Great Aruba Friday

I had a great Friday.  Can’t beat the Friday afternoon views in Aruba.

The weather was perfect.  88F, light breeze, mostly sunny.

The beach wasn’t crowded.  Tomorrow, Saturday, the influx of Christmas and holiday tourists will hit the island but today was super mellow.

And shortly before we left the beach Skylar sat down on my chaise lounge and decided to give me a foot massage.

She’s only four and I have to say, is quite the little masseuse.  Now if an oceanside foot massage from your kiddo isn’t the best thing ever, I don’t know what is.

This stuff is second best.

White Chocolate Vanilla Peanut Butter Puppy Chow

We’ve almost polished it off.


What are your weekend plans?

What has made your Friday great?

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36 comments on “Great Aruba Friday”

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  3. Hi! What a great surprise when I clicked on a recipe link to see that you are from Aruba!! We have been there 3 times, and is so far our favorite beach vacation spot! We stayed on Eagle beach, but visited all over. We love the culture, the friendly welcome, great food, and of course, the fantastic weather and beaches!

  4. OK, I just saw that you’re not from Aruba…must have been visiting…it’s a great island!

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