$500 Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway


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My friend Carrian is turing 30 and in honor of her birthday, there have been a week’s worth of fun giveaways to help her celebrate.

And to round out the week, here’s a $500 Gift Card to Whole Foods that will go to one lucky reader!

$500 Whole Foods Giveaway - Enter at averiecooks.com

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Open to all. Winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to reply, at which point another winner will be selected if winner does not reply. Good luck!

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  1. My local Whole Foods is the only grocer that carries lychees. I fell in love with these while travelling through South Africa. I would carry a bag of them with me everywhere I went, and never thought I would taste one again until I found them in the WF produce section.

  2. Whole Food’s salad bar is probably my favorite thing about any grocery store, ever. You can get a pretty big, healthy and filling salad for $7 which is on-par with the cost of a fast food meal but 10x better for you.

  3. I love the interesting foods at Whole Foods, especially the frozen meals. You won’t find any boring Stouffers there! Their hot food bar is also fantastic and a favorite stop for dinner.

  4. In addition to their awesome produce and flower selection, they are the only place near me that sells high quality baking chocolate and cocoa powder, so I always be sure to stock up when I’m there. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  5. I would love to shop at whole foods because of the beautiful produce, the fresh fish and all of the awesome snacks. My family would have a super fun time with $500 at Whole Foods. Thanks for this giveaway!

  6. I like to shop at Whole Foods because they do the legwork for me–I trust the brands and products I can get there are ethical and environmentally responsible. Plus, as a vegan, there are always so many options I just can’t find anywhere else!

    Thanks Averie, your sight is one of my little ‘happy places’ to stop in online! :)

  7. I love shopping at whole foods for their responsibly farmed seafood- and I love getting a coffee or veggie juice while I shop!

  8. I love Whole Foods and I get most of my grocery and cosmetics shopping done there. I love their 365 line because I can be sure those are quality, often organic, products at an affordable price Always! I’m a vegetarian with several vegans in my family and such wide vegan selection can only be found at Whole Foods! Their yummy and always fresh pastries and hot food often saves me on a busy day:)

  9. They have this yogurt that I can’t find anywhere else. Blue Hill. Vegetable Yogurt. It’s fabulous! Also the bulk bins are where it is at!

  10. What a great prize– Thank You! I love shopping at whole foods they have such a great selection of nutrient dense organic foods.

  11. i love their huge selection of organic produce, thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway !

  12. Because they tend to have the obscure things I’m looking for that my regular supermarket doesn’t carry!

  13. Just walking into Whole Foods makes me want to eat healthier. With all of the options they have it makes healthy eating exciting!

  14. I love shopping at Whole Foods because of the healthy, organic options! Not to mention all the delicious, more exotic things you can find there. I’ve never had so much fun in a grocery store.

  15. Would love to have this much money to spend there. I’ve eaten many of the products with a friend who shops there all the time. She drives over 30 minutes.

  16. because my slightly OCD side loves that they are always clean, bright, organized…and they sell healthy, delicious food!

  17. I am a college student that gained A LOT of weight my freshman year. Since that year, I have dedicated myself to eating delicious foods made with wholesome ingredients. Whole foods provides amazing and plentiful options for my new healthy lifestyle :)

  18. they have great brands and organics, plus they have great produce. its so hard to find products free of dyes, chemicals and HFCS in the regular stores but you know you will not find those at whole foods!

  19. I love Whole Foods because it’s the most convenient way for me to eat healthfully, but it’s hard on a college student budget!

  20. I love shopping at Whole Foods due to all of the organic foods and interesting products. I just don’t love the price!!

  21. I could do some major damage with this at Whole Foods. The problem for me would be making decisions on how to spend it, but with this amount I think I could pretty much shop all over the store.

  22. There’s such a wide range of healthy food products at Whole Foods that I’d love to try!

  23. I love Whole Foods and am trying to ease my family into a more “whole” food pattern. With 2 little girls, I’m more focused on healthier meats and dairy and trying to focus on local and organic produce. Plus, my 9 year old is an aspiring chef- trips to WF would be AWESOME dates with her!

  24. Ok, I’m not afraid to admit my sole desire for whole foods right now revolves around 1) the pastry case, 2) the fresh food/salad bars, and 3) Coconut LaCroix. And I’m not even pregnant. = )

  25. I shop at Whole Foods regularly because they offer a number ingredients that aren’t widely available and some healthier prepared food options.

  26. i love whole foods and their produce selections! they also have the most divine ice cream cookie sandwiches in the frozen section! i’m a sugar junkie :)

  27. I LOVE WHOLE FOODS!! I would love to browse their fresh meats, cheeses and bakery…along with their select items that are hard to find in other markets…they have such awesome healthy options!!

