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I had resisted blogging about this crisis thinking maybe it would pass and resolve on it’s.  But it hasn’t.

Trader Joe’s is TOS (temporarily out of stock) on Speculoos Cookie Butter Spread in my area.

Jars of speculoos Cookie butter

I first discovered this calamity last week on my first grocery shopping trip home after being in Aruba for a month.

Local San Diego store employees told me at that time that this is not a seasonal item and that it’s something they do plan to carry but that they were simply out.  Thy thought they would be getting some, “soon”.

Today that changed into what they call TOS.  Temporarily Out of Stock, meaning their warehouses cannot get it.  Being that Trader Joe’s stores are regionally served, it’s possible that Northern California stores have it or stores in Minneapolis or New Jersey have it, but that’s not going to do me any good today.

Good thing I have a backup jar of it.

And a jar of Dutch cookie butter spread

Jar of markant cookie butter spread

open jar of markant cookie butter

And my grocery store sells Biscoff spread or you can order Biscoff so it’s not like me and cookie butter are broken up long term, but TJ’s being out of stock with it does put a monkey wrench into a few baking plans I had.

I need to make more no-bake cookies for one thing.  The cookies that were made using crushed cookies + cookie butter, because I like cookies with my cookies.

Cookie butter ginger spread molasses cookies

Good thing TJ’s wasn’t out of chocolate today.

Box of trader Joe's PoundPlus chocolate

I depleted my stash of Baker’s Chocolate yesterday during my baking project and figured I’d try TJ’s chocolate.

Box of Baker's chocolate and bag of chocolate chips

I asked the woman who was doing the free sample demo (and I know she can cook because I’ve chatted with her previously) what the chocolate is like and she said very comparable to semi-sweet Baker’s, but smoother and creamier.  Sounds like a win to me and at a fraction of the price, ounce for ounce, even better.

I packed up my loot and headed to my car.  Gotta love January where it’s almost dark by 5pm.  Not.

Sky and palm trees

But I can’t complain because it’s been beautiful in San Diego since we’ve been back from Aruba.

1/2/12 San Diego Hourly weather report

All this nice weather makes me want a Cookie Butter Banana White Chocolate Smoothie

Cookie Butter Banana White Chocolate Smoothie

Except now I will be rationing out my cookie butter or using peanut butter in it’s place.

Have you tried Cookie Butter Spread or Biscoff Spread?   If you have a TJ’s in your area, is it out of stock at your local store?

Have you experienced any “out of stock” items lately?  Or any “discontinued items” you wish you could still find?

Trader Joe’s discontinues things all the time.  They stop carrying things that are not popular to make room for new products they hope will be more popular which is how they can keep their prices low, according to articles I’ve read.

Peanut flour was one item they stopped carrying that I know had many bloggers hoarding ground peanuts like it was the Great Depression.

I blogged here about everything from my favorite Balance Bar that I ate almost every day when I was pregnant but is no longer produced to seasonal Victoria’s Secret body sprays I wish were permanent fixtures.  Just about the time you fall in love with a product (hair, makeup, and beauty products especially), they stop being made.

Now go hoard some cookie butter spread if you can find it.

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  1. I’ve read sooooooo much about cookie butter online, but had never seen it in Ireland so I contacted Lotus (the European Biscoff) and they didn’t have a store list! Currently on the hunt for it and cannot wait to get baking once I find it :D

  2. Hello,
    I am French. I live in northern France, 2 hours from Paris and 20 minutes from Belgium. At home, the spiced paste is something very familiar and very common. The Speculoos is a biscuit with spices typical of Belgium. I live right next to Belgium, I go very often. There, I find many kinds of pasta Speculoos of all kinds (with and without pieces, crispy or not). If you want, we can arrange a swap?

    1. Kind of you to think of me…I’d love to come to France and pick some up for myself one day :)

  3. Averie, I know you love Victoria’s Secret body sprays. Do you know if Love Rocks and Pink All My Heart are seasonal or discontinued? It drives me nuts. These are my favorites and my bottles are almost empty. I thought you would understand my fears. :) Thanks!!

    My TJ’s has never carried the speculoos cookie butter. Nuts! I have to buy the Biscoff brand.

    1. You know, I don’t know about those two because I don’t wear them but you could call their 800 number and find out in a hearbeat if they are or arent…so you can either start rationing out your last few sprays or breath a sigh of relief :) GOOD LUCK!!

      1. Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks! Yeah, I don’t want to wear them now. I should probably shop for some new fragrances. I may try some of their smaller bottles. You never really know if you are going to love something or eventually get sick of it. I find that I get tired of Bath and Body Works fragrances very quickly. The only one I love is Twilight Woods and so far it’s still available. My previous job did not allow us to wear perfume but body spray was OK. I’m finding that I don’t really like perfume anymore and I’m only buying body sprays now.
        Have a great day!

      2. I tire of sprays, too. I am going to start buying the smaller sizes even though it’s not as cost effective ounce for ounce, many new scents I try I don’t finish the big bottle anyway b/c I’m tired of it! :)

  4. Im dying to try this cookie butter. Ill have to head to my TJ’s and see if they have it. I could send you some if yours is still out =)