Saturday, August 15th, 2009 is a day after my own heart: International Green Smoothie Day! What are you going to do to celebrate? The Green Smoothie Queen is having a contest where you can win either a Blend-Tec blender or an Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator. May be worth the $5 bucks to enter…

I’ll be celebrating by having a green juice, kinda like the one I made today, which both Scott and I agreed was my best concoction so far. Practice makes perfect. You can read about yesterday’s blend here.

Here’s what was in it:
*1/2 head romaine
*3 huge kale stalks
*1.5 cukes

*3 carrots

*2 apples
*1 scant inch of ginger

Various vegetables, apples and ginger on countertop30 ounces of green goodness
30 oz of green juice from juicer
…which we split.
But since I was the one doing the pouring and measuring, I may have had a few extra ounces, ya know, for flavor sampling purposes. So good. I am hooked.

The only thing I am not lovin is the cleanup. For those of you who juice, what’s your cleanup routine? Do you just realize it’s gonna be 5-10 mins of washing, drying, and putting away parts? Do you run it through the dishwasher? Give me the 411. For the moms who are reading who ever nursed and pumped, when I am cleaning juicer parts it feels like I am cleaning pump parts. Not so fun. Tips to make this faster and easier?
Juice split between two shaker bottles
Well let’s backtrack my day a bit…

I went for a run.

Then I came home and did some yoga.

Then, I had some Jay BRPP (brown rice protein powder) in my handy dandy shaker cup that I mentioned yesterday. Did I mention I stocked up majorly on these cups and I am totally digging them for protein as well as juice storage, even though I know you’re not supposed to store juice…I have been. Shhhh…Don’t tell.
Brown Rice Protein Powder mixed with water in shaker bottleMy other shhhh…is that I ordered some Sun Warrior BRPP today. I’m going to start cheating on Jay. Well, maybe it’s not cheating because I ordered the Sun Warrior in Chocolate and my Jay is Vanilla, so that’s really like apples and oranges. You know you’re cheating when you start explaining yourself and rationalizing…haha. I will let you know my verdict next week.

After the BRPP shake I had some fruit. I was not really that impressed with the organic pear I bought from TJ’s yesterday, but whatevah. The blueberries, that aren’t organic ironically, were delish and totally made up for the meh pear.
Containers of blueberries, watermelon and a pear on countertop
Later on, a Plate ‘o Raw Veggies:
*Mixed greens
*Orange & Yellow Peppers
Mixed vegetable and green salad in shallow white bowlAnd later yet, more greenery:
*Yellow peppers and a couple orange stragglers
*Chunks of oranges
*Juice of 1/2 orange, agave, and crack black, aka My Standard Dressing
Mixed vegetables and oranges in bowl with dressingDid you all know that consuming Vitamin C with your green vegetables helps your body absorb more nutrients? But, if you are a true food combiner, I don’t really think eating fruit with your veggies is the best idea. Hmmm…what to do?

Tip of the Day Time: Notice our hair. The yoga is padmasana (bound lotus). BTW, my daughter’s name is Skylar Lotus, quite fitting that I am kissing my little lotus blossom while I’m in lotus, but I digress…The point is to notice our blonde, wavy, easy to tangle, very hard to comb out the tangles kind of hair. Our hair is fine and we have enough of it that we usually have a Rat’s Next Goin’ On! Those people who tell me that they can tell a Raw Foods Person by their sleek, shiny healthy hair and clear eyes…well, bring some of that shiny hair over here!
Woman and child giving each other a kissEnter secret weapon to the rescue: Organic Hair Detangler. It’s the Giovanni brand, Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner. I bought it from Whole Foods for $8.99 because I was in a jam but it’s much cheaper if you order it from Vitacost, here. It’s not a food item, but I love that it’s organic, and let me tell you, as the Queen of Tangles, this stuff works better than any product for getting out tangles that I have ever used!

And no more crying to comb through the little one’s tangles, either. And, it doesn’t leave your hair greasy or with build-up. It combs smooth and the tiniest dab will do ya. I am not kidding when I say that this bottle will probably last me at least a year and probably two.
Giovani Brand Direct Leave-in conditioner bottleSo tell me, what are your beauty or food products that are your serious go-to’s that you’re like ahh….I have just discovered a little piece ‘o heaven??


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