  28. I would shop at whole foods just b/c there is so much variety and wonderful food! I love all the organic options too :)

  29. So much good stuff…cheese of course, and all the quality meats – both raw and cured! Would have to get some craft beer too :)

  30. because everything there is so unique and delicious and healthy.
    And I love supporting them too… (but they’re pricey! so a giftcard would be AWWESOMME!!)

  31. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14 years old so Whole Foods has been my friend for a long, long time. There are so many more vegetarian options than in other grocery stores! Love my Whole Foods!

  32. I am living in Latvia for one year and the one thing I miss (besides my friends and family) is Whole Foods. I literally have dreams about getting to eat there again. I considered opening a franchise here just because I miss it so much. I’ll be back in a few months and plan to spend at least my first week of meals there because nothing even comes close to being as good as a Whole Foods meal.

  33. The best lunch meat! Or, all meats. Delicious mini desserts, the freshest fruits+veggies, delicious beer + tortilla chips…. I could go on and on.

  34. I love Whole Foods! The produce is fresh and they always have the organic food(s) I am looking for.

  35. They have such an amazing selection–I love whenever I have the chance to shop there but it’s not always in my budget :)

  36. Oh my gosh!
    Cape Cod is finally getting their own whole foods 5/19.
    I have to drive an hour away to get my blueberries for my arthritis.
    Any idea how much gas I spend? I know expensive but so worth it. The pain of arthritis is killer and the blueberries, plus my raw beet juice helps tremendously.
    I would LOVE to win this, we are so broke! LOL Is that bad to say?
    I shop at Whole Foods because, well, have you seen the produce at the other grocery stores? Not good.

  37. I recently had a baby and I want to get back on track with my diet. I love to shop at Whole Foods because they carry items that are made locally and are organic. It’s great to fill our bodies with clean food :)

  38. I just love the wide variety of hard to find specialty items like coconut flour, almond flour and a zillion other things!

  39. Because Whole Foods is awesome and I can get a lot of produce there that we don’t have in other stores in my town. It’s a bit of a hike but $500 would definitely make the drive worthwhile!

  40. I would love to shop at Whole Foods because of their amazing quality of food. They make sure customers get the freshest and healthiest food possible!

  41. I love the whole vanilla beans from there, and the great selection of everything else! Their quick grab and go prepared foods are fantastic for a light lunch option.

  42. i love their BEAUTY section! just got hooked on dr hauschka products. i have very sensitive skin, and love that they accept returns on used products! i have too many random allergies to buy something i can’t return :)

  43. Because eating as close to a raw, vegan, organic diet as possible gives me energy and makes my body, mind, and spirit feel great! Whole Foods makes this lifestyle possible :)

  44. Because they have a great variety of high quality foods that I would otherwise have to visit multiple stores for.

  45. They have products that no one else has, plus a great selection of humanely handled organic meats plus I love the way it smells!

  46. For better fish, more organic items, more tomatoes in glass jars, products I have a hard time finding elsewhere. So many delicious looking things!!!

  47. I love the fresh produce section! And it was the first place I could find goat’s milk so I could make goat cheese!

  48. we have never shopped at one because the closest is over an hour away but it would definitely be worth the trip with $500.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. At my local Whole Foods they sell a lot of produce and artisanal items from local sellers! Love the wide array of quality products available.

  50. Because Whole Foods has a such a wide variety of health foods that accommodate every person’s needs, like gluten-free and soy-free products… And healthy baking ingredients too because I love baking, but I try to minimize use of too much sugar and gluten products :)

  51. Mainly because they have things that I know are safe, clean and wholesome for my family… and they are close by :-)

  52. I shop at Whole Foods because they have the best selection of gluten free products for people with Celiac!

  53. I especially love Whole Foods for eggs from pasture-raised chickens (but always end up with lots of other treasures when I visit)! :)

  54. whole foods is the white buffalo to me ;) i know there are so many great healthy things for me there, but affording them is another issue entirely. i read a meme that described it perfectly: my car note is due but i spent all my money buying groceries at whole foods ;)

  55. I love shopping at Whole Foods. From the range of vegan options I can only find there, to the great bulk section, to the prepared foods and salad bar – I love it!

  56. I already do – the food is high-quality and I can easily get locally-sourced and/or organic options there.

  57. I enjoy the wide variety of healthy foods — Whole Foods makes it easy to try new things and feel good about what I’m eating!

  58. I am happy to shop where there is concern for sustainability, freshness and at a place that offers so many options like gluten free, organic, sugar free, no GMO, etc.

