

  3. This is such a good dip!! I actually throw in spinach to make it more healthy and my daughter doesnt even know its in there, you cant taste it.

  4. Have you tried making cashew butter? If so did you soak your cashews and for how long? And I would like to say something about a vitamix blender. I had one which my son is now trying to sell on Ebay. I’d had it for over a year but had only used it twice. I have replaced it with warrings pro two speed retro blender. I cannot believe the comparison. I like frappe’s and other drinks made with ice and my vita mix would not pulverize those ice cubes but with my warring you cannot even tell it was made with ice cubes. And the warring only cost me one hundred dollars. A bit cheaper than the five hundred I paid for the vita mix. Love you blog and thanks for letting me comment.

    1. I’m not sure – just use what you have and blend, blend, blend. I have a feeling it’ll have more to do with your blender/food processor than the type of coconut.

  5. What can I use in place of the agave/honey/maple syrup if I can’t have sweetener?thanks for all the good phtos and yummy idea. I can see my grandchildren snarfing this down. :-)

    1. Well if you can’t have sweetener period, then there’s nothing I could recommend to you! Sorry!

      You could of course make it unsweetened. Not sure the grandkids will love that, but you never know.

  6. Wow. This looks absolutely delicious! It’s like a healthier version of Nutella and I LOVE coconut anything. Thank you for this wonderful recipe (the photos don’t hurt the cause either)!

  7. I just found your blog – I see your name frequently b/c you comment on Kath’s blog. You take some beautiful photos. This recipe fooled me b/c it looked exactly like chocolate avocado pudding, but it’s actually cashew butter! I will give this a try in my new VitaMix some day!

  8. Averie, this looks fantastic! My local farmer’s market sells cashew butter and I love it. I’ve also made peanut butter in my Vitamix (the latest batch of which is currently in an old salsa jar :P ). Just curious, what is the purpose of soaking the cashews?

    1. Soaking softens them and makes them easier to blend – for some people with older machines/food processors that aren’t a Vitamix, this is helpful :)

  9. Wow! I just made this and my youngest son asked if this was Brownie Batter!! Definitely a big hit at our house. I used Dark Cocoa Powder. Yum!

  10. Your photos makes my mouth full of water. I love coconuts, I love cashew nuts, I love chocolate, I love every ingredients that’s needed to make this beautiful Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter. What an awesome job you did!

  11. Hmmm, just tried this and as lovely as it looks it is way too sweet for me (and I have a huge sweet tooth so that’s rare for me to say about anything). I was a little doubtful when I saw the quantity of sweetener but I ignored it and went for it anyway…lesson learned! The combination of flavors has a lot of promise though so I suspect it will just take some tinkering with the quantity of sweetener…food for thought for all of you thinking about trying this recipe. It’s much easier to add a bit more in if you need it than to end up with a batch that you have figure out how to rebalance the flavor of or toss out completely…

    1. I edited the post and wrote, to taste, next to sweetener. Everyone’s tastes are different and you’re right, always easier to add things at the end. Everyone’s sweeteners are different, cocoa powder brands vary in sweetness, etc. So yes, always to taste.

      You could easily just add more cashews and cocoa powder to your current mix and a smidge more coconut oil and blend again. It wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to do I wouldn’t imagine so that you can enjoy it *exactly* the way you want it!

  12. Hmmm… When I made my peanut butter in my vitamix I didn’t soak them. I wonder if that would have made it smoother/creamier? I want to try your cashew butter!

  13. I have a question for you! I have a Vitamix and I tried making peanut butter once and it was so dry and I felt like i was really abusing my machine! Do you have the special dry blade for the Vitamix or do you use the regular one? When you make it do you feel like it heats your machine up quite a bit? Thanks for your help!

    1. I have both the wet and dry blades but never use the dry…just use the wet as it’s just one less thing to clean that way.

      Yes, your machine will heat up and use common sense but they are meant to take quite a bit of…abuse…for lack of a better word!

  14. I did more than 20 minutes even…I have a great cuisinart. Never had any trouble making but butter before and I don’t normally add ANY oil.
    I’m thinking about making energy balls with it..rolling it into balls with crispy rice cereal and maybe some sunflower seeds. I SO wanted to make the kale with it but it’s too fudgy to mix with the kale. I’ll try it with my next batch.

