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Today was one of those cold, overcast, windy, blustery days that felt like I was living in Cape Cod in November rather than springtime in San Diego.

Cloudy sky and palm trees

We went for a family walk and it wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. It felt windy enough that the wind gusts could have sent Skylar into flight.

Fun when it’s at your back at you’re 5 years old; my definition of  purgatory when it’s at your face.

Cloudy sky and palm trees

The wind had shook loose dozens and dozens of lemons from many of the lemon trees that we pass on our walk and there were lemons littered on lawns and sidewalks.

Lemon tree with bunches of lemons

The anecdote to a harsh windy walk is, of course coming inside and making cinnamon bun pie.

Cinnamon bun pie

It’s amazing what a little doctoring up can do for a tube of refrigerated cinnamon rolls and how good your house smells 15 minutes later.

And how good your belly feels.

Cinnamon bun pie

Coffee, lots of coffee, was my friend today.

Cafe La Llave espresso can

The best way to stay warm and awake so my eyes don’t glaze over while I’m editing pictures is plenty of java.

Tall thin cup of coffee

For those who workout outside, what is your biggest nemesis?  Rain, wind, cold, heat, humidity?

I can handle cold weather as long as I’m dressed for it (0 degrees F is about my limit when I was living in Minnesota and Chicago) and I actually like running in the heat and humidity (Aruba, Phoenix, Myrtle Beach)

I am not a fan of rain and wind. It just cuts right through me and the entire time I’m in it, I just want it to end. Those are the days when at-home yoga sounds better and better.

I do love to just get outside every single day, even for short durations. Nature and fresh air really centers me so I’ll usually tough it out, even if it’s just 10 minutes.

What did you do today?

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  1. We had a day like this in Detroit on Monday, and walking to school the gusts were like someone was aiming a fan at me, panning up from the ground so every piece of dirt and grit was blown into my face. There was also a gust that felt equivalent to a punch in the face. It was seriously the strongest gust of wind I have ever experienced, it almost knocked me over as I was crossing the street!! Global warming has some weird collateral consequences…. poor planet. We tried to save you.

  2. Oh man, the lemon tree. I’d kill to be able to grow one of those in my backyard! I am not a fan of cold weather, unless it’s accompanied by snow. I’m pretty much the only person who actually likes a good blizzard :)

    1. I am literally tripping over hundreds of lemons all over the lawns and city streets and sidewalks. There are some 100 year old trees with like, 250 lemons on them, each. They are the size of giant oak trees, COVERED with lemons!

  3. I would say it would have to be blistering heat, i get red so quick when its hot out!

    I love your mug btw!

  4. It was windy here too Saturday and that has to be my biggest annoyance when working out outside, it’s tiring for runs, kicks up dirt, and makes my nose run. :-)

  5. mmmmmmm coffee and cinnamon rolls… they could get me through any blustery day. or any day. :)

  6. I hate it when the cold wind whips through, but I also can’t stand rain. Obviously we get our fair share in Oregon, but I hate accidentally stepping in a puddle and immediately being cold!

  7. The wind is always CRAZY here in Madison since we are surrounded by water. I have literally seen people get knocked over! It’s fun for about 1 minute, then it’s just insane ;)

  8. Southern weather would certainly keep me inside. I hate to admit, but since we moved here from Seattle, I haven’t done any outside activities except gardening. Here I am a gym person…

  9. We must have stole your sunshine because we had your usual weather today; warmish and sunny. :) Now, we’ll have 99 days in a row like you experienced today and you’ll be all sunshine and lemon drops–literally! LOL

  10. Wind is the worst, especially when it’s cold, it cuts right through your jacket. I go to school in the mountains of of North Carolina and we have some very windy days. There are times that I’ve literally been pushed over by the wind. No fun.

    1. Girl I lived in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach NC and lived ON the beach and there were days I would be running against the wind and seriously like a hamster on a wheel, making NO progress in those 40+ mph winds!

  11. I was a lifeguard for many summers and the extreme humidity was tough to handle. Sitting in the chair you’d just be drenched in sweat, would take a dip in the H20 during rotation to try and cool off but would never cool off!

  12. yard work! lots of it today.
    2 acres of land is a killer on your back.
    now it’s time for tiger balm! lol
    i did a lot of coffee this am too.

  13. I could never, ever, ever work outside. Ever. I think I came to that conclusion when I was a summer camp leader at the age of 16. There was a day where I took my group out on this long hike and we got rained on… there were kids screaming and crying, I had to carry 2 of them on our way back… it was horrible. Never again. I’ll stay inside and go outside when it’s pretty out!

  14. I’ll admit to being wimpy in any extreme temperature, but wind is definitely the worst! I organized and “cleaned up” my recipes this am and found one for butternut squash lasagna (using polenta for the noodles–actually it is just 2 rectangular pieces with squash, Parmesan and mozzarella filling). It was a little different but very tasty. Husband and stepdaughter approved!

  15. Yesterday (Friday) we had two freak hailstorms when we were pelted with hail the size of dry peas, and it was cold enough to stay in piles on the ground.

    Fast-forward to boot-camp at 7:00am this morning…sunny skies and lots of sweating.

    My nemesis is heat. Once it gets beyond 90 degrees, I feel like I’m melting. I find the wind, cold and rain oddly invigorating. (The last two weekends in a row we had boot-camp in the pouring rain; many of the regulars stayed home, but not me!)

  16. Wind – really really don’t like the wind when it’s gusting. Now, when I’m hot, a nice breeze…a-ok. But not that straight line gusting wind that makes you feel like you’re running in place.

  17. Wind makes me instantly crabby, not matter what the temperature is. I get ear aches, I get headaches, my hair whips around, I just HATE it. Everything about it. HATE. If it’s cold on top of that, I’m not likely to leave my house. I am that big a sissy, yes.

  18. Wind. Definitely wind! I agree, cold I can get used to if I’m bundled up and even snow and rain. But wind is just like a slap in the face the entire time!

    PS, I hope you scooped up a couple lemons on your walk!

    1. I felt bad for actually going onto anyone’s property and taking any (not that they could use like 47 lemons all at once) but there was a choice one that had rolled onto the sidewalk which I felt was fair game :)

  19. The wind really bothers me – especially my ears. I wear earmuffs (luckily they sit at the back of my neck and not over my head so they aren’t obvious) about 9 months a year!

    I wish I had smell-o-screen. Your cinnamon bun pie looks amazing.

    I cycled to the yoga studio today and took a very relaxing class, then cycled home. It was a beautiful day and I’m glad I could take advantage of it by getting to the studio by bike!

    1. the wind reallllly bothers my ears too. Lots of childhood ear infections has left me with the most sensitive ears ever!

      smell-o-screen = I love that :)