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Today started like most others. It just happens to be International Green Smoothie Day as I mentioned yesterday.

I went for a run.
Woman in running attire in front of gate waving

But not before a quick hug from Skylar.
Woman holding child smiling in front of gateThen I came home and did some yoga.

Here’s Marichasana C. Did you all know that twists really help to cleanse, flush, and purify your internal organs? Of course you did. Try to always start with the right side, right leg up first. Then, do the left. You want to work with the flow of digestion, not ummm…against it.
Woman doing Marichasana C yoga poseSmile for the camera little girl. Cheese, say Crane Pose! (aka Bakasana).
Woman doing the crane yoga poseAfter all that fitness, it was time to eat. You were wondering, huh. Well here’s the brekky I made for Scott:
*1/3 c dry oats
*2/3 c water
*1 small nanner
*Nuke it. Yep, I still use that nasty little radioactive box.
*Add 2 Tbsp brown sugar
*1 Tsp of cocoa powder
*10 fattie raisins
Homemade oatmeal in brown bowlHere’s the closeup with raisins and the nanner pieces. He said that it just keeps getting better and better, he said that last weekend, remember? He said the chocolate was really subtle and he couldn’t even quite place the flavor until I told him what it was, and it still tasted like oatmeal, not like dessert. Well, dessert wouldn’t have been bad, would it?
Up close of oatmeal in bowl showing off raisinsIn fact, I was kinda hopin’ for a desserty tasting BRPP Jay kinda morning. So rather than just using my 1 scoop of vanilla, I also added about 1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder thinking it was going to be awesome. Wrong!

Don’t try to get all fancy at home, kiddos. The cocoa powder and the Jay did not mix well. There were dry little cocoa lumps stuck to the side of the glass that not even the Shaker Cup could bust up, and the flavor was neither chocolatey nor vanilla, it was just…gross. But I still drank it, I’m cheap and didn’t want to dump Jay.
Brown Rice Protein Powder in bottom of shaker cup mixed with waterNext up, grocery shopping. Kale, romaine, nanners, tomatos, pears, apples, watermelon, cukes, carrots, and that was just today. I swear, we keep the fresh food supply in this country going! Farmers: This House Supports You! Especially the juicing kick we’re on now….my gawwwwd are we going through alot of produce!
Mixture of purchased fruits and vegetables on countertopSo this was the juicer input. You are probably wondering what are those watermelon rinds doing there? Well Miss Sarma in RFRW recommends juicing the rinds. And since I had just cleaned the melon, I though, what the hell.
Rind of cut up watermelon on outer with carrots and greensAnd boy, did those rinds produce a TON of juice volume! So much so that I didn’t even use the cucumbers, or the apple. This blend included:
*The rind of a small/medium watermelon
*1/3 head romaine
*4 kale stalks
*2 carrots
*Scant 1 inch ginger
About 25 of the 30 ounces came solely from the melon rind. Wow. Great Tip of the Day, courtesy of Sarma’s Book, which I will expand on. When juicing or cooking in general, I am of the mindset that you should waste almost nothing and try to throw as little away as humanly possible when doing your prepwork. It’s wasteful to the enviroment and to your pocketbook to not take your time and make a few extra knife whacks to get the last of the good stuff off the core or stem.
Greens juice in measuring cup after being juicedSo this was our juice, just chillin. It was a really deep green today. Green Smoothie Day, I have honored you. It’s not quite as sweet as it was the past couple days, because there were no apples involved and 1 less carrot, but it was still mighty tasty!

I have found that all this green juice drinking has helped my skin. I have recently been going through breakout city due to stress, kinda reminicent of the 7th grade, and that’s sure been fun for me…Not! But my skin has cleared up. Hey, I’m vain. Green juice to the rescue!
Two Blender bottles filled with juice in refrigeratorThe day was so pretty today, as are many days in San Diego, and I can feel that summer is slipping away so I stepped outside and just took a picture of my street. The weather is cooler, the days are getting shorter, and I feel like I never really enjoyed summer this year, and it’s kinda sad. Summer is, by far, my favorite season!