    1. your energy ball idea sounds great, rolled in crispies.

      i never toast my nuts before making nut butter and started with soaked cashews, maybe that’s the difference? or the oil type/consistency? difference in machines?

      sounds like your mixture is too thick? maybe it needs more liquid, i.e. agave? but you say it’s oily? hard to exactly troubleshoot from afar but sounds like you have a method that works for you already. but yes, this is a THICK nut butter.

      have fun playing around!

  15. I tried this tonight but roasted my cashews the way I normally do. This never turned smooth. It tastes good but was way too oily and has sort of a fudgy texture. Wondering where it all went wrong. I make almond & cashew butter all the time and it always comes out great. Maybe I should have skipped the coconut oil? Argh. Looking for ideas on what to do now with my fudgy nut…stuff. Lol

    1. you need to blend blend blend. If you don’t have a VitaMix, I’d say AT LEAST 10 mins in the food proc. If you have a lower quality food proc, you will never get it perfectly smooth…and that’s ok. It all tastes the same, right? :) Put it on anything…from crackers to toast, use a dip for just about anything from fruit to veggies to ice cream topping.

      Make my choc covered kale chips with the coating…

      Skies the limit!

  16. OH MY GAWD! The beauty of this recipe and photos…there are no words! Im so making this asap!

    1. Thank you…botj FG and TS took the pics. Imagine that. Two for two. haha

      Oh and they both took my kale chips. Seriously though, I tweeted it to you, but never try to photograph brown kale. It’s possibly the ugliest food on earth and trying to make them look pretty was my death but somehow managed…lol.

      LMK if you make it, how you like it. :)

  17. Hmm so delicious yet healthy. My nut butters tend to split, but this one was easy. I would never have realised that soaking the cashews would help.

  18. This looks SO perfect. It’s kind of blowing my mind. I need to make some chocolatey nut butter asap, and it just might be this one.

  19. Oh boy! This sounds great! My poor blender may not like it, though…Why do you soak the nuts? Is it to soften them? I’ve always been curious abou that….

  20. Oh my gosh Averie, this looks DIVINE! I need to make it. First though, I need to buy a Vita. Soooo smoooth! ;)


  21. Averie,
    The pictures really are beautiful and amazing, can’t wait to try this recipe yummy. Everything you make sounds great!! Keep it up I love it :)

  22. You make me want a vita-mix and a kitchen; but I’m a college freshman so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit. All your recipes seem amazing! So beautiful too.

  23. Awesome job on the cashew butter, looks wonderful! Great pics and treat inspiration.

    1. Almond or pistachio butter.
    2. Yes, almond, hemp seed, walnut, cashew and mixed nut. All in the small cup of my food processor.

  24. oh gosh that looks like PUDDING. i can’t make it or else i’ll eat the whole batch straight up (which will end up on my hips, straight up :))

  25. Look at you go with those photos!! They look incredible – and so does the choco butter, of course!

  26. Wow! Averie, that Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter looks soo good! Looks like chocolate pudding, except much healthier :) Thank you for the recipe.

  27. Love love LOVE your photos!!! They look so professional, Averie! Did you just use your regular camera for them? They look studio-done! :)

    And lol what on earth is with all the weirdo trackbacks? ;)

  28. That nut butter looks SO creamy and smooth … wow, it is just perfect!!!!!

    I want to say that is my favourite, and I haven’t even tried it yet!

  29. That butter looks SO smooth! I’d definitely be afraid to publish pictures of mine when I make it – I’m sure it would be super chunky and awkward looking haha.

    I LOVE peanut butter. LOVE.

  30. Wow! This looks so good and the pictures are GORGEOUS! Great work Ms. Avery! I love walnut butter (homemade with cinnamon, AB (TJs raw unsalted and Justin’s Maple AB) & PB (naturally more)

  31. Aaaahmazing pictures Averie!! I hope you submitted. These are some of your best yet :) Not to mention how freakin delicious that nut butter looks. Chocolate?! Nuts?! Mmmm

  32. Ahhh that looks amazing!! I love how gorgeous the photos turned out, as well. I’ve never tried to make my own nut butter, but I think my own is just plain old peanut butter. Smuckers’ Creamy Natural is AMAZING and super cheap. I love that it’s got a salty kick to it!!

