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Greetings from my favorite corner of the world.

Eagle Beach, Aruba -

I wish all Mondays could be like this.

Eagle Beach, Aruba -

Taken with my iphone an hour ago.

Eagle Beach, Aruba -

I may be catching a Malibu Sunset shortly.

Malibu Sunset from Aruba - Fun, Fruity, Easy Drink Recipe & Island Pics at

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Where is your favorite corner of the world?

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  1. Goodness gracious – Aruba looks like actual heaven! My favourite place in the world is Amsterdam. It hold so many fond memories for me and every time I go back I fall in love with the city all over again.

    Hope you’ve had an amazing time


  2. I am so jealous. I LOVE Aruba. It is absolutely my favorite place ever! My husband and I own a timeshare there and we’ll be there in October .. CAN’T WAIT!!!! :-)

      1. What are some of your favorite restaurants there? We’ve been to Aruba many times, but we are always looking for new places to go!

      2. I cook at home! Wayyyyy tooooo expensive (and time consuming) to eat out. I have no patience for 2-3 hour dinners so I cook :) Plus, I don’t eat meat, fish, chicken, etc. so I just cannot see paying $30 for steamed vegetables :) There are so many places on Palm Beach and they’re always busy and packed but we just don’t go into them! ha!

  3. So…when can I fly over? :D I practically live in the middle of nowhere, this truly looks like paradise. I’d even be willing to swap my beloved pine trees for palms.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I can’t believe you took those photos with your phone. Hope you’re having a great time–but I know you are! :)

  5. Jealous! Luckily one of my favorite corners of the world- 30a on the gulf coast of Florida- is only a short car ride away.

  6. I spent my summers in Destin Florida growing up. Its so crowded now but in my opinion its the best beach in the USA, besides the ones in Hawaii… It’s my fav corner of the world.

  7. Omg that’s it – I’m booking a plane ticket to Aruba. Look at that aquamarine water and long stretches of golden sand! This is my idea of heaven. I hope you’re enjoying every single moment, Averie! You deserve the R&R.