“Winter” and Watermelon

Today has been the ideal “winter day” because it’s been like summer.

In early April.

The flowers are blooming, it was 82F, sunny, and bountiful blue skies.

Just a stunning day in San Diego.


Ironically, I was at the grocery store a couple days ago and mini-watermelons were on sale for two dollars each.

“Mini” is all I need at one time. They still provide plenty of melon, days worth for the entire family, but not so much that I have refrigerator space and storage issues.

I have no idea how or why watermelons came into season in the late winter nd they weren’t grown locally, but since I love watermelon and hadn’t had any since last summer, I jumped at the juicy chance.

Little did I know how perfect this would be on today’s hot and sunny day.

It’s not summer, it’s not watermelon season, but we had both today.

And I loved them both equally.

When it’s warm and sunny, I am all about juicy fruit and smoothies like a Peach Banana Colada (virgin)

Or a non-virgin juicy beverage

Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch

If you’re making an Easter brunch tomorrow, Spicy Baked Eggs and Hash Brown Casserole is a cinch.

I also make this on busy weeknights for dinner because it’s a one-baking dish, easy meal. Eggs and potatoes are my husband’s idea of comfort food.

Don’t forget to leave a plate of cookies out for Santa a plate of Egg-in-a-Nest Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites (Vegan, GF) out for the Easter Bunny tonight. Delivering all those Easter baskets is hard work and worthy of peanut butter cookie dough bites. Even if you don’t have the “egg” candies on hand, you can use M&M’s or just eat cookie dough, sans stuffage.

Do you like watermelon?

I love it and this one was so juicy, firm (hate it when they are “mealy” inside), and eating it gave me spring fever.

I may go buy another one, clean it, and then freeze the chunks in a plastic container or baggie. Frozen watermelon makes for great “ice” cubes in smoothies without watering them down, or “ice” cubes in punch bowls, or just to snack on. Frozen watermelon or frozen grapes always hit the spot for me.

Do you have Easter or Passover plans if you’re celebrating?

We have no formal plans. It’s supposed to be gorgeous again on Sunday so I plan to spend as much time outside with my family as possible.

That is, after we “discover” what the Easter Bunny brought for Skylar. The bunny isn’t bringing anything too big, but a couple little things to keep the magic alive. You’re only 5 years old once. May as well embrace the magic.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter or Passover if you’re celebrating.

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38 comments on ““Winter” and Watermelon”

  1. Watermelon is such a summer food for me! I can’t wait to have it again this year :)

  2. Wasn’t the weather in SoCal fabulous today? Some watermelon woud’ve been fantastic to round out the summer experience. I’m glad you had a nice day! ;)

    And yes, I love watermelon.

  3. Hey Averie!
    As per the usual, absolutely gorgeous pictures. I love watermelon so much.

    My boyfriend and I are going to San Francisco this summer and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for restaurants/activities…etc?
    I would appreciate any words of advice! Thank you :-)

    • Thanks Meg for the photography compliments. I live in San DIEGO not San Francisco so don’t really feel super qualified to answer your question other than to say San Fran is a world class, amazing, spectacular city. Do as much research as you possibly can; it’s a huge city with sooooooo much to offer. Think NYC of the west coast and you’ll want to prioritize what’s important to you two, based on your extensive research. Be organized; you will need it. There’s so much to do!

      • Oh yes I know you live in San Diego, I just assumed you had probably been to
        San Francisco or had heard of what to do there. Thank you for the advice though! We have already started doing research and I have an extensive and very organized binder :) I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

      • Yes I do go a few times a year and used to spend a fair amount of time there before Skylar. It’s such an amazing city. If it was 20 degrees warmer year round, we’d move there. But it’s not :)

  4. I love watermelon. I used to dislike it growing up, but I’ve come to love it. It’s perfect treat when it’s nice out! Good hydrator too :)

  5. Those minis were on sale here too!! Must be this wacky weather! Happy easter

  6. mini watermelons.. cute!!! I think I would have splurged too besides the obviously lack of being in season/ local, sometimes its well worth it. I crave it in the summer for sure, but it hasn’t even been on my radar so I haven’t had any cravings until this post. Happy Easter, have a great day with your family.

