This has been a surreal day, and not in a good way. We’ll just keep it at that. When things are sorted and even I know what’s going on, I’ll be sure and let everyone know.

The highlight of the food day was the dinner raw veggies, but I admit, I had to force down what little I ate today.

Raw veggies with greens

Tonight’s medley included:
*B.S. (Brussels’s Sprouts, not to be confused with all the B.S. that preceded them today)
*Sun-Dried tomatoes that photographed really dark and almost look like dark red leaf
*Standard dressing recipe of juice of 1/2 orange, agave, and crack black

A couple different times, here and here, I’ve mentioned the homemade vegan GF granola that I really enjoy. Now, this is not raw, it’s not necessarily the most healthy stuff, but as granola goes, I think it’s infinitely healthier than most of what is store-bought, and the ingredient list is small. And, I think you could keep it more raw if you had a dehydrator, or alot of patience with your oven. I have neither, but am strongly considering a dehydrator purchase. For those of you with them, give me the good, bad and the ugly, I’m all ears. Do you love it, think it’s over-rated? 411 please!

The Ingredients & Instructions for Vegan (and Gluten Free) Granola:
*1/2 c Earth Balance (dairy/soy free) OR feel free to use 1 stick of butter if you’re not vegan

*1 c brown sugar OR feel free to experiment with agave, molasses, even dates or date paste. Just adjust your ratios of water and/or oats if you don’t use the sugar.

*1/4 to 1/2 c water

*Combine these 3 things (buttery spread, sugar, water) as shown on the stove
Buttery spread, sugar in water in pan on stove with spoon stirring

Now, add a dash of vanilla (or a ton as I do) and cinnamon to taste (I prob use 2 Tbsp) to the mixture
Bottle of vanilla extract and container of cinnamon

Next, add in 4 c whole, rolled oats (not quick cook) & stir to combine.
Oats added to the butter sugar mixture in pot on stove with spoon

Spread mixture onto a parchment-lined, raised-edge cookie sheet just in case it gets melty or splooges out, you want something with a lip.
Granola spread on out parchment paper lined baking sheet

Bake at 375F for anywhere from 8 to 15 mins. I take mine out at about 8-9 and it’s still practically raw looking, but it hardens as it cools (so keep that in mind and don’t overbake if you like chewy granola thinking oh, this doesn’t look done enough…it magically seems to cook itself a bit more than you’d plan on). With the shorter baking time the granola is similar in texture to what I’d call Quaker Chewy Granola Bar texture, if anyone remembers those HFCS-laden treats of yesteryear.

If you want a crunchy, crumbling, cracklin’ type of granola, definitely bake on the longer end like 14-15 mins.

You’re done, take it off the cookie sheet about 10 mins after you take it outta the oven and let it cool in a container with a lid. Sweet, you’re set for the week! Or less if this strikes your fancy and you go on a granola eatin’ streak! But it will keep for a nice long while in a covered container.
Closeup of finished granola showing oats
For all the non-raw purists, I hope you enjoy it!


Tip of the Day: When the chips are down, start breathing. Today has been one of those days that I have nearly broken down numerous times, but I caught myself because I know I need to stay strong and positive right now. What helped get me over the humps was my yoga breathing. Or, just nice slow, deep, controlled inhales and exhales. For even more relaxation and stress-relief, try to make your exhalation somewhat longer than your inhalation. I think that any deep breathing helps, but that’s just even an added bonus. Take even 3 minutes to just sit and breathe, shut off the phone, the email, the computer, just sit there. The world can wait. It will be calming and centering. Om to all :)

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