  59. I like to shop at Whole Foods because when you leave there, you have the satisfying feeling of just knowing that everything you bought and will be eating for the next while is healthy.

  60. To be honest, there is no Whole Foods near us. My son lives close to one & I would give the gift card to him. Sometimes when he comes home to visit he brings fish he purchased from there for us to enjoy.

  61. I would like to shop there because i am always looking for unique items and wanting to buy more organic and healthier foods that have no preservatives or things like GMOS

  62. I love shopping at Whole Foods because I can find THE BEST healthy snacks like kale chips. And the hot foods bar is a healthy, quick dinner.

  63. Who doesn’t want to shop at Whole Foods!? They have a great selection of superfoods that are hard to find other places.

  64. I love Whole Foods!! There are soo many different items that you’re able to find and get there that are unavailable in just a regular grocery store and there’s more of a selection as well!

  65. it’s a one stop shop! i can get everything from (super duper fresh) produce to lotion to aluminum foil there!

  66. I love the selection at Whole Foods. I always love walking up and down the aisle to find things I can get anywhere else.

  67. Why do I love to shop at WF? (and I do, several times a week, every week) Because I care about the food I feed my boys. WF has the best produce, meat and fish, among multiple other items I love to toss in my cart.

  68. My local grocery store has a terrible selection of products. It would be worth the 45 minute drive to Whole Foods to stock up on great produce, whole grains, and healthier options that aren’t available locally!

  69. Actually, I am making the trip tomorrow to shop at Whole Foods. They have a variety of food I can’t get in my hometown, so I am willing to drive 1 1/2 hours and pay over $6 in tolls to go. One item I intend on buying in Lilly’s chocolate babka. Just wandering through the store makes me happy. Thanks for my chance to win the gift.

  70. I shop at Whole Foods because it’s the best place to get organic produce for my family. We have a lot of food sensitivities, so having a Whole Foods close really makes things easier :)

  71. Whole Foods is the only place around that has valhrona chocolate discs for making amazing chocolate chip cookies… a passion of mine since age 2 :D

  72. I love their bulk bins and unusual items not usually found at regular grocery stores! and I love the crazy amount of fresh produce they have!

  73. One of the many reasons I love shopping at Whole Foods is the company’s commitment to labeling products as nonGMO.

  74. I love the big selection of foods to choose from. I can spend hours in there looking at everything and I always find things you can’t find at any other store. Love Whole Foods.
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  75. I love to shop at Whole Foods because they have the best bakery! I could never resist a cookie or macaron or pastry!

  76. Wow, this would be awesome to win. I’ve heard so many good things about Whole Foods Market and have always wanted to go there, but still haven’t been there yet. I’ve been to similar stores, such as Sprouts. This would give me a great reason to go!

  77. Whole Foods has so many unique and nutritious food items, I love to broaden my horizons and explore different healthful foods!

  78. I love the variety and so much fun things and different things you can find at whole foods! They rock,

  79. I love shopping at Whole Foods because they offer so many healthy options. My family follows a couple different diets and I can always find the products I need there.

  80. I like shopping at Whole Foods because of the wide variety od organics at reasonable prices. I also like the ready-made items and local food choices.

  81. I love the freshness of the fruits & vegetables at our local Whole Foods. I love taking my young daughter there. She always ends up seeing a new food, and getting excited about where her fruits & veggies come from.

  82. I love their hot food bar, and they have a great variety of grocery items – things I often can’t find other places.

  83. I like shopping at whole foods because they have a great selection of natural and organic products and delicious ready to eat options.

  84. I like to shop at Whole Foods because of their awesome produce section and selection of healthy snacks.

  85. I LOVE Whole Foods, but generally can’t afford them. They have organic, sustainable and make it easy to find the low sodium foods that hubby and I need. They also just opened a store near to me, and I’ve been dying to go there with a sizable budget!

  86. I would like to shoat whole foods because it supports my whole foods, gluten-free lifestyle. They carry products that I trust.

  87. I shop at Whole Foods because they have great produce, and evrything is high quality. I’ve almost never been disappointed in their 365 brand products

  88. Why would you like to shop at Whole Foods?

    I like the idea of FRESH food. Whole Foods gives me that Farmer’s Market vibe year round…24/7, I love that!

  89. We love Whole Foods especially for their bulk items, natural peanut butter, awesome deli items, and case discounts on broth and cliff bars!

  90. I often shop at Whole Foods and I know how good it tastes and how good it is for our bodies. My husband and I are in our 70s and feel that healthy eating is particularly important for us now. Thank you for hosting this terrific give away!

