$50 Asian Foods Prize Pack Giveaway


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If you like Asian Food this giveaway and prize pack from CJ Foods which is valued at more than $50 is for you!


The giveaway includes:

·         Korean BBQ Marinades and Sauces (Original, Pineapple, and Hot & Spicy)


·         Gochujang Paste


·         Ssamjang Paste


·         Soy Sauce


·         Fresh Cooked Rice


·         6 packages of Seaweed Snacks


To Enter the Giveaway:

1. What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine to make or eat?


What recipe will you make first with this prize pack?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow LV & Y and Tweet the following:

“I entered to Win a $50 Asian Foods Prize Pack in the @LoveVeggiesYoga Giveaway http://tiny.cc/4jhyd”

3. For a third, fourth, or fifth entry, do one or more of these things and leave a separate comment for each (that’s five total chances to enter)

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Contest ends Thursday, December 1, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to Continental U.S. Residents only.

Comment Below to Enter!

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  1. My favorite is Chinese but I’m not too good at making it. My stir fry is about the only thing I make

  2. oops, am I too late!? All food asian. I really can’t choose, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cantonese, Thai – I love them ALL!

    Is there a link for that company?

  3. That red pepper paste looks awesome! I am a huge spicy foods girl. My favorite ethnic cuisine to eat and make is Mexican- there are so many fresh, vegetarian options that it never gets old to me! Mmmm

  4. My mouth is watering just reading about this!
    My favorite ethnic food to eat is definitely Asian. Each type has such complex flavors and personalities. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese – love ’em all!

  5. What an awesome giveaway! I love cooking Asian foods. It’s are quick, easy, and I find it’s easier to lighten up Asian cuisine than my other favorite, Italian.

  6. I think my favorite ethnic cuisine is a toss up between Mexican and Asian! Anything that’s unique to a specific area is a winner in my book! I’m not a fussy person! Good food is good food no matter what country it originates from!

  7. awesome! I’m actually loving mexican right now. Wraps, faux meat, beans, “cheese” . I could get creative with the prize pack as well :)

  8. Oh, I’d love to win this! I’m definitely into Asian cuisine – mostly Japanese – and I grew up with a lot of German cooking in my house. I’m a huge okonomiyaki fan. I’m learning how to make Korean food right now, and I guess I need to make a trip to the Asian food mart soon!

  9. I love lots of ethnic foods, but I’d have to pick Mexican as my #1 favorite. Shredded meat, salsas, chips, guacamole…I’m getting hungry now!

  10. OMG, I’m drooling. Korean food is my favorite. I have every single thing pictured in my pantry already, and a couple of years ago I learned to make my own kimchi. YUM.

  11. just catching up on your past from the past few days and then I see THIS! Awesome giveaway.
    My fav cuisine when eating out is Indian, when I am cooking at home it definitely is the Vietnamese cuisine. I looooove stir-frys and I bet those sauces would be perfect in it!

  12. My favorite cuisine to make is KOREAN! My boyfriend is Korean and we love to cook/eat Korean food. Our favorites are Dol Sot Bibimbap and short ribs.

  13. I love to make stir fry with Kelp noodles! With lots of veggies and usually chicken, but tofu works fine too.

  14. My favorite hands down is kim chi – in fact my mouth is watering and I will be going to the store tomorrow to get the ingredients to make a fresh batch!!!!

  15. My two favorite cuisines are Indian and Far East stir-fry’s . Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm love me some HOT and SPICY veggies and shrooms with a little pork or shrimp thrown in. Watch out momma, you gonna get SLAPPED. Jeyuk Bokkeum is one of my favorites….and I would slap in some of that hot pepper paste to zing it up and raise the temp! ;-)

  16. my favorite ethnic food is Japanese. I haven’t been adventurous enough to make it on my own yet but i love to eat it!

  17. Mexican food is definitely my go-to meal, but everytime I adventure and make a stirfry it comes out delicious and I wonder why I don’t make it more often!

  18. Awesome giveaway! Ever since making sushi a couple weeks ago I’ve been loving Asian flavors. But homemade Mexican probably steals my heart :)

  19. I love anything hot and spicy. I use Sriracha sauce like other people use catsup. I havn’t tried a lot of ethnic foods, but I love Mexican and Chinese. I am making Mama Peas African Peanut stew right now.

  20. We do so many types/ethnic cuisines…hubby has serves 2 tours in Korea so we do that…Mexican…Japanese…Soul…we both love to try new foods and experiment in the kitchen

  21. I love cooking any Asian themed food. My roommates have a wok that I steal. I cook my favorite curries, and stir-fries in it. Which, if I won the giveaway, those ingredients would make a perfect addition to my stir-fries. I would soak some tofu in the bbq sauce, then toss veggies with rice. YUM!

  22. this is awesome! never seen these products in stores by me totally wana try that hot pepper paste id either use it just as a dip or make a spicy tomato sauce with it yumm!

  23. I would LOVE to win this prize pack! I love to cook ANY type of food, but my boyfriend majored in Asian History and is a huge fan of Asian food, so I have recently tried my hand at some traditional Japanese and Korean specialties. I recently made Bi bim bop for the first time and even the picture of the Gochujang paste made my mouth water all over again :) I could definitely find a use for all of these products in my kitchen!

  24. my fave ethnic cuisine to make is indian. its fun using nuts to make creamy, rich, decadent bases. and tons of veggies!

  25. My alltime favorite to cook is Indian!! I love trying to tweak the perfect curry recipe. I’m a big fan of Middle Eastern/North African cuisine as well though — I clearly have a think for stews and spices.

  26. My FAV cuisine is Greek! We spent four years living in Cyprus so I got HOOKED on it and miss the real authentic Greek food more than you can imagine. I also love Indian and Thai though!

  27. I think Indian food has my heart, but I love Japanese, Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, Vietnamese… eh, make that most foods! :)

  28. That’s a really hard question to answer. Love making chicken curry, shao mai, enchiladas, lasagne. I would definitely try making something with that hot pepper paste :)

  29. I love making Vietnamese fresh spring rolls! I soak rice paper in water, make some rice noodles, and wrap everything up with lettuce, grilled shrimp, and fresh veggies. Healthy and delicious!

  30. I am Korean, so my favorite ethnic food is Korean, of course! I can’t believe what an awesome giveaway this is! I grew up on toasted seaweed, rice, and hot pepper paste :)

  31. Indian food is probably one of my favorites, and I do make chana masala whenever I have time to actually cook. That said, a simple pan-Asian style stir fry is a frequent visitor to my dinner table!

  32. My favorite ethnic food is Indian food! While I don’t think I’m good at making it, I definitely want to learn for the future. But I do ADORE all of their dishes, so yummy and delicious.

  33. I guess Italian would be more my comfort zone really. But I have been really wanting to try my hand at Indian food.

  34. Oh wow!! This is a KILLER giveaway!

    My favorite cuisine to make would be Mexican, because it’s easy and fun. But I LOVE to eat Mediterranean food AND just had my first experience with Japanese noodles, another new favorite!!