Just Beachy, Just Peachy

Have you had a good Monday?

It’s been just beachy here.

After the sun was starting to set…


…we came inside and things got peachy.

I wish they were peachy along the lines of the Caramel Peanut Butter and (Peach) Jelly Bars but those are but a long-gone San Diego memory that I pre-baked before the Secret Recipe Club reveal this morning.

Hope you’ve had a good start to your week.  And that things have been peachy keen.

What’s been the best part of your day today?

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16 comments on “Just Beachy, Just Peachy”

  1. Arriving home to my family, a roaring fire, and dinner warming on the stove. All the highlights of my day! Looks like you had another great day in paradise :)

  2. Got all my chores done this morning, then I lay down to rest on the couch and actually fell asleep for half an hour! Can’t remember the last time I had a nap.
    Tonight: 3rd pot-luck holiday party in four days! Can anyone relate to snug pants?!

  3. Man I wish my views looked like that today. It was a bit overcast here. I’ll just keep dreaming and living vicariously through your pics ;-)

  4. Best AND worst parts of my day were coming back home from our SC vacation– it’s always nice to be home, but was so bittersweet to leave Charleston!

    Beautiful view!!!

  5. I’m so glad to hear you’re beachy and peach! A wonderful combo, if you aske me. ;)

    Knock on wood, pretty good day.

  6. Oh my day was peachy, jelly bean ;) I started it off with a 15min meditation and rocked the day from morning to night! Happy to hear you guys are having a good time!

  7. Best part of my day? It’s a toss up. I got to sleep in to the sound of rain, which anywhere else would not be so exciting but here in dry, dry LA I get really excited about the comforting sound of rain.

  8. Ahhh the best part of my day was going on a Special Date with my Man and then snuggling up next to my tree…watching Fear Factor! HAHAHAH!!!


  9. Sounds wonderful! The best part of my Monday was a crisp run after a busy day at work.

  10. Those pictures of Aruba never cease to amaze me – what a beautiful place!! The best part of my day the last couple days has been packing up the house and car to prepare for warmer digs in Florida!! Bring on the palm trees!!

  11. What I wouldn’t do for that view right now! Instead, I’m looking out my window at the snow falling…

  12. My coffee has been the best part of my day so far …. mmmmmm!

  13. I love that sunset photo, the lighting is so subtle but gorgeous!

  14. I love peach anything but peach jelly is fantastic. Beautiful scenery and pictures!! The best part of my day hopefully hasnt happened yet!!

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