5 Fun and Timeless Thanksgiving Traditions


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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather family and friends around to reflect, count your blessings and, of course, stuff your face.

It’s a time to savor the bounty of our lives from the dining table loaded with food to a happy home filled with loved ones and it’s a time to indulge in the traditions that make every Thanksgiving memorable.

Thanksgiving table

Evite and I have teamed up with Sister Schubert’s to bring you five traditions that might be new for your family, but could easily become a cherished part of your November to remember this year and every year.

Side Dish Derby: Whip up one absolutely standout dish and make it your signature. You might cry fowl, but turkey is not the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table; that honor belongs to those glorious side dishes. Stuffing, or mashed potatoes dripping with homemade gravy, or your aunt’s sweet potato casserole loaded with butter and marshmallows. Sister Schubert’s Parker House rolls (shown above) and dinner yeast rolls are easy-peasy to make (just pop them from freezer to oven to table) and they’ll fill your home with the smell of freshly baked bread.

Tree of Thanks: Get crafty and put together a splendid DIY tree made from construction paper. Impress your guests by making it life-size. Put out a basket of colorful fall “leaves” and ask everybody at your Thanksgiving feast to write out the things they’re most thankful for this year and hang the leaves up on the branches. You can even do this for the entire month of November so you end up with a gorgeous tree full of gratitude by Thanksgiving.

DIY construction paper tree

Toastmasters: Kick off your beautiful meal with a heartwarming toast, and pass the baton (a turkey leg?) to anyone else who wants to say a few words. Don’t fret: This isn’t a wedding. It’s Turkey Day! The toasts don’t need to be lengthy or even particularly eloquent. As long as you speak from the heart, have some fun with it, and focus on what you’re thankful for, everyone will appreciate the thought. But be warned – this can get emotional, fast.

Turkey Trot: Not everyone’s knees are made for flag football. A leisurely walk after supper is just the right thing to combat your turkey-induced coma. Bundle up and get the family outdoors to take in the crisp autumn air. Or find an organized fun run with proceeds going to charity. Usually, these are done before the eating starts, and running in costume is encouraged. I’ve done my fair of Turkey Trots and always have had a blast.

Pumpkin Toss: Save some uncarved pumpkins from Halloween or use sugar pumpkins or even a large squash. Work off that 8,000-calorie meal by seeing who can throw their golden gourds the farthest. Everyone gets some much needed exercise, but remember to keep the contest confined to your own yard and have some trash bags on hand for pumpkin pulp.

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Thanksgiving evite Thanksgiving evite
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