Butter Me Up

When I was grocery shopping over the weekend, I hit the Fruit Butter jackpot.

First is Fig Butter.  I snapped up two jars.  My TJ’s had been out of it for the past few months even though a friend in NorCal told me her TJ’s had it in stock.  Fig growing season is shorter here in San Diego than it is in Nor Cal and fig butter is apparently harder to come by here.  How’s that for uber-regional distribution.

And I always have mango butter on hand so picked up another jar of that.


And I picked up another jar of Pumpkin Butter.  Gotta get it before it’s gone for the season.

The only butter I didn’t pick up was the honey apple butter.  I’ve had it in the past but like mango butter, it’s always available at my TJ’s, so there was no pressure to hoard.

Now that I’ve got more fruit butters in my cupboards than should be legal, I better make something with them.

I don’t have to make anything “special” with them, of though.  Dipping my spoon into the jar is perfectly acceptable.  I mean, doesn’t everyone eat nut butter, jelly, jam, and fruit butter spreads straight out of the jar?  Ahem.

I am going to make a Caramel Maple Pumpkin Pie Smoothie with some pumpkin butter drizzled on top

That, or some Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip with pumpkin butter either on top or in the mixture

And for the fig butter I’d like to try to incorporate it into something like No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites

And somehow I’d like to work Mango Butter into No Bake Mango & White Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

I could have a field day with my butters.  I better hurry up and make something before they get used in a more boring way like on bread and crackers, as fruit dips, or the spoon-in-jar technique.  Nothing wrong with that, though.

The winner of the $100 Visa Giftcard & Pedometer Giveaway is:

Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope October 21, 2011 at 3:30 am

Best. Giveaway. Ever. :)

1. Bundle up and take a walk outside! The leaves are beautiful here right now, and I’m taking full advantage of the not-so-freezing-cold weather while it lasts. 2. Enjoy the seasonal produce! I’ve been loving all the apples (ok, maybe just honeycrisp… it’s an obsession ;) ), perfect sweet potatoes, and pears right now.

Congrats, Heather!


1. Are you a jelly/jam, fruit preserves or fruit spread fan?

I am not really sure why they are called  fruit “butter” rather than jelly.  I surmise because they are not “clear” like jellies are.

In my book, fruit, pectin, and some sugar is jelly.  And if left chunky, it’s jam or preserves.

And yes, I am a fan of all of the above.

2. Have you ever tried fruit butters?  What kind? 

For those of you without access to a TJ’s, you can order these types of things online.  Google away.

I know Whole Foods has fig butter (I think it’s their 365 line) and I’m sure plenty other varieties, but I try to stay out of that store as much as possible.  Those aisles and rows of unique condiments from nut butters to fruit butters to exotic spices to new-to-me chips and crackers and dried fruit and energy bars and the list goes on so I just keep out.

3. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

I hope you had a good one.

I baked.  A lot.  BakeStravaganza indeed.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

P.S. I have a favor to ask.  Please vote here for my No Bake PB Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites in the Delta Biscoff Bakeoff.  You can vote once per day for the next week. Thank you!  If I win, I could win a culinary dream trip to NYC, Napa or LA.  It just takes a second to click and vote.  Thank you so much!

39 comments on “Butter Me Up”

  1. Mmmm I love apple and pumpkin butters. I think fruit butters are way more spreadable and decadent than jams and jeliies! Waymore conducive to dipping and/or spreading.

  2. Wow! I have never seen such a plethora of butter varieties in my life! :) Bet they’re all delicious!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you again SOOOO much Averie!!! Seriously made my week. :) :) :)

    I used to be more into jam/preserves than I am now, but I still like them. I used to buy organic Apple Butter all the time… SO good!

  4. WOW WOW WOW all those fruit butters look just divine. I want to run to trader joes right now and buy all of them!!

    I am a huge apple butter fan, but sadly that’s all I’ve tried, ha.

  5. This weekend I made my own fruit butter of sort…in the bowl went pumpkin puree, peanut flour and vanillla almond milk – simple and quite delicious for apple dipping…or of course eating with a spoon ;)

  6. mmm tons of yummy flavors going on here. I don’t buy jam very often, but pumpkin butter is def my favorite. When it comes to butter I stick with the original stuff- salted creamy butter :)

  7. I loveee jellies! I’m actually now regretting that I didn’t pick up a jar of that fig butter when I stopped by TJ’s last week during my day trip to Cali. I guess I can try the one at WF’s?
    I can’t wait to see what you baked up this past weekend because those cookies in your last post look ahhhmazingg! :)

  8. I prefer fruit in its natural state mostly. I like the fig butter, but the mango butter has a liquid consistency that makes it appear and taste like syrup.

    I intended to make the caramel pumpkin whip dip. Unfortunately, I came home to moldy pumpkin… so I’ll venture out to TJ’s tonight.

    • That sucks about your pumpkin. That’s where pumpkin puree in a can comes in handy. And if you don’t like sweet things, per your comment about the syrupy mango butter, the pumpkin whip dip is sweet…The texture is fluffy and it’s not syrup-ey at all, but yes, it’s sweet.

  9. I love T Joe’s mango butter; I usually just lather it heavily atop my toast and call it heaven. But now I want to raid your pantry with your gorgeous assortment of delectable butters – yum!

  10. I never thought I was much of a “butter” fan, but LOVED the TJs mango butter. So good. I don’t use preserves often, but it’s almost always gotta be strawberry. In fact you just reminded me that I need to use preserves more often – makes awesome marinades and dressings.