    • Yea most people drink coffee, eat chocolate, eat lettuce, eat broccoli, use flour made from wheat, etc year round and none of it is seasonal/local for most people, other than a few things, for a few months a year, but we all do it anyway…so I figure, watermelon for 2 bucks was a good “splurge” :)

  7. Watermelon is my favorite thing about Summer! I am going to church and then having an Easter/Passover picnic in the park. (It’s both because my friend is Jewish!) ;)

  8. Gorgeous flowers! We had lunch with my mom, sister, and her kids yesterday. No plans today. Planning to just relax and enjoy the last day of the weekend before work tomorrow.

  9. Averie, I just adore those mini watermelons! There is definitely plenty of melon in there, I agree! Although, my friend and i once ate an ENTIRE large watermelon together in one day. It was summer. We were parched. That’s ok, right?! ;)

  10. That’s great on watermelon, I saw the huge ones at Costco, but skipped over them because they’re not in season here yet and they early ones are usually lacking in flavor. Great recipe inspiration! We’re having a family gathering today with family, looking forward to spending time with them after a crazy week, but I have to throw together some raw recipes at light speed this morning while cramming in a workout and chores before heading over. :-)

  11. You make awesome pictures, I’m getting happy because of them!

  12. happy easter!
    no plans here, just gonna hit up trader joe’s and do some baking.
    hubby got his easter brunch wish, so he’s all happy happy!

  13. The “egg in a nest” cookies are adorable, and a lovely way for vegans (and everyone) to commemorate the holiday without milk chocolate or other traditional, non-vegan candies. Thanks for giving us options, and great recipe, Averie!!

  14. Just finished dinner at my in laws so now all the kids are going to have an Easter egg hunt. It has been a noisy day so far (no little ones at home so I am accustomed to peace and quiet ). I have seen mini watermelons around here as well so I’m anxious to try them out. Happy Easter!

  15. Awww, how sweet! Sweet peas flowers are so beautiful! Yes, I do love watermelon. We all love it! I saw little watermelons in the store, but had same question as you: do they taste good? Thanks for clearing that out, now I can head to the store, watermelon hunting…:)

  16. Those watermelon pictures are making my mouth water!! I love your blog, Averie; I just started reading a little bit ago. You are so positive, zen, and just generally wonderful, it just brightens my day to read your posts. :)

    • Thank you for this comment, Emily! It really made my night! It’s nice to know that I come across how I hope I do…it’s always hard knowing what “translates” online. Thank you so much for reading :)

  17. in the phils, we have milkteas that has a flavor called wintermelon–maybe it has something to do with that or not :)

  18. Easter in Az was a bit warmer than San Diego, not quite A/C warm but close. Watermelon would have been wonderful with Easter dinner but alas we haven’t seen them yet. Looking forward to them for sure. Happy Easter Averie, hope it was perfect.

  19. Yum,your watermelon looks good! I spent my Easter cleaning the yard,than spending 6 hours cleaning the kitchen. I rearranged all my cupboards and realized I have to many appliances and no space for them! Happy Easter to you!!

  20. My youngest son loves watermelon, but me, not so much. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just not the thing I go for. Glad you found some since you love it so much! The weather here was just like SD. Gorgeous and sunny…can’t wait for summer! :-)

  21. Hi Averie … your Fudgy Nutella Brownies were a hit! I posted some pics … sorry not as pretty as yours but too much to coordinate today! I did not have time to do the cream cheese frosting, but next time I am going for the full effect! :) Hope you had a great Sunday! They were just delicious!

  22. GORGEOUS MELONS. heheheheheheh. Sorry. I’m in 8th grade.

  23. Mmmmm watermelon! We’re still a few months away from the good stuff I think, but I’m totally craving it looking at your pics. As always, jealous of your beautiful SoCal weather!

  24. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter :-)

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