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Here’s the recap of the food-n-fitness of the last 24…
Dinner last night. Happy Hugh Jass that included
*Sun-dried tomatoes
*Juice of 1/2 orange, Agave, and Crack Black

Sick of watching me eat this yet? Hope not, I don’t think I could ever get sick of raw veggies.
Raw vegetable salad in white bowl

Oh and more carrots with some (not shown) Cinnamon Ginger Cumin Dipping Sauce
Baby. carrots in clear container
After a few miles’ run this morning, I did some ashtanga yoga. This is Maricyasana A with a Bind at the Wrist. This is a pose dedicted to the Sages.
Woman doing the Maricyasana A yoga poseAnd this is Side Crane Pose, also know as Parsva Bakasana. Bend your legs, balance them on your triceps, and then hover. Feet up. Don’t face plant. No rhinoplasty’s on account of this pose, please :)
Woman doing side crane yoga pose
Here’s another version of Side Crane with extending one leg. I will admit that because you are already hovering, the aspect of extending your leg will totally displace your center of gravity, and umm thighs are kinda heavy. This one takes some core strength. Hello abs, anyone? Whip abs into shape with asanas like this where you are extending a limb into a different spatial plane than the rest of your body. It will force your core to Work Hard and will whip those abs into shape in no time.
Woman doing side crane yoga pose with leg extension
Time for this morning’s cooking recap….
Input for Nummies in the Vita-Mix:
*2 apples
*Handful greens
*1 peeled orange
*The stalk of broccoli that wouldn’t be too nummy in a salad and would otherwise get pitched.
*10 baby carrots
Mixture off various fruits and vegetables with agave in blender
Blended fruits, vegetables and agave in jar
My friend Justine posted yesterday about an awesome dressing she made. I think that this jicama that I cut up would work splendidly with her dressing. Too bad she doesn’t live closer to show me the fine points on her recipe.
Cut up jicama in clear container
And last, but not least, I put the V to work by whipping up some Raw Vegan Freezer Brownies. I tweaked my recipe a tad from the last couple of times I posted it, including the original recipe here. Today I used:
*5 extra-large, extra-squishy and ripe Medjools, scant 3/4 c loosely packed
*Scant 1/2 c Raw Walnuts
*Heaping 1/2 c Cocoa Powder (not raw, store bought Kroger brand, best I can do folks right now)
*1/2 Agave
*Blend & Freeze. Yummmmmmmm!
Raw Vegan Brownies in clear container

Tip of the Day: Try to do your cooking earlier in the day if possible. You will probably accomplish more than if you start later in the day when you’re already beat, hungry, tired, and cranky and just don’t have the energy. I also think mentally I am much more creative with stuff earlier in the day.

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  1. Good morning Justine–so here's a cut and paste from my files from where the recipe started. There's no sweetener like agave in it and for me, I would want something, but maybe the stevia powder you have work work. Would not impart any more liquid so you could still cut & serve. Basically equal portions dates/nuts. Problem is, is that even with a Vitamix, you're gonna blow a motor on an appliance if the batter gets too thick. I know, what to do…hmmm. I've thought of this too, but here
    1 1/2 C walnuts
    1 1/2 C raisins or fresh pitted dates
    1/2 C raw cacao powder
    1/2 tsp. vanilla

    And as for my man shopping for produce. Girl, when my daughter was first born and I simply could not leave the house he became forced to go groc shopping and there were and are so many times he came home with the worst, most awful produce. I educated him, and at times just ate really gross produce, and at other times told him honey, i hope you saved the receipt b/c this has to go back. Still he's not perfect, but I describe it on my list with like 20 adjectives of what a good vs. bad peach will look like/feel like, and it works. He's actually thanked me for giving him education. I think they feel so out of their element they don't even know where to start, ya know.

    Emily–thanks for Natalia Rose's suggestions, I will have to experiment.

    And FF-if you juice everyday, what do yo do for cleanup? I can see that yes, it's worth it totally to juice, but that I will need to allow a good 10-15 for washing, drying, and putting away parts. Or, run my dishwasher every single morning, but that seems kinda wasteful to me.

  2. I did love those damn raw brownies. Is there a way to make them more soild where you could cut them. The flavor is so good I just wish there was a way to actually serve them. Mmm jicama, dang it I knew I forgot something at the store!! Your are lucky your man shops for produce mine doesnt know the difference between a zuchinni and a cucumber (I am being dead serious). Wish I had some juicing tips for you :(.


  3. You have the juicer I am coveting! :)

    I like Natalia Rose's green juice, the great eliminator and the spiced carrot. I also like to add jalapenos in to beet and green juice, to spice it up a little.

    Have a good day!

  4. LOVE juicing! I juice everyday but I'm afraid mine doesn't taste quite so nice. I just pull anything green out of the fridge and juice it. My son actually pushed it away from his general area today because he said it stunk so bad:) It was pretty funny!

  5. Thanks for stoppin by, She-Fit. I just checked out your rockin' bloggie. Nice work! Adding you to my googlereader so I can keep up with you.