  91. I love shopping at Whole Foods because their produce is always super fresh and the highest quality. I also love their bakery- 100% whole wheat bread =YUM! (not to mention the wickedly delicious desserts!).

  92. I like shopping at Whole Foods because they have a wide variety of healthy and organic foods to choose from. The bulk bin items are great! And their cookies in the bakery are delicious!

  93. I am vegan and gluten free and Whole Foods is my go to store to shop at for most of the pantry and specialty items that I use. My Fiance is a meatatarian with no food allergies and I have been trying my hardest to get him to eat cleaner foods that are organic and not overly processed. Whole Foods is the one place that we both love to go wander around and find new things to try for our meals.

  94. Whole Foods provides a greater variety of items to shop for. As someone who is learning what foods work best for her own nutrition, it’s a great place to try new things.

  95. Whole Foods is where I do most of my shopping, but a limited food budget means we don’t get to try some of the more pricey or interesting things. This gift card would allow us to treat ourselves while still being in line with our commitment to healthy, organic eating.

  96. I love Whole Foods especially the fruit and vegetables. They offer organic choices and they have a better variety than most supermarkets.

  97. I love Whole Foods but it’s usually too pricey for me to shop there on a regular basis. I would love to go there more often.

  98. Honestly? I only shop at Whole Foods a few times a year. I like to get nooch from the bulk bin. But it’s all the way on the other side of town, and I’m on a very tight budget and can’t really afford their prices. So, winning this would be an opportunity for me to do a major splurge shopping trip! Thanks for the giveaway.

  99. I would love to shop at whole foods because it catches up on my rhythm. I have a passion for healthy eating and being adventurous with food has been a real process of my healing…it flows with my mind, body, and soul rhythms just to be able to have access to such a health food store! That and I would love to be able to treat my health fanatic friends to a fantastic lunch!

  100. I have never been able to shop there but I am graduating this year and there is a whole foods close by to the college I am going to go to! I love eating healthy and I would love to check out their products before the fall semester!

  101. I love Whole Foods! The availability of some “hard to find” ingredients at our local store has inspired me to cook with more exotic meals. I love that all the spices and special products motivate me to cook items I otherwise would have strayed away from. Whole foods is the best, my family agrees!

  102. I love whole foods because of their quality of their food. Plus they have so many dietary options! I love the variety!

  103. Whole Foods is like heaven to me. I always go in for one thing and come out with an entire cart full! My favorites have to be the produce, the bulk foods, and the Perfect Food bars they sell in the refrigerated section.

  104. My husband has dietary issues and now that we finally have whole foods coming into the area this is a great chance to get both of us on track.

  105. I shop for all my organic produce. I also love their bulk section. Whole Foods always carries local and environmentally aware products that I like to support!

  106. I love Whole Foods because:
    – I can get powdered buttermilk there
    – They have a great selection of fake meat products
    – They have tons of flavors of clif bars

  107. Whole Foods has some of the best choices for vegetarian and vegan foods! It’s quite a drive for us to go to one, but we still make the trip. So worth it!

  108. Our family is in the midst of going gluten free & Whole Foods is a great resource for gluten free options! This gift card would be a blessing for us!

  109. I have actually never been to one but it’s on my list of things I want to do. We have one if we venture into the big city! I don’t know exactly what to expect but want to visit to find out what it’s like.

  110. Whole foods has the most amazing selection of organic, high-quality produce. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. I like shopping Whole Foods because I know I can get healthy choices to fit our many food allergy needs! Thanks for the chance!

  112. I love Whole Foods because they carry a selection of items and brands that can’t normally be found at the regular grocery store!

  113. I’m committed to trying to feed my family with the best quality nutritional foods that I can. I love the variety at Whole Foods!

  114. We have a great Whole Foods in our town, a regular grocery store, and a great chain of discount grocery stores nearby. It’s so easy to go to the discount store for literally have the cost of the others, but the produce is generally awful. It would be nice to be able to work Whole Foods into the rotation for regular produce.

  115. Whole Foods is a beautiful store. If I won the gift card, I’d buy lots and lots of fresh produce…it’s so beautiful when you walk in to the store!
    I’d also try some of the gourmet cheeses…in moderation, of course!

  116. I would shop at whole foods because I like to seek nutrician and they have a wide variety of products

  117. I love to make a meal of a fresh baguette, burrata, fig jam, and luscious Italian meats from the deli…Yumm!!!

  118. I would like to shop at Whole Foods in order to try some of their more specialty products that you cannot find in other stores. I love to experiment with new recipes, especially healthier ones, but as a grad student I often cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods. This would be a great opportunity for me to take more advantage of the products Whole Foods carries.

