First, I wanted to thank all the new readers that have been stopping by!!!!  You guys and your comments are keeping me inspired!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!! I’m sorry if I can’t personally reply to everyone’s comment, but know that I check and read every single comment and savor them all!   

I am glad that you guys enjoyed the brown rice protein powder run-down in my last post.  Specifically, the coconut oil comments and feedback was awesome! I guess I’m sorta in the minority and it sounds like most everyone digs the coconutty action.  I have read that refined coconut oil has way less, or actually, no coconut taste because it’s highly processed and refined.

I have only purchased the unrefined coconut oil and although it’s probably healthier, both of the brands I’ve tried are just too much for me.  I think I will try grapeseed oil in the future for oil alternatives because apparently that’s way more mild

As I mentioned at the end of the last post, it’s time for some Green Action

Green Monster Time!

First, the Green Smoothie fixin’s going into the Vita-Mix.  This one had: 3 stalks celery, 3 huge romaine fronds, 1 apple, 1 nanner, 15 raisins, & agave to taste.

Mixed fruits and vegetables in blender

Here’s the top view

Overhead of blender full of vegetables and fruit

And here was The Green Action Jackson coming out of the Vita

Blended vegetables and fruit made into a smoothie

I poured some into a recycled glass jar and popped that bad boy into the fridge to save a little for later.  

Smoothie in glass jar

Next on the Green Action checklist was my dinner.  But first check out the size of this red pepper.  I think it’s the biggest red pep I’ve ever had.  A TJ’s find.  I guess it’s probably on pepper growth hormones.  Ignorance is bliss.  GMO foods?  Huh, what?

Hand next to a large red bell pepper

Back to the dinner.  Plenty of greenery: B.S., Brock Slaw, Cukes & Zukes, Rainbow of Peppers, Agave, OJ, and Cracked Black

Mixed vegetables in dressing

Earlier in the day I also whipped up a batch of my Vegan Granola.  You can read the recipe here.

In process of making homemade granola in pan with spoon stirring


Granola spread out on parchment paper lined baking sheet

It’s so nummy it steamed up the camera lens!

Up close piece of finished homemade granola

I also made a weirdo creation but it worked...Into the Vita-Mix I threw: 2 nanners (room temp), 1/8 c vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract, a dash of agave, and a couple dashes of stevia.  Then I popped it into the freezer for a few hours and it was really good, but….

Bananas, vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract,  agave, and stevia mixed together and frozen

The stevia more-than-a-dash kinda made it a little nast.  Who loves their brand of stevia??  I am currently using WF’s own private label store-brand.  A dash is ok but anymore tastes like I just swallowed a bunch of NutraSweet which was always on my Shitsky List and I never liked it.  Diet soda…ewww. 

Earlier in the day there was a Run.  There was a super sweet random passerby who paid me a really sweet compliment.  It’s amazing that sometimes random acts of kindness can totally change your day for the better!  I try to compliment people whenever I can, not fakey, but just staying positive and upbeat, ya know.

Here’s what my path looks like through Balboa Park

Road in Balboa Park lined with palm trees

Then I came home and did some Yoga.

Here’s me dropping back into Urdhva Dhanurasana, Full Backbend.  Making a video would be great.  And so would be winning the lottery.  But since neither of those has happened, hopefully you’ll still get the drift from the still pics.

Hands at the chest in prayer position.  Look back.  Bend at your knees.  Keep on looking back…

Woman doing Urdhva Dhanurasana yoga pose

Arms bust outta prayer, and reach for the ground.

Woman doing Urdhva Dhanurasana yoga pose

You made it.  Houston, we have touchdown.  Now you have to get back up.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow…

Woman doing Urdhva Dhanurasana yoga pose


Tip of the Day:  Two awesome GiveAways….First, Melissa at Fitness NYC is having a DVD GiveAway.  Go check it out!!!

And, Alisa at One Frugal Foodie is having a Pamela’s Baking Mixes GiveAway.  Pamela’s Rocks so if you’re gluten free and dairy free, or even not, lots of her products are GF and DF and I dig ’em.

Go check out both of these ladies’ awesome giveaways!!!!

Next Post: Overnight, Raw, Sweet Goodness Awaits.  Stay tuned…

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