Practically Raw Vegan Cookbook Giveaway

I recently received a copy of Amber Shea Crawley’s new cookbook, Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make

I’ve known Amber for three years and not only is she sweet and kind, she has a hilariously dry and witty sense of humor which I adore, but she’s also an amazing chef and now published author. And we both happen to have a big sweet tooth, another reason I love her.

Here’s a sampling of the raw or practically raw vegan food found on the pages of Amber’s new book:

Parisian Street Crepes


Mushroom Nut Burger

Flaxjacks with Miso-Maple Butter

Deconstructed “sushi” bowl

Build-Your-Own Energy Bars

What I love most about Amber recipes, not only in her book but also on her blog, is that she provides:

Substitution options and variations. If you don’t want to use maple syrup, use agave. If you don’t have basil, use parsley.

Cooking and baking options. You don’t have to be 100% raw to appreciate her recipes.

Her ingredients are also pretty mainstream and not too many “specialty” and hard-to-source ingredients.

She is also budget-conscious and does not have you running to the store to buy exotic and pricey ingredients to then use 1/2 teaspoon of it.

Also included in the book is a comprehensive first chapter covering nutrition, kitchen and cooking equipment, ingredient and pantry lists, and her overall , philosophy.  The last chapter of the book includes sample meal and recipe plans. She did not miss a beat with this book.

Here are a few of my own favorite easy, raw, vegan recipes:

Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (No-Bake, Vegan, GF)

Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites (No-Bake, Vegan, GF)

Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls and 2-Minute Peanut Sauce (No-Bake, Vegan, GF)

Raw Vegan Caramels (GF)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

I can’t wait to dig into Amber’s book and get busy in the kitchen.

If you’d like to enter to win a copy of Amber’s Book comment below to enter.

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  1. I like Almost Vegan on facebook as well.

  2. I just bought a new dehydrator so im trying to get more into raw.. this book sounds perfect~

  3. I “liked” you on FaceBook and am now following you on Pinterest! So excited to find you, learn about vegan baking, and find new recipes. I am not a vegan but am interested in learning!

  4. This cookbook looks amazing! I make lots of raw cookie dough. Sometimes I actually prefer it to baked cookies!

  5. I love juicing and things like summer rolls and salads

  6. I love anything with raw veggies. The whole family also loves to make the homemade peanut butter chocolate chip energy bars. We call them “wally” bars because that is what my 4 year old, Aquinnah, calls granola bars since she was a baby. We also love juicing!

  7. I am very curious about the flapjack above- Can’t wait for that recipe to try!

  8. I follow you and repinned on Pinterest!

  9. Liked AV on FB

  10. I follow you on FB:)

  11. This book looks great! Kimberly Snyder had a delicious almost raw lasagna; it was time consuming but tasted great!

  12. That lemon ‘spaghetti’ looks awesome!

  13. i love raw wraps and meals but the desserts always take center stage. they are amazing and perfect and sweet!

  14. I always lean toward raw desserts, but I’d like to try more savory, veggie-rich raw recipes.

  15. This would be a great book to win! :)

  16. I think the raw caramels appeal to me most!

  17. I recently discovered that I am allergic to dairy. Needless to say, my choice is foods has had to change drastically considering there are many foods that have dairy that people have no clue about! Since the discovery, I have began cooking and experimenting more and more with raw and vegan food. I LOVE it! So much that I have completely done a 360 turn around on the decision of what I’m going to school for. (Went from Astronomy to Culinary Arts) Now my dream is to open up a restaurant that has food anyone can enjoy, rather it be a vegan, vegetarian, or any allergy someone may have. I can’t wait! One of my favorite raw recipes is the cookie dough balls. They’re so easy to make, and I can experiment with different kinds of ingredients for making different types of cookies.

  18. Had an awesome collard hummus wrap yesterday! Lots of problems here have lots of allergies dairy, chocolate, caffeine, nuts, tomatoes, dairy, and wheat. Not much else left to eat :-(
    Could really use the cookbook!

  19. “I entered to win the new Practically Raw Vegan Cookbook from @AlmostVeganChef in the @AverieCooks Giveaway”

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  21. Already liked Almost Vegan on Facebook

  22. I now Twitter Follow Amber @AlmostVeganChef

  23. “Facebook Like LV&Y/AverieCooks” I did this!

  24. “Facebook Like Almost Vegan” I did this a long time ago!

  25. “Twitter Follow Amber @AlmostVeganChef” I did this too.

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  26. Wow, those crepes look sooooo good. I have tried a few raw recipes and they have been really good.

  27. I am new to cooking vegan, but it is so easy and delicious thanks to Amber Shea’s website! I am so excited to try more of her recipes! Thanks for helping me lose weight and get in shape for my wedding!

  28. The one almost raw recipe I have made successfully is a chocolate avocado pie with pecan crust! It was divine! I don’t have a link, but will post recipe for you soon.

  29. I followed @AverieCooks and tweeted about the giveaway! @jesscaneal

  30. The Raw Pasta salad looks awesome!

  31. I have never made a raw recipe myself, unless you count a yummy salad, but I really want to incorporate raw dishes into my diet! Her book looks like the perfect addition to my kitchen and a great way to get started incorporating raw foods into my diet! :)

  32. I Facebook Like LV&Y/AverieCooks.

  33. I Like Almost Vegan

  34. I Follow Amber @AlmostVeganChef on Twitter! @jesscaneal

  35. I liked Almost Vegan on Facebook!

  36. I liked Love Veggies and Yoga on Facebook!

  37. These all look so good, I want to try them all. Would sure like to win, the pictures are so lifelike!


  38. Following you on Pinterest and repinned your glitter spoons…so cute love them!!

  39. I love kale salads….with dried cranberries, apples…and a lovely balsamic vinaigrette. My goal is to eat more raw meals.

  40. I really love fresh crunchy salads, especially those involving fresh fruit.

  41. I follow you on FB.

  42. Kimberly Hattaway Reply

    I am particularly interested in learning raw breakfast options. I love the raw granola with buckwheaties, but it is expensive to buy and I don’t have a dehydrator to make my own. I’d love some raw cereal and breakfast smoothie recipes.

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