  119. I like to shop at Whole Foods because they have really good produce and sometimes it’s something I can’t find anywhere else. One store sells one particular brand of Flax Milk that I prefer too. And the treats and snacks and chocolates… Ohhh so good!

  120. We are trying to eat healthier and I could splurge and buy a lot of staples that they carry there. Quite a few of the healthier recipes I’ve pinned call for specialty ingredients that I don’t have or see in the regular grocery stores so it would be fun to buy everything and try some of them out with my daughters.

  121. Whole Foods is amazing! They are dedicated to the quality and nutrition of their products and ensuring their products are non-GMO. I am so grateful for a grocery store that understands what it means to nourish the body!

  122. Going to Whole Foods is an euphoric experience for me–cant get enough of their organic popcorn and make-your-own trail mix!!

  123. we will be traveling all over the US this summer and we hate fast food pplaces. It would be great to be able to shop and eat healthy foods along the way!

  124. Why would you like to shop at Whole Foods? I would be able to afford to buy all organic and gluten free groceries.

  125. Whole Foods is a joy to shop in. I love the fresh sea food and the cheese department. The breads are wonderful too!

  126. whole foods is inspiration in itself. Whenever i go in there, my brain explodes with creativity and excitement. :)

  127. I like Whole Foods for their great selection, organic produce, and animal-friendly facial products and soaps.

  128. I thing Whole Foods has the highest quality of food you can buy anywhere. I am a foodie and very health conscious. I love to cook using organic non GMO product’s. This is the best prize ever!

  129. We always want to shop at Whole Foods because of the selection that you can’t find in other places. We always find new, interesting items there!

  130. Whole Foods has an amazing selection for all of my food, baking and health related needs. It’s my one stop shop for personal wellness!

  131. I would love this giftcard. I am moving to Seattle where they will have a Whole Foods closer than to me here in Utah.

  132. I love shopping at Whole Foods. Their selection is top notch . I love the already made up foods because I know that I can get a quick and healthy meal.

  133. A whole bunch of Bob’s Red Mill products and plenty of organic food staples. Plus, I love JASON beauty products so some of that stuff too. :-)

  134. I love to shop at whole foods because they always have a great selection of healthy & organic foods to choose from!! It’s a great place for my family to shop at!

  135. I love shopping at whole foods for their produce and foods. They also have a great selection of gluten free foods to chose from.

  136. I love the selection of organic foods available at Whole Foods. I can spend hours browsing the shelves.

  137. Because Whole Foods has a boat-load of unique food options that would totally support my getting back on the healthy track with my life and my family’s life also :) Thank you for the opportunity to do this :)

  138. It’s a great store for everything fresh and beautiful. But to be honest- my favorite things there are the great beer selection and the decadent cheeses!! Yum!

  139. My husband has started a gluten free diet to try to help with his joint pain so I would love to check out what they have there. :)

  140. I’d love to adopt a vegan diet, and Whole Foods is the perfect place to learn more about it! (:

  141. I love the selection of healthy food choices at Whole Foods! Also, a Great selection of personal care products (shampoos, vitamins,etc).

  142. They just opened a Whole Foods in my hometown in February. Can’t wait to go home to see what it’s like!

  143. Not only do I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods because of their larger selection of local, organic foods, but I feel that Whole Foods offers the freshest foods that make my body feel the best. I see food as fuel, and Whole Foods definitely helps support my philosophy. I fight for a strong, pure, healthy body!

  144. Whole Foods is my favorite place to shop because they have a great selection of non-GMO, organic and fair trade foods.

  145. I have browsed through whole foods because “whole foods, whole paycheck”. This will give me a chance to really enjoy this store!

  146. I shop there probably twice a week. I love the produce but also the bulk bins, the meat, eggs, you name it!

  147. Love that I can get hard to find ingredients. Can spend endless time looking at the assortment of different items, not commonly found in regular market.

  148. They have great produce and unique items you can’t find elsewhere. Their wine department is really good too.

  149. I eat a very healthy and a very particular diet due to an autoimmune condition and Whole Foods provides so many wonderful options for me that I can’t find anywhere else. It’s a great place for anyone to shop whether you have food restrictions or not, you can find just about anything you want there!

  150. I love their healthier and organic options. I would have a pretty long drive to visit a store, but it would be well worth it.

  151. Cheese, it’s all about the cheese. I have to travel 100 miles to my closest Whole Foods, but I always stop in when I’m nearby,

  152. I see items that I don’t see at other grocery chains. There’s so much variety. And their selection of non-dairy frozen desserts is greater than I’ve been able to find at other stores. More than anything, I love their commitment to health and natural foods.

