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Howdy everyone, how’s your day going so far?  Thanks for the yummy feedback and comments from yesterday’s post about my Raw Vegan Chocolate Pie.  Seems like it was a hit.  Sure was around here!  If anyone makes it, let me know how it turns out for you.

My friend RawJuiceGirl also sent the link for this dairy free, sugar free raw chocolate creation.  Now that looks good!  But, the recipe calls for a boatload of coconut oil and I am just not that into coconut oil.  I feel like it makes everything taste like a pina colada.  Not that that’s a bad thing…just an I-don’t-want-it in-my-chocolate thing!  Does anyone else think that coconut oil totally overpowers everything else, or am I just weird?

Moving right along to Protein Powder Chatter…

As a vegan, I am conscientious about consuming enough protein.  I realize most American’s are over-proteined.  I ain’t one of them.  I need to make sure I get enough.  So I like to drink my protein.

Recently I posted about buying some Sun Warrior Chocolate Brown Rice Protein Powder and I compared it to Jay Robb’s Vanilla BRPP.

Sun Warrior Chocolate Brown Rice Protein Powder in container

 It’s sort of like comparing apples and oranges because chocolate and vanilla are just two different animals, but you can go read all about it in this postBottom line, I really like the Sun Warrior Chocolate BRPP.

Protein powder mixed with water in blender cup on countertop

But my life just got a whole lot better.

I was thrilled when the kind folks at Sun Warrior sent me some of their Vanilla Brown Rice PP to try.  Here’s the nutrition info for the Inquiring Minds Wanna Know set.  Interesting factoid that I noted was that the vanilla has 10 less calories per scoop than the chocolate but the same amount of protein, 15g.  Chocolate has a smidge more fiber though.

Nutritional information on Sun Warrior Chocolate Brown Rice Protein Powder container

 I never thought I’d say this because as you know I’m a Choc-aholic, ummm hello raw chocolate pie from the last post anyone, but I like the Sun Warrior Vanilla Brown Rice Protein Powder better than either the Sun Warrior Chocolate or Jay Robb’s Vanilla.  There you have it, Vanilla Sun Warrior stealin’ the show.

You ask, Why Do I Like It?
Well there is no stevia taste, the mixability seems really good, and it’s a thicker and creamier powder when blended solely in water.

Just to reiterate if you missed my last post on the topic of BRPP’s is that I mix my PP’s in 4 oz of water. 

In the Blender Bottle cup with solamente agua (i.e. only water.  That’s about as much Spanish as I know)

Blender cup with mixed protein powder and water on countertop
And here’s a look inside the cup
 Inside cup showing protein powder mixed with water

You can pretty much make sawdust palatable if you add enough frozen fruit, almond milk, agave, gogi berries, raw cocoa nibs or whatever the latest and greatest thing to put into a protein shake is…but water doesn’t lie and doesn’t mask grossness.  And so for my taste testing, and also for my daily routine most of the time, it’s just a shot of water, scoop of protein, shake ‘er up, and done.

But I thought I’d try the Vanilla Sun Warrior with a banana, dash of agave, dash of vanilla extract, and 1/4 c vanilla almond milk.  It was really good comin’ outta da Vita-Mix

Vanilla protein powder with a banana, agave, vanilla extract and vanilla almond milk in blender

 Anyway, there ya have it.  I dig the Vanilla Sun.  

Since I know some of you aren’t into PP’s, I will wrap this convo up and move along to some of my grub for the last 24:

Call the Chia Pet Police.  There was a Chia Failure.  Things didn’t fully solidify, despite being in the fridge for 18 hours.

Chia seed pudding on spoon

 I think it’s because the “dash” of vanilla extract that I put in turned into about an ounce and the alcohol messed with the seeds’ developement.

That’s all I can think of…everything else was the same as in my previous post about chia pudding.
2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 c almond milk, 1/4 c water, dash agave & dash stevia.  And then the Whoops! dash of Vanilla, which is what I think did ‘er in.  Nothing that an hour in the freezer couldn’t fix.  Extremely excellent flavor.  So good, you could get drunk off all that vanilla extract!

Next up I got some organic brocoli slaw mix from TJ’s and I rocked out a yummy brock slaw-n-raw creation.  Thanks Hungry Hippy for the Brock Slaw inspiration.

Trader Joe's Organic Broccoli Slaw in packaging on countertop

Big handful of the Brock Slaw, Yellow Squash, Orange & Yellow Peps, Zukes & Cukes, Agave, OJ, & Pepper

Broccoli slaw salad with mixed vegetables

And there was another pile o’ rabbit food: Greens, red peps, cukes, tomatoes, & raw corn.

Green salad topped with mixed diced vegetables

And last but not least, some Chocolate Brownie Sludge, I mean Choco Brownie Love

Raw Vegan Brownies in clear container

Yoga time.  Time to be a butterfly or a bound angle.  Depends who your teacher is.  Baddha konasana is the Sanskrit name ‘o the game.  Spine straight, and open your feet like a book.  Chest forward but not too forward, stay straight up-n-down.

Woman doing yoga pose

Paschimottanasana, Seated Forward Bend.  Quads flexed not limpy while you’re bending foward.  A little tricky at first but work on keeping your legs strong not passive.

Woman doing seated forward bend yoga pose


Tip of the Day: GiveAway Time!  Go check out Lil Veggie Patch’s contest, but hurry, it’s ending at 10pm eastern Today!