  11. I saw chocolate covered potato chips at TJ’s the other day and thought of you. ;) They look terrible (as in terribly amazing) and the bag wouldn’t be around for long in my house. The significance between jellies and fruit butters is the sugar content. At least, I think. I do know they’re tasty.

  12. I have only ever tried apple butter, but I would like to try pumpkin butter.

  13. I love all fruit (and veggie) butters..but pumpkin butter will always be my number one :-)

  14. I am so not butter savvy…I have peanut butter…and butter butter. Other than baking with it, and eating it with a spoon, what can you do with fruit butter?


    • well between eating straight up and baking!!! I will never get bored. The what else can you do? Basically what can’t you do is the better question. The recipes I could come up with if I had the time…oh lordy me…I could have so much fun :)

  15. Not a big fruit butter person but that is because i have hardly tried them all, Thanks for this post and I will step it up at my next T Joes visit.

    Wow, look at all the baking you did over the weekend! I will for sure vote chicka!


  16. I love how you said “there was no pressure to hoard” in reference to not picking up the honey apple butter because it’s always in stock. I totally agree – there’s only so much room in my pantry and pumpkin-y things are getting the prime real estate these days! :)

  17. FIg butter!!!! I’m going to TJ’s tomorrow, I hope they have it. That looks amazing!! I seriously need to write a list so I don’t forget ;)

  18. Best thing I ate this weekend? Mom made a great pumpkin spice cake topped with a cream cheese/caramel frosting for our weekly Sunday dinner dessert. The cake was almost entirely fat free, but sugar loaded. It tasted GREAT, but it wasn’t the “healthiest” thing I ate this weekend (though Mom tries to keep things healthy, per my guidance). But the best little thing I ate this weekend was a seasonal Clif Bar: Iced Gingerbread. OMG. So incredibly delicious. I also snagged a Pumpkin Spice Clif Bar…haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it will be sinfully delicious. Avery, your cookie dough bites always look divine. But if I made them…I would eat them all! I’m holding out for Christmas parties. I’ll make them then. =) You rock!

  19. I am particular about jams, blackberry an cherry are favorites. I loooooove apple butter. Never tried pumpkin butter. Adding it to my list of pumpkin must-makes.
    As for the weekend, best thing I did was to get the opportunity to perform(contemporary dance) at LA’s annual Love Your Body day, it was a way cool event, and LA especially needs a reminder to love the body…

  20. I believe technically the difference is that jellies are “cutable” while butters are spreadable. You know when you first open a jar of good old grape jelly, and you can slice it with a knife and the jelly doesn’t move? Butters fill in that hole. Jams have fruit chunks.

    Lesson over. ;)

    Oh! In the Katie-Averie psychic vein again, I JUST made my cranberry apple butter on Saturday! I was going to post about it later this week or next. Seriously. Get out of my head.

  21. Gah! More amazing products to be super envious of!

  22. I love fruit butters! That mango one sounds just awesome. Fig is one of my favourites…

  23. these all seem so yummi!
    I have only tried apple butter once (and loved it) and I can´t wait to try out the other ones, especially the mango butter!
    I love jelly/jam in my porridge, but not the sugary kind, I prefer the homemade stuff with as little sugar as possible.
    Good luck with your cookie dough bites!

  24. Um fig butter?! I haven’t heard of that one, but will need to get my hands on some…

  25. I’m feeling jealous because your Trader Joe’s looks a lot more fun than mine! They had pumpkin butter and fig butter, but not mango of honey apple. I’m now hoping it will get stocked with the fruit butter bonanza soon. Glad you are still able to sneak some pics ;).

  26. Always so jealous of the TJ’s butters around the ‘sphere! Texas may finally be getting a Trader Joe’s sometime next year, but it will be in Dallas if the rumors are true. You can bet I’ll be driving 4 hours with a cooler every now and again to restock on TJ’s products!!! ;)

  27. Averie,
    I have to say that you inspired me to buy the Pumpkin butter at TJ’s this weekend! I hadn’t had it for a while and after seeing your post, when I found myself in TJ’s (buying food for a quick breakfast while watching my sister run a marathon in a town with extremely limited restaurant options) – I immediately went for the Pumpkin butter. I enjoyed it wrapped in Brown Rice Tortillas with Sunflower Seed butter and 1/2 of chopped banana. It was a perfect on-the-go breakfast! Thanks for the post!

  28. I have never tried anything labeled a “fruit butter”, but it sure sounds good. I actually haven’t had jelly, jam, preserves or anything of the sort in a really long time. I find that it gives me a bit of a sugar rush. I guess I need to balance it out better instead of just diving face first into the stuff… ;)

  29. I’m glad I’m not the only one that loses control with the fruit butters at Trader Joe’s!! :D

    I’m going to head over to see if we have the Honey Apple Butter here in MN; I know we don’t get the fig or mango…*sob*. But that reminds me that I have a jar of their Cranberry butter that I’ve been hoarding since last Thanksgiving. Need to figure out something to do with that stat!

  30. I do love jam/jelly/butters and actually reading this made me realize I’d love to have a nice piece of toast with some butter and jelly on it. But I never do that anymore.

    Also, why do they call it butter? It really makes no sense to me at all.

  31. Love all the butters and inspiration here, thanks!

    1. Yes, lately I like using them in sweet and savory dishes like stir fries.
    2. Yes, apple, pumpkin (fruit?), etc.
    3. Adopted a new dog who’s keeping me on my toes this week with hubby out-of-town. :-)

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