  153. Love their produce. Moving to Cambridge Mass this summer and will be within a mile or so away and I anticipate a lot of trips in my future. Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. I’d like to shop at Whole Foods because I’m very much opposed to processed, chemical-laden foods.

  155. Whole Foods trips are few and far between as the closest store is an hour away. You can bet I would make the most of this gift card if I won. I would be so appreciative to fill my pantry and refrigerator with good-for-you foods.

  156. I love shopping at Whole Foods for the variety of fantastic products and all their fresh produce!

  157. They have tons of healthy ingredients for baking that are usually hard to find. Raspberry sugar from the bulk section!

  158. I’m trying to be more fit and healthy, and in order to do that I need to shop at healthier stores (such as Whole Foods) more often, and eat better!

  159. I love shopping at Whole Foods because they offer unique food products that other stores do not carry. I love their natural food selection and the produce is wonderful!

  160. I love their produce!!! And their homemade hummus and I love blending my own almond butter there. Also a huge fan of their hot/cold bars.

  161. Love their gluten-free selection as well as their great cuts of meat and fish. I also love their bakery–macaroons are scrumptious–and juice counter!

  162. I would like to shop at Whole Foods to get the freshest produce and best possible food to feed my young children! Nutrition is so important for them starting at a young age!

  163. I like Whole Foods for their desserts and I feel like that’s the go to place for good food court and healthy food.

  164. The beer selection, the ice cream selection (Jeni’s and Steve’s ice cream), the impeccable produce and the salad bar.

  165. I would love to shop at Whole Foods because of the frozen Acai bowl that I can make bowls with it. Also they have a ton of healthy products that I can eat.

  166. their produce always looks so fresh and gorgeous and I love all the premade salads and dinner options for times when I can’t cook for myself!

  167. Oh, wow! I love shopping for seafood at Whole Foods because they are so focused on offering sustainable options. I also love to hit up the bulk bins for nuts and grains!

  168. My family and I have multiple serious allergies and wholefoods is the only place that we can get amazing flours made of beans and other clever things. Plus they have fresh produce and the store design is amazing! I’d rather go to wholefoods than the cinema! :-)

  169. It is so much easier to shop at Whole Foods. Clean ingredients, no dyes, no preservatives, amazing bakery section, best store bought Italian dressing, i could go on and on!

  170. I love everything about it, from the smell to the vibe, to the produce. But as someone who used to be a vegetarian, I especially appreciate the fact that the meat is top quality and most often humanely sourced.

  171. Love shopping the perimeter… Produce, Meats, Seafood, Dairy, Flowers and I absolutely ❤️ the olive bar!

  172. I love this site. I have been a follower a few weeks but I experiment with a few different recipes from here. So far I’m a fan: )

  173. I love that everything is so fresh and organized! Also, I love Whole Foods for all the fun specialty products.

  174. Whole Foods is fantastic! I’m pregnant, so I’ve been making sure that I am eating healthier foods and limiting my exposure to pesticide-laden foods. They’ve been a life-saver for days when I have been too sick to cook – I know I can get a good, well-balanced meal quickly.

  175. I’d love to shop at Whole Foods for the high quality produce! As well as the items my regular grocery store doesn’t carry.

  176. Whole Foods is the yin to my yang! I love it! They have all of the magical ingredients that are hard to find, always the best prepared food… and their stores have great energy!

  177. I love all of there nut butters…..and soup bar. They are awesome. My most favorite place to shop by far.

  178. I want to shop at Whole Foods because I love their bulk bin section! I also enjoy the fresh, local, organic produce.

  179. Whole Foods has a better selection of organic produce and other goods/brands than our other grocery store choices.

  180. I shop at whole foods because I know I can pick up ANYTHING (soap, crackers, vitamins..) and know that the product is made without junk!

  181. I love shopping at Whole Foods because they always have dairy-free products in stock – and lots of them!

  182. I love that you don’t have to be as concerned with reading the details of the labels because they sell “whole foods” :)

  183. I went to Whole Foods for the first time only 2 days ago and was so impressed! If I had enough $ I would buy everything I saw! I would love to try their salad bar!

  184. i love whole foods! their salad bars are fantastic and so filling! i love their fresh, wholesome products! with my first baby coming any day…i would love to get healthy options for us! crossing our fingers!

  185. Whole foods always has such a healthy selection of foods and it just so happens that a whole foods market is located at a considerably close location to my home!

  186. I already shop at Whole Foods anyway, and winning this would be a big help for our budget, since we recently bought a house!