I was reading Katie’s Blog and she just asked what the most fun thing of the summer has been for her readers and I was thinking about this. Unfortunately, I am coming up a little short on those fun-filled memories; it was all a blur and went by waaaay too fast. So I will ask you, what your best memory of summer so far has been?
Side walk surrounded by palm trees and shrubsAnd Skylar, peering from the doorway as I took the pic of the street, saying mommy, “I’m sleepy, it’s naptime now.” Ahh, music to a mother’s ears.
Little girl with door ajar smiling in pink shirt

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  1. I can't wait to make the chia seed pudding.. going to try it NOW!

    I'm not a fan of running. I can do short bursts tho. Hope it gets easier over time!

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  3. mmm I really want to try the Chia Pudding–never had it but looks liek something I would like. And THANKS now I have cha cha cha CHIA stuck in my head! lol
    What part of San Diego are you in?

  4. Used to HATE olives. Now LOVE them!

    I put chia in my water with vanilla, or lemon or lime.

    Will try the chia pudding. Just wish it didn't have as many calories as it does :-/ 70=TBS. Wah.

  5. Wow thanks everyone for all your great comments. Glad I have inspired "The Twins" to make some chia pudding. Yeah, Justine, it's a little thick and jelly like. I think adding xanthum gum would only make that worse…I wouldn't but try it and report back my little guinea pig.

    VG glad to hear you're a Sun Warrior fan too and Justine I would go slow with the PP. I used to not be able to handle it either (really gassy and bloated and gross feeling) but then I switched to brown rice and to only Jay Robb or Sun Warrior and I dont get those issues anymore, at all.

    Glad that I have a bunch of worker-outers and exercisers reading and going from loathe to love on workin' out!

  6. My last chia pudding wasnt so hot. I made it pretty much like yours. I guess I am just not into that jelly texture that it makes. I wonder if adding xanthan gum would help? Glad to see you cooked the BS some this time around! haha I am thinking about trying the PP again to see if it still messes with my tummy. Maybe if I add back in a tad it wont bother me?

    I used to hate onions as a kid. Now I love them!!


  7. I have discovered that I HATE pigeon pose!!HaHa! I can tell that yoga is getting easier though. When I first started, I could barely even sit in hero pose, much less lean back. Now, I can go almost all the way back:)

    I've been wanting to try the chia pudding, but can't do that much fiber. I used a little too much chia the other day and it almost put me in my grave!

  8. I like how you flavored your chia ~ vanilla and cinnamon is a favorite combination of mine :)
    I once ate shredded BSs, and also got that lovely jaw workout! I think it took me three times as long to eat dinner too!
    Thank you once more for the yoga tips & have a good day!

  9. hmm, the chia sounds interesting. i've seen it on other blogs too, and you've inspired me to try making the pudding!

  10. I've added chia seeds to my raw juices and smoothies. I have never made the chia pudding, though. I've seen it on a lot of blogs. I'll have to try it out soon. :-D


  11. I too am a fan of chia! So many good benefits:) Glad the SW protein passed the test!

    Something I used to hate? Hmmmm, that would be working out. Now I workout 6 days a week do or die and LOVE it:)

  12. Loving your chia chat. I am still on holidays with minimal internet time so I PROMISE to do something with your awardy shortly…NICE post, like usual :)

  13. running….really.

    I had asthma as a child (and I have flat feet) and went to gymnastics… or whatever I was playing at the time, with my inhaler stuck in my sock.

    It hurt to breath…

    i'm over that and now running is a personal's not easy..but I love knowing I CAN do it if I just keep at it!

    btw… I can so flex my feet!!!!
    yipee for extra extra credit

  14. Although I'm not a chia-lover, I DO love Sun Warrior protein powder :)

    Something I used to hate = YOGA!! I kick myself.