Home for the Rain

We made it to Aruba.  Home at last.

Just in time for overcast skies and rain.

Hopefully we won’t need any roof repairs like we did last December from all the rains.


At least the flowers appreciate the rain even if we don’t.

I appreciated some of the local the local Raisin Bread Pudding

I love this stuff.  It’s so dense and chewy and perfect.

Not sure if there is even bread in it to begin with or if they just use flour and eggs to make a dense clafoutis of sorts and skip the day-old bread step or what they do, but I need to ask and find out so I can recreate it.


1. How’s the weather where you are?  Any rain?  Or snow?

Eeek, I hope no snow.

2. What’s the first thing you do when you get to your destination?

I unpack everything, 100% of the way.

Some people throw on their swimsuit and hit the beach or want to get out and just explore, but I have to unpack first or I can’t relax.

Sort of like doing the dishes after a dinner party before I can go to bed.  I don’t leave them waiting for me for the next morning.

Lucky for me, I wasn’t missing anything outside since it rained on and off Saturday afternoon and evening following our arrival and so far Sunday morning, it’s been raining.

Finger crossed for sunnier skies.

Have a fabulous day.  I’m off for a little run in between rain bursts…

25 comments on “Home for the Rain”

  1. How gorgeous and alive everything looks there! It’s chilly here in Maine…I wouldn’t mind a flurry, but we’ve got rain in the forecast all week. Ick!

  2. I would take a rainy Jamaica over a snowy Ontario any day! Those flowers are beautiful.

    The first thing I do when I get to a destination is – relax! No unpacking for me, just find the nearest fun thing to do and start doing it. I don’t take enough vacations so I try to make them as every-minute-amazing as possible!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Glad you arrived safely! The first thing I do when I get to a destination is take a shower. Traveling makes me feel gross, lol. Then, we eat and settle in the new environment and make it homey. Then, we repeat the same in reverse when we go back home, haha.

    That bread pudding looks sooo GOOD. I love, love, love dense chewy bready things. YUM! Have several bites for me. :D

  4. So jealous! Even with the rain!

  5. Wow that bread looks dense and good!

  6. Have a wonderful vacation in Aruba!

  7. Hope the rain moves out and sun shines soon. It’s a nasty rainy day here but I don’t have any gorgeous beach views or flowers to look at. I always unpack right away too. Want to feel settled so I can just start to enjoy.

  8. I’m the unpacker girl too! if i don’t unpack i feel so off for some reason. like unstable…LOL
    Aruba looks so beautiful and awesome! have a great time! :)

  9. The weather will turn! We had a few gorgeous days last week (and some rather dreary!) and left yesterday afternoon…just missed you! Luckily it’s always warm. Enjoy your trip!!

  10. Looks beautiful! Enjoy your stay :)

  11. You made it! I usually try to find something to eat first and then grab a swimsuit and head to the beach. It’s been so long since we’ve been on a tropical vacation. Here’s planning for 2012!

  12. Have an AMAZING time. Did I mention I’m SO JEALOUS!!!!?? :)

  13. Oh my gawd, that bread pudding looks to DIE for!
    Have a beautiful day in your beautiful locale! :)

  14. Nice! The colors are gorgeous! I’m the opposite of you when it comes to being organized. I might not get all the way unpacked before it’s time to go home!

  15. im glad to hear you made it there safely! have a wonderful time!
    Its rainy and cold where I am, but Im enjoying my time indoors. Its finals week anyways, so perfect timing for rain i guess?? :)
    Hope the sun comes out for you soon!!

  16. The first thing I do when I get to my destination is shower and get dressed up to go and explore.

  17. It’s been super cold, but thankfully no rain in a little while. I really like to unpack too. I hate forgetting stuff so I usually try and not unpack into too many different places. I try and stick to one or two drawers in whatever hotel room I’m staying in.

  18. Look at you, in Aruba! You made it! I wish I’d unpack as soon as I get to my place, but sometimes I don’t even totally unpack for the whole trip. I’m working on the whole “organized” thing. It’s a process. ;)

  19. Ohh, this does look similar!
    How delicious looking!
    That beach picture has me longing for San Diego…so pretty!

  20. Hope the weather clears up for you soon. At least you’re not coming from a cold, sun deprived climate and eagerly awaiting the nice weather. San Diego is pretty nice itself :)
    If I’m going to be somewhere for a few days or more, I need to unpack asap or I stress. I can never just drop stuff and go. I sometimes wish I had that carefree attitude but I’m pretty sure I never will!

  21. You hope no snow? As per email – I shoveled snow while you were running in the rain. You win. ;)

  22. Glad you made it, sorry about the weather. It’s overcast and humid in Florida, not typical for this time of year.

    I try to unpack and get settled when I arrive to feel situated.

  23. So interesting you refer to it as ‘home.’ Good for you being there. It rained like crazy first few days I was in Israel, but it stopped after that. And you’re right–everything grows so beautifully from the rain.

    It’s been raining here too–rain in the winter up here really sucks because it makes everything ugly and ice-rink slick.

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