  187. I’d love to shop at Whole Foods because I know that all of their foods are truly wholesome and good for you. I love making healthy choices!

    Happy Birthday to Carrian!

  188. Ive never been to whole foods before since everyone tells me its a bit expensive, but i would love to see why everyone loves it so much.

  189. I love shopping at Whole Foods for local produce and natural ingredients you can’t find in regular supermarkets.

  190. I would love to buy the bottled teas they have there. One of my favorites. They also have delicious baked goods.

  191. Everything is clearly marked for specialty needs – organic, gluten free, soy, etc. Makes shopping easy!

  192. Such a great giveaway! I love all the fresh produce, specialty baking ingredients, and natural beauty products!

  193. I would like to stock up on different grains and spices that I can’t find elsewhere, and maybe also splurge on some fancy chocolate.

  194. I always want to shop at Whole Foods because they carry my favorite oatmeal (Purely Elizabeth brand)!

  195. I am obsessed with the hot bar and juice bar! I don’t know what it is exactly but going to Whole Foods genuinely makes me happy. Good vibes in that place!!

  196. The better question is, why WOULDN’T I like to shop at Whole Foods??? I love everything they have to offer, the salad bar, the pizza, the soups, the fresh produce, the hot bar… shall I go on? :)

  197. I love shopping at WF. Ours is new and the atmosphere is wonderful. I love buying organic produce, fresh fish and freshly ground meats. I love buying an iced coffee at the coffee bar and wandering around for new goodies!

  198. There is a Whole Foods right next to my work and I love all of their produce, specialty food, and organic options. Plus they have a ton of goodies for lunch!

  199. Well I love the bulk foods section! I also love the hot foods bar, salad bar AND all the good looking men you can find there (:

  200. Whole Foods is one of my favorite stores to shop at. No joke, I drive 25 miles to go to shop at the one closest to my house! LOVE all of the fresh seafood, veggies, fruits and organic products.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Averie and friends!

  201. I love all the organic fruits and vegetables. And lets not forget the yummy baked goods and vast wine selection!

  202. I love Whole Foods and shop there al the time. Their meat and produce selection is amazing… not to mention the wine selection!

  203. I’ve been eating a gluten-free diet this year and whole foods has the best selection of foods that fit my dietary choices. Also, their hot bar rocks!

  204. I like all the choices in natural and organic products i get there and i love their hot fresh food section

  205. My whole foods just got a spice bar where you can get small amounts of spices and herbs! It’s great!

  206. I would like to shop at Whole Foods because they have quality food that is good for the body. I just feel healthier and happier when I am shopping there!

  207. I absolutely love whole foods, but it is always a splurge for me. This world really help with that!!

  208. My son has recently been given some dietary restrictions and it is challenging to find certain things he can eat at my usual stores.

  209. I predominately shop at whole foods. Their seasonal produce is the best and I love their huge selection of dried fruits, nuts and seeds…I maybe slightly addicted to yogurt covered raisins.

  210. I live to shop at Whole Foods because I walk in empty, and truly walk out feeling as if I am made “whole.” Great service, excellent products, amazing variety and things that make my body, mind & spirit whole.

  211. What wouldn’t I buy?! I love that I can leave knowing I have the best quality groceries. I think I would spend the $6 on a fresh juice to sip on while I shop more often if I had this gift card.

  212. Our little town about 35 miles away from our favorite Whole Foods just doesn’t have much in their small health foods aisle. My hubby works close to Whole Foods so he picks all sorts of stuff up for us, but I love to wander and see what new products I find to try. We found THE BEST Sprouted wheat bagels there not long ago.

  213. I love the bulk section and meats at Whole Foods, it’s nice to shop there knowing you are putting good, responsible food into you and your family’s bodies.

  214. I would like to shop at Whole Foods because there are so many healthy, delicious options for my family!

  215. Our whole foods has a beautiful cheese and wine selection. It would be like a kid in a candy store!

  216. Whole Foods has such great fresh meat and fish. It’s awesome when I can get that for dinner.

  217. I would try out gluten free baking if I shopped at Whole Foods because I like the primal diet but I really miss baked goods.

  218. I love their produce variety and the fact that they’ll season (and even cook) your meat selections while you shop!

  219. I recently started a blog, hostinginheels.blogspot.com, and I love buying fresh herbs, produce and cheese at Whole Foods to use to prepare for the parties and events I host. Walking through the aisles of fresh and bright vegetables gives me ideas for recipes to make and what to focus on. They also have all of the odds and ends ingredients needed for more obscure recipes.

  220. I would love to shop at Whole Foods because I am obsessed with their hot foods bar and salad bar! Also I love their scones made with wholesome ingredients like oats and maple syrup!