  33. Aw man, you’ve done it again. Tantalized me with something crazy delicious. Thanks for sharing this delicacy! :)

  34. I’m SO making that cashew butter for my mom for mother’s day! She loves cashews and loves chocolate (who doesn’t? :])
    You post the best recipes, always. Thanks for sharing!

  35. That looks like nutella! And goodness lady, your pictures are stellar! Just completely gorgeous.

  36. Lady, these are definitely your prettiest pictures to date! Hard to believe it was just a few months ago that you were debating about getting a dSLR!

    1. thank you my sweet friend..and yes, photography has changed my life and is my passion!!! these days! Wished it had “hit me” back in Phx…we could have had more things to talk about!

  37. Hey Lady!

    Your cashew butter recipe sounds waaaay to sweet for my liking! I make almond butter and add 1 teaspoon of cane sugar!

    I’ve heard that almond butter works better in a food processor than a Vitamix. I have a food processor, but no Vitamix. Maybe that’s it?

    I made a batch of coconut-carob-almond butter this weekend that was to.die.for. I’m slathering it on everything, including sandwiched in the middle of a date! Mmmm!!

    happy Wednesday!


    1. It’s not really *that* sweet but everyone’s tastebuds are different. I hate bland or bitter food and with all those raw nuts (bland) and cocoa powder (bitter), sweetener is imperative for me!

  38. Wow– this looks SO delicious and smooth!!! Yummmmmm-o!

    Oh, and the collage thing on my blog? It’s through a download called Picasa! It’s free and super easy to use! I’m still figuring it out myself, but I’m really liking it so far!

    1. thanks for the picasa info..I know lightroom does it, and i have done it, i am just not FAST with it…lol

  39. me, me, me! I want some!
    Averie, this looks amazing?! It’s soooo creamy. I bet you could just eat it with a spoon! mmm or top ice cream with it, or spread it on a cookie. Wow, I have to give this a try.
    Your pictures are beautiful too!

  40. That sounds and looks soooo good!! My fave is also peanut butter (specifically white chocolate wonderful from pbco if I HAD to pick one, but I always have about 12 different jars in my pantry at any given time…), but sunflower seed butter & cashew butter are close seconds. Guess we have similar nut butter taste buds ;). I always hate admitting it, but I really do not like almond butter. I did discover the chocolate almond butter from Marantha is AWESOME, but otherwise I agree that it’s super bland and I don’t like the texture, it’s too chunky, dry, and not sweet enough for a nut butter for me!

  41. I love peanut butter! I don’t think anything can top it, expecially chocolate peanut butter.

    I have made peanut butter before using my food processor, but someone did say that it has to be smooth and creamy, and that someone is me! ;) I couldn’t eat it because I couldn’t get it to actually be smooth. Saving up for a Vita-Mix because I know that would make it easier!

  42. Your pictures are making me so totally hungry (and my chocolate cravings are kicking in)! This looks delicious – I think I’d have to make a tiny batch so if I ate it all in one serving, it wouldn’t be as bad!

  43. It’s been a while since I had cashew butter – such a neat recipe! And these photos are truly incredible Averie. Definitely showing off both your talents here! I’m an almond butter girl all the way, but I love peanut butter and sunflower seed butter too. It’s fun to switch things up!

  44. MMMM looks silky smooth and delicious!!! I love making nut butter, I don’t buy it in the store anymore!

  45. Your butter looks amazing! I have a blender so I can’t really make my own nut butter, or when I do it’s more crumbles but maybe cashews would blend easier. Whatever texture I wind up with I know it will be yummy! Hopefully later I will have some chocolate cashew butter, thanks for the great idea!

  46. Oh my gahhh girlfriend! How did you get it to look so smooth!?! It seriously looks like pudding, which makes me want to take big spoonfuls stright to my mouth. I made cashew butter the other day, which turned out alright, it was still a little thick and gritty. I didn’t want to burn out my FP. I should have known that all I needed to do was add chocolate and coconut. DUH!

    I love all kinds of nut butter but sunflower seed butter is way up there. Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s!

  47. I guess this is the common response, but WOW. That looks amazing (great photos by the way!) I just bought a bag of raw cashews from Trader Joe’s…hmmmmm?! ;)

  48. Beautiful pictures Averie. They have that ‘you will make me now’ quality. I love how the light bounces off the nut butter in the first shot. Just beautiful & extremely appetizing !

