Day of the Mushroom

Today is national Day of the Mushroom day. Even mushrooms get their own special day.

These are locally grown mushrooms from a San Diego area farmer’s market.

I never used to be a big mushroom lover growing up, but times have changed.

I’m definitely a fungi fan now.

My mom isn’t fond of ‘shrooms and she rarely made anything with them, and I wasn’t exposed to them much, but I’ve changed that.

I eat them on salads, use them in stir frys, use them in casseroles, and eat them by themselves.

Sometimes I have a handful of grapes, other times a handful of baby portobellos.

Like tempeh, I can eat mushrooms, whole, plain, raw, and just as they are.

Adding mushrooms to the tempeh and cucumber sticks sounds like a good idea and they’d be something else I could dip in the balsamic reduction. Dipping sauce and wondering what I’m going to dip next is always front and center and on my mind.

Marinated and softened via the marinade, these Sweet & Sour Marinated Mushrooms are great on sandwiches with other veggies, over salads, or tossed into the final minutes of a stir fry.

Here are some of my Mushroom Recipes

The winner of the Yumvelope Healthy Snacks Giveaway is jojo

Winner of the KitchenAid 7-Quart Stand Mixer Giveaway will be announced Wednesday

Do you like mushrooms? How do you eat them?

Do you have any favorite mushroom recipes?

Stay tuned for chocolate and I hope your week is off to a great start!


37 comments on “Day of the Mushroom”

  1. Mushrooms are my fav !! Love them in the stir fries !!

  2. You know how much i love mushrooms. I had a roasted portobello on my salad for dinner tonight. I didn’t even know it was mushroom day and I was celelbrating. Though, in all honesty, I eat mushrooms every day, so its not all that shocking.

  3. I love the mushroom guy at our Mission Hills Farmers Market. He usually wears a skirt, interestingly enough…

  4. Oh man, I could eat mushrooms everyday! baby bellos are my fav :)

  5. Mushrooms are one of my all-time favourite foods. I LOVE ’em! My favourite is sauteed with some butter and garlic and thrown on top of a steak. Or grilled.

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