P.S.  Tomorrow’s post will be bringin’ back the Green.  Stay Tuned…

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  1. That ice cream looks amazing! I have to try that STAT. It is, however, a little chilly today, and our AC is forcing me to pull out my fall sweaters! But, it's always a good day for a frozen treat :-)

  2. Oooh great recipes (as per usual). I luuurve making Raw Ice-Cream and I favour Gena's Banana Soft Serve with Cacao & Agave Sauce, and I also freeze pineapple, and oranges (you can use mangos too) and either process them or push them through my Champion Juicer (homogeniser blade). Ok this is more like a sorbet but really refreshing in the heat. Also Kristen has some num num recipes for icecream in her Desserts recipe book. I'd LOVE to get an ice-cream maker. :D

  3. Holy moly you are flexible! Wow. I am impressed :)

    And I must get a vitamix soon. I have never made ice'cream' but I have a sneaky feeling I will be when Summer rolls around next year…

  4. HEABS-Thanks for checkin in! Thanks for sharing your fave combo. I don't normally keep frozen avos on hand but that recipe sounds worthy. I used to get my ice ratio messed up too..and I overblended but thankfully DEB to the rescue. She reminded me that if Im not careful the VitaMix will cook it so just be fast on the blending. And ever since that, I've been more successful.

    Thx for the MimicCream info, too Heather!

    Jackie-Thx for the info. I used XG in my almond milk ice cream recipe. I'm not so much into lecithin b/c it's soy-based and I am kinda soy sensitive but I wish I could use it b/c you're right, it would make it all creamier. Boo hoo that I can't use it :(

    FF-I took a tour of Tromberlie's ice creamery in San Diego about a month ago. And they make their commercial ice cream in a blendtec with coconut meat and cashews and water. And agave and that's about it.

    Run To Finish- You're probably dairy intolerant or sensitive…I am and pretended I wasnt for decades. Sigh… I feel sooo much better since I got off dairy, soy, and gluten.

    Caroline & Elise-Thanks for sayin hi!!! And yep, the Vitamix is a life changing little gadget. It's worth every other financial sacrifice. I waited years to get mine and have only had it about 10 months but wonder daily (as I use it 1-2x/day) what the hell I was waitin for and regret just not buying it sooner. It will change your life. I sound like I'm talking about Finding Jesus or something, but the Vitamix is my little God :)

    Hi Cindy-Regretfully admit that pose isn't super relaxing. Lots goin on to get there…like the entire weight of your thighs on your shoulders. But glad I made it look relaxing. It kind of is, but kind of not, one of those.

  5. LOVE that yoga pose….it looks so relaxing!

    and I have victim to all or nothing thinking way too much!

    good advice!

  6. it's so funny because every once in awhile I feel like I must have some soft serve…but then for hours afterwards I have this very weird full sensation…also happens with yogurt. It doesn't make me sick, but I can tell my body is not using it well. this is a very interesting alternative!

  7. That ice cream looks yummy! I make mine with coconut and cashews, it's really creamy:)~

    I'll have to practice that pose so I can impress my hubby:)

  8. I love making frozen sweet treats with coconut milk. I also add xanthan gum for texture. You should try lecithin to, which is a good substitute for egg yolks. It makes the mixture creamier. Yum!

  9. Thanks for sending me the link Averie! Love your ice-cream. My favorite Vita-Mix ice-cream is 1/4 cup coconut milk, 1 frozen naner, 1/2 frozen avocado, cocoa powder, stevia, and ice. YUM.

    MimicCream…it's no half and half, but it will do. Just made some kick a$$ alfredo sauce with it.

  10. I love coconut milk ice cream! I have an ice cream maker which is SO nice. I haven't used it in a while, but your post made me think about dragging that sucker out:)

    That yoga pose looks pretty funny:) It does look like a frog went splat! HeHe!

  11. Thanks Averie! I missed that in your previous comment…I'm not sure I can even figure out how to get myself into this position – I'm pretty sure I probably can't because I'm very inflexible. :)

  12. Ooooh Deb, freezing the milks into ice cube trays is super helpful. Not necessarily just for this purpose but for making quick protein shakes/smoothies if I feel a little more decadent that using water.

    A note on peppermint extract–it's really strong! Use less than you think you need and work up. Maybe this is not new info to you but the first few batches of peppermint were reallly minty round here!

    Hayley-for that yoga pose, read the comment right above yours what I mentioned to VG, that may help. But you also need to really open your inner hammies, groin, and shoulders too. HTH!

  13. MMMmmmm on the ice creams. I don't know if this would be useful, but I like to freeze "milk" (almond, coconut water, soy, real milk) in ice cube trays. When you blend them in the vitamix the smoothie or ice creams are firmer from the start. Perhaps that might help with the crystals?? Dunno! Just a thought! Thanks for those recipes- love the mint one!

  14. I LOVE Gena's Banana Soft Serve and I imagine this is just as good. It'd be nice to use my Vita-mix for this – much easier clean up than the food processor! :)

    I LOVE that yoga pose! I want to be able to do it….looks very comfortable. I did not know that about dairy, but I'm going to click on the link to Wiki it.

  15. Ada-Hi thanks for stopping by my blog! Your giveaway the other day prompted me to check out your blog, someone mentioned it and steered me over there. Thx for the ice cream kudos!

    VG-OMG I grew up in Mpls and then Chicago and I totally know that at this time of the year, it can be chilly, windy, damp and nasty out where you're at. I could never live in that weather again…seriously. I am glad you like the yoga. If you're not familiar with that one, trick it to really open up your hips first, then hook the back of your thighs around your shoulder as close to your ummm…crotch…as you can before your fall forward.

    Happy Sunday! xoxo

  16. As I sit here with my laptop, freezing to death (it's 52°F and raining outside), I can't say that I'm in the mood for those delicious frozen treats right now, haha – but they still look fabulous!! :-D

    Yet another impressive yoga pose – love it!

  17. OMG I am very impressed by your ice cream making skills, both the coconut and almond milk variety look delicious!!!