  49. Omg that totally looks like pudding! I might make it and just eat it with a spoon, LOL. I must get a vitamix, even though they cost a whole car payment :o

  50. And VegNews claims they can’t find quality photography of actual vegan foods? Your final silky-smooth pudding and strawberries shot looks STRAIGHT out of a magazine! Seriously, I bet you could solicit your recipe/photography skills to them successfully after the whole recent controversy. Hey, blog makes a great resume. ;) Thanks also for always providing the helpful step-by-step photos.

  51. Omg this looks freaking amazing! I feel like running out to buy some cashews. I love peanut butter and as of recently my favorite has been PB&C Cinnamon Raisin pb, so addicting :D

  52. I would make this and stick my face in it and slurp it up all not at all ladylike. These are your best photos yet!

    OH. MY. GOD. I’m drooling. I’ve got some cashews in my cabinet too. Do you think the soak is necessary? I usually don’t do it.

    I’ve tried to make almond, peanut and sfsb (my favorite!) in the Vita, but I think my impatience is what hinders my progress. I just don’t want to wait that long, but if this is “only” 5 minutes. That’s about half as long as I blended the others, and they still weren’t this creamy. WOW.

    1. oh you HAVE to soak them. That’s the #1 key for me. Some people use the whole dry roasted method and then add oil but to me…no, the results just dont happen. Cashews are easier than almonds, too!

  53. Heavens to betsy that looks awesome! :) so creamy and delicious! I am sure that will make it on foodgawker and tastespotter :)

    I am a PB addict, no other nut butter measures up in comparison! :P

  54. omg girl, that nut butter looks soooo smooth and creamy!!! As soon as I get a vitamix I’m definitely making this!!!

  55. Oh my that nut butter looks amazingly smooth. I really need a vitamix, I am so jealous. I make nut butters occasionally but they’re still gritty. I can never get them smooth. The pictures look fabulous :D I make a chocolate hazelnut butter because we have a ton of hazelnuts from the trees in our yard. I really have to try again because it tastes great. I still think plain old peanut butter is my favorite though.

  56. I’ve been loving your recent chocolate and nut butter recipes lately. Seriously, what can get better than that?? My favorite nut butter has to be the Dark Chocolate Dreams. Gosh its hard to resist attacking the jar when I need a study break.

    Although I’ve tried tons of nut butter varieties and brands, I’ve never attempted to make my own. I need to upgrade to a better blender or food processor first..

  57. Beautiful, Averie.

    I recently made pistachio-honey nut butter. It was quite good. I let mine be somewhat chunky ;-)

    My favorite kind of nut butter is def TJoe’s SFS butter. That stuff just rocks!

  58. I can’t get over the beautiful composition of your photos. Every part of the shot was well thought out and it all came together perfectly. It’s inspiring that you’ve really put effort and thought into learning more about photography, on top of everything else you do!!!
    I just got a brand new powerful blender and food processor in the mail yesterday, and this might just have to be the first recipe i christen it with! Looks fabulous.

  59. Peanut butter is definitely my favorite nut butter, but when it comes to nuts in general, cashews win my heart! Especially in the form of cookie dough bites! In the past I’ve made cashew butter and almond butter. I used to love almond butter, but not so much anymore. When I made it myself, I blended it too long and it came out runny. The cashew butter was great though! Cashews are so creamy! I should make peanut butter. I don’t know why I haven’t.

  60. Oh YUM! That looks so good and is so simple to make. Will have to see if I still have some cashews in the pantry that I can use for this recipe.

    Your photos are really improving. Appreciating the contrast of the choc nut butter, the red strawberries, white bowl / plate / ramekin, and the green cloth brings it all together. Nice! How many arrangements did you try before you found the one you liked? Or did you just put it together in one go?

    Nut Butters: I’ve tried a wide assortment of nut butters and pretty much enjoy them all. My husband can’t have peanut butter too often (so sad) so if I’m making something that he is going to eat, I don’t use peanut butter. Since we found the larger sized Almond Butter at Costco, that has been our “go to” nut butter.

    Haven’t tried to make my own nut butter, but have accidentally had nut butter come out of the blender or food processor when making something else. What a nice surprise :)

    1. How many arrangements did you try before you found the one you liked? Or did you just put it together in one go? =
      Lots! I usually take at least 50 – 100 pics of the food in various arrangements and angles, then go in and edit the best shots. You never know what’s gonna work and what isnt!

