Great Grub

Here’s some of the great grub that caught my eye this week in bloggieland.

Jenna’s Homemade Chai Lattes


Ari’s Layered Cous Cous Eggplant and Zucchini Casserole


Adriana’s Peanut Butter Popcorn


Helen’s Rosemary Roasted Radishes


Marla’s Avocado Scones – Vegan & GF


Kath’s Grilled Asparagus Frittata


White on Rice’s Rhubard Strawberry Crumb Bars


Jenn’s Chicken Fiesta Tacos


Maria’s Strawberry Mango Salsa


Jessica’s Mango Guacamole


I need to put mango in my “Cheater’s” Guac next time!

Heidi of 101 Cookbooks’ Cucumber Peanut Salad


Great Reads:

Gabriela’s post, You Do You, regarding comparisons in the blogosphere

Tina’s post, Email Chain, explaining how she got her book deal

Janetha’s post, Weigh In Wednesday, discussing food guilt and food choices

From my earlier post about Inspiration and Greener Grass, thanks for the very genuine comments and sharing who inspires you, and why.

Also, it was interesting to read if you’re a person who tends to think the grass is greener, or not.

Lots of wonderful feedback on that post and thank you for being so honest in the comments.


1. Have you made anything this week or seen anything that really caught your eye!

I think my White Chocolate Chip Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting were the best thing I made all week.

But as usual, there are so many great recipes out there!  I could spend days in my kitchen cooking! 

2. Weekend Plans?  Any plans for Mother’s Day?

I don’t know if Scott realizes it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  We shall see.

So far, no plans other than the usual: working, working out, cooking, cleaning, blogging, and being with Skylar.

Mother’s Day plans thus far are nonexistent, but that’s ok.  I’d rather keep things loose, low key, and open-ended.  For me, one way to “ruin” a holiday is to over-plan and over-schedule it, and not factor in downtime and chilltime.

I have so much to do anyway this weekend because we are leaving for our trip soon!

P.S. Last Reminder to enter the Granola GiveawayWinner announced in the morning.

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  3. Ooh, thanks for the highlights tour of the blogosphere :-). I’m still here, just had a killer week…working all day today as well. Had time to go out with a friend last night but was so busted we only had one glass of wine and went home defore ten, plus something in the food was a bummer and I slept like h…, am paying for it now even though I was careful when I ordered. Well it’s once out of many times I’ve been dining out this month and it was worth the facetime with my homegirl! ;-)
    Hope you have a great w-e!

  4. Thanks for the link love! I recreated Kath’s frittata :) It was delish!

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  10. Looking forward to a weekend of relaxation! Nothing much other than that. Also I’m going to be trying some new recipes tomorrow, although I haven’t fully decided what they will be. But I know they will be based on things I’ve seen in the blogosphere!

    I’m mostly looking forward to next weekend!! My birthday is Thursday and I want to get out of town. Don’t know the destination yet, but it should be fun.

  11. Thanks for the link love, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!! I’d definitely say those bars are the best thing you made all week, too…every single component is amazing by itself, so all together? Amazing.

    This weekend I’ll be finishing up schoolwork and getting ready to go home for a few weeks!! YAY!

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  13. Thanks for linking my guac girl!

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  16. Man, those are some good lookin’ recipes from around the ‘sphere! I love that latte action shot! And I’m also loving your italics on “we shall see” regarding Scott’s awareness of mom’s day! ;)

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