We made it to Aruba.  Home at last.

Aruba greenery and flowers

Just in time for overcast skies and rain.

Aruba greenery with flowers

Hopefully we won’t need any roof repairs like we did last December from all the rains.

At least the flowers appreciate the rain even if we don’t.

Pink flowers

I appreciated some of the local the local Raisin Bread Pudding

Raisin Bread PuddingI love this stuff.  It’s so dense and chewy and perfect.

Not sure if there is even bread in it to begin with or if they just use flour and eggs to make a dense clafoutis of sorts and skip the day-old bread step or what they do, but I need to ask and find out so I can recreate it.


1. How’s the weather where you are?  Any rain?  Or snow?

Eeek, I hope no snow.

2. What’s the first thing you do when you get to your destination?

I unpack everything, 100% of the way.

Some people throw on their swimsuit and hit the beach or want to get out and just explore, but I have to unpack first or I can’t relax.

Sort of like doing the dishes after a dinner party before I can go to bed.  I don’t leave them waiting for me for the next morning.

Lucky for me, I wasn’t missing anything outside since it rained on and off Saturday afternoon and evening following our arrival and so far Sunday morning, it’s been raining.

Finger crossed for sunnier skies.

Aruba beach

Have a fabulous day.  I’m off for a little run in between rain bursts…

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