  61. This looks amazing, Averie!! I’m definitely going to try it out. And your pictures are so beautiful!! :)

  62. The photos of the chocolate coconut cashew butter are AMAZING. It looks sooo delicious!!
    My favorite kind of nut butter is pb&co’s white chocolate wonderful peanut butter with plain almond butter at a close second! :D

  63. Ohhhh… it’s like dessert nut butter! *drool*

    I’ve never made my own, but I did finally get a new blender with good intentions of developing a nutty concoction of my very own.

    Totally envious of your local avocados, btw. :)

  64. I love cashews! I need to make this ASAP! I have made my own almond butter before, but it didn’t really come out that well.

    PS. your photos look phenomenal!

  65. Omg, this looks amazing. I can’t believe it’s real and possible to do at home. I’ll try it, for sure. Thanks a lot for the recipe!

  66. Oh that looks soooo fantastic. Maybe it’s the strawberries sitting there calling my name too ;-)

  67. Oh I love my almond butter and I have a feeling this will save my butt loads of money on making some at home instead of store bought!

  68. AVERIE. That’s IT. This is TOO MUCH! I am going to have to make this and eat the entire bowl RIGHT NOW!!!!! Seriously, this might just be THE BEST thing you have ever posted. Thank you so much!

    We can’t get too many nut butters here, just peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter, but cashew butter is far and away my favorite.

    Hmmm…I don’t have a vitamix, just a food processor, and when I tried to make homemade almond butter it never stopped being gritty. Maybe I can adapt this recipe to use the store bought all natural, organic cashew butter I already have? I hope so, because one way or the other I will be eating this for dessert tonight.

    I am swooning!

    1. thanks, Tasha! You have been reading me from the beginning, so that’s high praise. And yes, just use your prepared cashew butter and doctor it up accordingly :)

  69. Wow your nut butter is SO SMOOTH!!!! Looks like pudding rather than nut butter. I just love cashews and have tried to blend them into butter before but my Magic Bullet is not too strong.

    I usually just buy Jif Natural for my PB needs, or else I get it from Trader Joe’s. Almond Butter took some getting used to and I’ve never tried SSButter, although I’ve heard it tastes amazing.

    Your pictures look great Averie!

  70. Your photos really look awesome! And that cashew butter looks so incredibly smooth, I just want to grab a strawberry and dip it right in. My poor little hand blender can’t process nuts, so I sadly can’t try your recipe, but I’m wondering if I could cheat with some plain almond butter sitting around in my pantry. The combination of chocolate, coconut, and nuts sounds just too good.
    My favorite nut butters are peanut and tahini – ok, tahini is made of sesame seeds (not nuts), but I had to include it. I especially love tahini in recipes like hummus, dips, sauces, dressings, etc. It adds a wonderfull creaminess to everything. And it’s cheap and easily available. Score!

  71. This sounds amazing! I think peanut butter is my all time favorite, but cashew butter is a close runner up. It is so decadent and rich! I love making nut butters since you can play with the flavors. Maple anything is my favorite!

  72. wow this looks scrumpious!!!
    i’ve never tried sunflower butter or making my own..just waiting to a get a food processor that can actually process somethng!

  73. Wow, these photos are stunning. That cashew butter looks like creamy, dreamy liquid SILK! I want to dive right in! :D

  74. i love cashew butter. It really is great for cooking too! kinda sweet, ya know? I will deifinitely be saving this recipe. Amazing Averie!

  75. haha, jess (above) beat me to it!…photos #1 & 2 in this post: amazing!!! i was going to ask if you submitted them…if they’re not accepted, then…just what are they looking for?!
    plain old peanut butter is my fave. specifically kraft all-natural, stored at room temp. you just cannot beat this pb for taste, nutrition and price. i’ve tried almond, cashew, hazelnut etc butters and they just don’t match pb for taste, PLUS are a lot more $$. nice for a change, but not a staple.
    not going to be making my own pb at all – too much work!
    have a great day! and more photos, please!

  76. Holy crap. The amazingness of this recipe hasn’t even sunk in yet because I’m still hung up on how gorgeous your pictures are. Seriously; they are absolutely. gorgeous. and I could stare at them all day.

    1. Thank you honey! That means the world coming from you (a photographer!)…I am about to submit them to the food sites. Hope they make it. I posted versions on a theme so that I have options to give them. We shall see if the Photos Gods like me today :)