New and Improved

Have you ever loved a product only to have the manufacturers change it up on you?  That just happened to me with Pam buttery spray.

It was reformulated and I don’t like what they did to it.

I thought they just changed the packaging but they changed the actual product, too.

I don’t think  it’s “70% better”


It’s not “New & Improved” for me.

I thought it was perfect just the way it was.

I use buttery spray in most all of my baking.

From the No-Bake Chocolate Special K Bars to Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

to White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars

to Samoas Bars

I always use cooking spray.  Nothing worse that all the work of baking only to have the precious final product stick to the pan.  I even spray my aluminum foil.  No risking stickage here.

I also like the way buttery spray coats popcorn in a uniform way which doesn’t always happen when drizzling real butter over the top.  The cooking spray down method prevents the drenched on some pieces but dry on others problem.

I like buttery spray rather than just regular or plain cooking spray because I like the buttery flavor.  Buttah makes things better.

But the new formulation has an “off” smell and and off taste to me.  I’ve actually gone to a half dozen grocery stores in the area and to Target to try to scoop up any remaining old formulation cans of Pam, but no such luck.  The “new and improved” is on the shelves in all the stores it appears.

And yes, there is Coconut Oil Spray but I don’t always want that. 

Sometimes I just want Buttery Spray.  I guess I could just melt butter but it’s not the same as a quick blast of the ole’ spray.

Not a huge problem in life, clearly, but ya know.

It would be a big problem though if the Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars (Vegan & GF options) stuck to the pan.  Must.use.spray.


1. Do you have a favorite cooking spray?  Have you used a Misto?

There’s neutral/no-taste sprays, i.e. plain, original, and “baking” tend to be pretty flavorless.

There’s also the more noticeably flavored sprays like coconut oil spray, olive oil spray, buttery spray, grilling-flavored spray, and others.

If you have any sprays you love, I’m all ears.

I’ve never tried a Misto, either.  Maybe I should try that.  Are they messy or a pain to use?

2. Are there any products that have been reformulated or become “new and improved” but you wish they had been left the way they were?

Hair products, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, lotion, lipstick and lipgloss, toothpaste; I find health and beauty products in general notorious for this.

Sometimes the texture of the paper in toilet paper, paper towels, or tissues changes, too.  Did the cotton fields start making different cotton one day?

Condiments like salad dressing or mustard get reformulated, too.  There was a Catalina French salad dressing that Scott loved that just became “new and improved” but now he doesn’t like it anymore.

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43 comments on “New and Improved”

  1. I only use baking spray with flour. It is the only kind that I have found that is sure to keep food from sticking.

    I empathize with your disappointment of a “new and improved” product. I hate it when companies do that and mess up something I like! : S

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!! I just used it and burned my cookies. I will own up to user error but I have never burned cookies in under the baking time!! ick!

    • so sorry to hear about your cookies!! but also relieved that it’s not just me who is NOT impressed with the new and improved. LMK if you find something else you love.

      btw just went to your site and was reading your resume..girl…amazing. From the President to half of Hollywood. You clearly know what you’re doing…congrats on your success!

  3. I love my Misto! As long as you don’t fill it over half full you shouldn’t have a problem with it leaking! They have 2 packs of them in funky colors at Costco right now!!

  4. I thought maybe it was just my can of pam butter spray that stunk! I have been using it for years and love it for baking and omelettes, but the second I sprayed this stuff I actually recoiled. It smells awful! I washed it right out of the pan and used real butter… 50 calories heavier, but at least it’s not fetid smelling! I sent ConAgra a complaint about it, and I suggest you do too so they “improve” it back or fix the stink.

    • it’s so random you saw this post b/c it’s old…but I’m glad you did and confirmed what I thought. I actually had another woman write in and tell me the same thing..that the new spray ruined a batch of cookies for her. So frustrating and I am glad you’re writing to them; I will do the same. The issue isnt even calories for me…sometimes it’s the texture of just the spray I need and a big glob of butter is lovely but not the ‘application’ I want at that moment type thing…wish they wouldnt have reformulated something that was good as is!

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