  221. All the lovely produce, vegetarian options I can’t find at my regular grocery store, and the bulk section!

  222. I have never been to Whole Foods, but they recently built one near me, so I would LOVE to check it out. I’ve been looking for new healthy recipes and snacks!

  223. I love all of their fresh organic produce and they often have other hard to find products that I can’t get anywhere else.

  224. I already shop at whole foods 99% of the time (they’re not building one in my neighborhood until 2016 and sometimes I need to grab something at the corner market haha). I love whole foods and recommend it to everybody. I love that I can shop there without worrying about looking for dangerous ingredients, and that all the produce is clearly labeled conventional or organic. It’s my dream to work in their test kitchen one day!

  225. I love the whole store, but their produce and bulk section is my favorite. I would probably buy some meat since the prices will be rising this year. :( It sure would come in handy anyway. Thanks for the chance!

  226. I have no idea…I have never been, but they are building one about 30 mins away and I can’t wait to check it out!

  227. I love the kosher meat selection at Whole Foods. Different cuts and varieties than what I can get at Trader Joe’s or my local grocery store.

  228. Happy birthday to your friend! I love Whole Foods! They have so many ingredients that are helpful in my vegan cooking. I buy all my soy and almond products from there.

  229. We love that they have such a great selection of non gmo food and allergen free foods! That makes a huge difference for our family!

  230. Love the shopping “experience” at Whole Foods. Great employees; healthy, good food. Always find what I need for that special recipe!!!

  231. Whole Foods just has a wonderful selection of organic and natural foods and is just heaven to shop in! And they carry lavash, which I have the hardest time finding.

  232. LOVE Whole Foods!!! This is my organic produce shrine! Our other stores in the area have mediocre organic at crazy high prices. You can also get some great deals using their WF coupons. Super coupon friendly!!

  233. I love their produce, fresh almond butter, Whole foods 365 brand products and their bulk section. My husband and I used to work there many years ago.

  234. I would love to shop at Whole Foods purely based on their selection of organic and natural products!

  235. They have pastured eggs that are amazing. I also love the bulk food items. You can find varieties of beans and lentils you can’t find at my other local grocery stores.

  236. I would love to shop at Whole Foods because there are so many products there that I can’t get anywhere else! Especially their specialty flours.

  237. I have insulin resistance, so filling my grocery cart with lean protein, fresh produce and organic dairy is vital to maintain my health. $500 would feed my family of 4 for an entire month — thank you so much for the chance to win.

  238. I do all the food shopping for my one year old there, I feel good knowing that he’s getting all the best fruit, veggies, and meats!

  239. I practically live in Whole Foods! I love their Bulk Bins, the variety of Nut Butters, Nuts, Cereal, Produce and Bakery aisles. A gift card would be so great!

  240. I just found your blog the other day and LOVE everything so far! I even tried the carrot cake cookies the other day…fantastic!

    Obviously a Whole Foods gift card would be helpful to make more of your recipes :)

  241. Whole Foods is my absolute favorite — I love shopping their bulk section and all their 365 brand products!

  242. I love to shop at Whole Foods because they have many of the great organic products that my family uses and we can’t get at our local grocery store!!

  243. Would love to win a Whole Foods gift card…I’m obsessed with that store…it’s just too expensive for regular shopping :)

  244. We have a new Whole Foods coming to my town (well, couple towns over) soon and I’m excited to visit!

  245. My boyfriend and I love shopping at whole foods because we’re able to find sustainable fish and seafood, non-gmo products, and our favorite locally and humanely produced milk for a lower cost than most area stores. It’s a great place to go in the winter when the farmers markets aren’t open and you still want great ethical options!

  246. I love shopping at Whole Foods for the produce as well as the large selection of natural body care and beauty products.

  247. whole foods is just the most beautiful place to shop. their produce is unmatched. also – love your blog!

  248. I would love to shop at whole foods because I love getting all of the fun unique products I see on blogs that I can’t find anywhere else!

  249. I can’t get enough of their salad bars!!! It’s too easy to spend hours browsing the aisles. I wish I had my own room full of bulk bins :-)

  250. Oh, man. The cheese section! Also chocolate from all over the world. I like to mix different types of chocolate when I bake. And wine. And produce. And…
    Also, I’m turning 30, too! Next week. Happy Birthday to your friend!

  251. There is a new Whole Foods opening in my area. I’ve never been to one and can’t wait to shop there.

  252. Finally, a Whole Foods just opened recently a few miles from my home!! I’ve heard wonderful things about the choices, the presentation, and the courteous help in the store, I love to try it!!