What a fabulous high on life feeling I’ve got right now. Keep reading and you’ll find out why…

First, Big Thank You to my Friend Justine for her post yesterday featuring my Raw Vegan Freezer Brownie Love! I am so glad you and your little one liked my “sludge”…enough to polish off the whole batch in one sitting.
Raw Vegan Brownies in clear containerNow that’s some chocolate love and I am soooo glad you loved it! I do not recommend recipes or keeping making the same thing over and over and over (aka broc & brussels’s for dinner practically every night and vegan brownies around midnight every night) unless it’s damn good. Glad you agreed :)

A recap of a few of my Eats from yesterday

The Monster Smoothie I made yesterday.
Monster Smoothie in glass garRaw Veggies including: *Greens *Carrots *Red Peppers *Yellow Peppers *Jicama
Raw vegetables tossed together in round white shallow bowlThen some: *Broc *B.S. *Cukes *Red Peppers *Jicama *Carrots *Juice of 1/2 an orange & Agave
Chopped vegetables mixed together in clear container
This morning started off with a run. Had a really rude interchange when a man’s dog was off the leash dashing all over the sidewalk and trying to jump on me. I politely & calmly simply said, “Lease Law.” He camly said, “Bite Me.” Ahhh, the pleasantry amongst neighbors these days.

So that was good reason to come home and do a little yoga! Marichyasana C with a wrist bind.
Woman doing Marichyasana C with a wrist bind yoga poseAnd Janu Shirsasana with a wrist bind, too.
Woman doing Janu Shirsasana with a wrist bind yoga poseThen Scott was kind enough to pick up enough greenery to make the Jolly Green Giant jealous! *Head of Romaine *Bunch of Celery *Bunch of Kale *4 Cukes *Bag of Carrots *Bag of Apples *Ginger
Bagged various vegetables on countertopAll this raw freshness was just waiting to go into this….

My brand new Juicer!!!!!!!!! The model I chose was the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, referred to as the Mack Daddy in this post. I got it from BB & B where I was able to use a 20% off coupon, save those coupons for stuff like this. Made the machine about $40 cheaper than the cheapest place I’ve seen it online. And like I mentioned yesterday, if this is anything like my Vita-Mix, when I look back on things, I will wonder why I didn’t do this years sooner.

Here’s My New BFF
Breville Juice Fountain Elite JuicerSparkly Stainless Steel…doesn’t is just look like a Workhorse?
Side of juices showing the name and style
You’ll have to stay tuned for my first juicing post. I did it, and the short answer: I’m freakin’ hooked! Love at first sip. OMG, Mouthgasm. So tell me everyone, what is your favorite juice recipe?? There are so many. Sarma has some great one’s in her RFRW book and Gena posted her Top 10 Faves, but I am curious about your tried-n-trues. Do tell!


Tip of the Day: Border’s sent me an email that they are having 30% off all cookbooks now through Monday, August 17, 2009 in stores only (not online) with your Border’s Reward Card (free if you don’t have one). Go stock up on some great books!

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