Saturday the weather in Aruba was overcast and looked like it was going to rain for most of the day, but Sunday turned out to be great.

It wasn’t crystal clear blue skies all day, but it was nice enough for the bulk of the afternoon that we had a great time as a family at the beach.

Sun and fun.


After the beach, we came home and jumped in the pool to get all the sand off.

There’s usually a very strong wind here, about 25mph. But the past few days, we’ve had 45mph+ winds and sand blows into our hair, scalp, and every crack and crevice. We’re well-exfoliated, everywhere.

In other matters, I ventured into a small grocery store that was open Sunday evening because we needed some lettuce, but they were sold out.

They were also sold out of chocolate chips. The horrors.

And they were sold out of ground coffee, other than decaf Folgers at $15 dollars for a can. I took a pass on decaf Folgers (what would be the point of that?) so will be venturing out to a larger grocery store on Monday for lettuce, chocolate, and coffee since those are clearly priorities in life.

The guy ahead of me at the grocery store, however, was freaking out, and I do mean throwing a total freakout, because both that grocery store and apparently a couple others he had tried were sold out of Coors Light. There was a full supply of Bud Light, Miller Lite, Amstel Light, Heineken and zillion other beers, but no Coors Light, and apparently to him, that was worse than a grocery store being out of lettuce, chocolate chips, or coffee.

Speaking of chocolate, I could really go for some right now. Either a fudgy brownie with extra thick frosting and chocolate cookies stuffed into it

Oreo Cookie-Stuffed Brownies with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Or chocolate cookies with chocolate candy stuffed into them

Mounds Bar Chocolate Coconut Cake Mix Cookies

How was your weekend?

Has your grocery store been sold out of anything or multiple trips anywhere necessary to get your essentials?

I am the queen of soldout, disappearing, discontinued, and out of stock products, but before we left for this trip, I went to Target to pick up a couple swimsuits for Skylar and they were basically sold out of kids swimsuits in her size in late July. But had a full supply of fall clothes in, sweater, boots and all. Super practical, indeed.


  1. You’re making me swoon with those beachy shots! I need to move somewhere tropical…it’s the only solution.

    …and I have to make multiple trips for my regular/weekly grocery shopping…one store just doesn’t cover it! Enjoy your trip…get a tan for me. :-)

    • In San Diego, I confine it to reg groc store and TJs which are in the same parking lot – thank goodness! But in Aruba, it’s tricky b/c you never know who’s going to be sold out of what. Major scavenger hunt!

  2. Oh I soooo miss the blue skies and water. I try really hard to not make multiple trips. Unless it’s something we really must have, I will try to just re-adjust the meals I have in mind for the week.

  3. So glad you’re already enjoying your beach and family time. I may have thrown a little tantrum about the coffee like that man… no coffee is a big deal in my world ;)

  4. Better to have a super-strong wind than NO wind, right?!? :-) Looks beautiful, as always!

  5. Oh my goodness — those pictures look stunning!! So glad that you’re having a great time! :)

  6. Ugh, your photos are making me long for the Caribbean like crazy! Especially that first photo – just want to jump in the water with my fins and snorkel :)

    I’ve been going through this weird Oreo craving phase lately, so I may have to make those Oren Cookie stuffed brownies today.

  7. I LOVE that you’re enjoying your time in Aruba, Averie! I bet regardless of the chocolate & coffee situation, it’s still enjoyable and beautiful at that! However, I cannot imagine running out of chocolate chips–the essentials are called that for a reason, helloooo! :) and, like you, I’m always running out of stuff. Every Friday I do my grocery shopping and the days leading up to it, write a meticulous grocery list and sort my coupons I’ll need… but EVERY week I’m bound to forget something. This week, it was chicken, last week, skewers for kabobs. And I loathe when my fave products become discontinued! That was the story with my sunscreen this year :(

  8. Aruba looks amazing. i love the beach so much!

  9. I had a heckuva time finding warm sleepers for my then-newborn in early February this past winter. Every store was already stocked for spring! Thank goodness for online shopping – even if I had to wait a couple of days. Not cool, stores! :)

    Aruba looks so, so gorgeous. When I travel to places like that, something about that white sand and turquoise waters always makes me feel like I’m in a dream. A very good dream. Enjoy!

    • baby and kid stuff is the worst… they have spring stuff in the stores in Feb when there could be snow on the ground in most states and in the dead of summer when i need flip flops, they have boots! I have literally resorted to buying things about 3 sizes too big in the hopes when the right season comes around, ill at least have it. Who knows if it will fit…

  10. So glad it is a gorgeous day for you! It’s been pretty nice here in Florida, too. Not too hot, but still humid.

    That is too funny about the guy throwing a fit about beer! I am not happy when something I really want is out of stock, but it is okay. I can live through it!

  11. Lettuce, coffee, and chocolate are easily the three things I spend the most money on and I am NEVER without them. I get nervous and jittery when my supply of any of them starts to get low. :D

  12. Hey Averie! What GORGEOUS photos! oh my gosh i hope oyu’re having a wonderful time!
    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for alcohol free pure vanilla extract — it’s nearly impossible to find. I got it once at whole foods, and then went back 2 months later and they stopped carrying it….very frustrating! have a great day!!

  13. Sold out of chocolate chips? The horror. Seriously. Thank god I stocked up this past weekend after being fresh out! If my office or dunkin donuts EVER runs out of coffee, people better watch out. I can get quite cranky.

    Yesterday I needed to buy non-pareil sprinkles (the little balls), but they were all out. And so was target. SO ANNOYING. Now I have to make a third trip tonight after the gym. Grrrrr.

  14. I had to go to 3 stores for fresh dill…and never did find dried porcini mushrooms for a soup base, not even at TJ’s.

  15. I am always at different grocery stores trying to find different things. I had a pasteurized egg crisis yesterday, as I was all out and so were all of the stores, but I finally found a new brand at Whole Foods that I’m trying today in your cherry blondies. My big weekend plan was helping my mom pick out a new car. Aruba looks so amazing!

  16. averie, enjoy every minute of your aruba time. thanks so much for posting the pic of the beach…ahhh!!!!! your photos bring back such happy memories for me!
    so funny that people can freak out over missing grocery items when they are in paradise, eh?!
    have a wonderful day!

  17. I almost always hit up more than one grocery store when I shop; most don’t have everything I am looking for in one place. No Whole Foods or TJ’s in sight, so I piece things together. I call it hunting and gathering. ha

  18. oh no – coffee and chocolate are vital!! ;) At least theres the beach there to make it a little less painful :)
    it’s usually more of “i forgot to get that item” thing for me than it being sold out. I guess I have the memory of a goldfish..

  19. I could look at your Aruba pics all day long, gorgeous!

  20. Out of coffee!? Yikes! We live on an Air Force Base and the stores are constantly out of items, or they just stop carrying them with no warning. It always chaps my hide. :) Enjoy your vacation. It looks beautiful!!

  21. Ugh, so stinkin’ gorgeous! Totally jealous :)

  22. Being out of chocolate is just plain wrong but how about being out of toilet paper. Not just one brand… the WHOLE shebang! Ridiculous. Oooh and I can almost see in the far off distance where I stayed many many moons ago.

  23. Nothing wrong with a little lettuce, coffee and chocolate! Just don’t mix them all together… Glad you guys are having a great time in Aruba again. I’ve always enjoyed your trips there.

  24. I’d probably panic over the out of coffee situation–I hope you had enough to get by until the next shipment came in! Makes me appreciate the ease at which we can usually get what we want whenever we want it here in the states! My birthday was last week, so we waited until the weekend to celebrate it. A great dinner out, a good movie, and some fine dark chocolate! Simple but very nice!

  25. Boy- is that water BEAUTIFUL!
    Enjoy! And I hope that next time you go to the market they have what you need! We need Avery’s cooking and baking people!

  26. Wow – amazing pictures!! Beautiful sky/water/ blue/green!

  27. Although I buy Papua New Guinea coffee by the case, it occasionally runs out when I do, too. That is a royal bummer.

    Generally, I shop every single day. No joke. I think I would definitely save money if I could get my act together to plan menus, but honestly…who has time for that?? I need to MAKE time!

    And, Coors Light? Really?! :-)

  28. Averie, I love this: “lettuce, chocolate, and coffee are clearly priorities in life”. Even though it was sold out (sorry), I really enjoyed this post with photos of Aruba. How cool is that to “travel” with you!
    “Has your grocery store been sold out of anything or multiple trips anywhere necessary to get your essentials?” – this is a trick question to ask someone who lives in the food desert! Yes, I have to travel sometimes as far as 256 miles one way to Dallas for essentials. I can’t believe back in Seattle I lived one block from Trader Joe’s and one mile from Whole Foods… Oh well, I learned to deal with bulk essentials, although I can’t do bulk produce. I tried, but you get tiered of eating green beans and kale 10 days on the row… :)

  29. Those beach pictures are making me swoon!

  30. My weekend was great! I spent most of it maxin’ and relaxin’ at home :-)

  31. Christina @ The Beautiful Balance Reply

    Looks beautiful! If the store ran out of kale, nut butters, and coconut, I would have a complete meltdown like that man!

  32. I’m so cracking up at the guy who freaked out about Coors light. Hilarious!

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