Holiday Season Le Creuset and More Giveaway


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My friends and I have partnered to bring you this amazing giveaway! The prizes are valued at over $600!

One lucky person is going to win a Le creuset Activ-Ball and Foilcutter Set, a 5-quart Oval French Oven, and a 3 1/2-quart Rectangular Casserole baker.

A KitchenIQ Ceramic Knife Sharpener, Zester, and Grater.

And utensils from Dreamfarm.

Holiday Season Le Creuset and More Giveaway

Follow the prompts and enter to win! Sometimes the widget is a bit slow to load, so please be patient.

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  1. This year I really wanted a stand mixer for Christmas…a good one that can tackle bread dough. My mom overheard me one day and surprised me this week with an early Christmas present! She said it had to be early so that I could make lots of goodies for the season! I LOVE MOM!!!

  2. I don’t really receive holiday gifts, so I haven’t made a wish list, but I would appreciate anything I can put to use and items that won’t collect dust.

  3. A new toaster oven. The cheap regular toaster I got for free with purchase from the grocery store has finally died after 10 years. Time for an upgrade!

  4. I’ve wished for a new 8-cup glass mixing/measuring batter bowl! My old one met its untimely fate during the last batch of brownies-with-my-toddler :)

  5. The French Oven would be lovely to have. I indulged myself in a raspberry ice kitchen aid mixer last week, so I have no right to ask for anything more.

  6. Such luxury items. Whew! I really want a pair of Nike Roche Runs and a blendtec, but I doubt that will happen by Christmas. I have been saving for it so now that I have a second job I might be able to afford it sooner. It has been on my wishlist for years! :)

  7. On my wish list right now is some inspiration for the perfect gift for my parents! I am at a total loss about what to get them… thanks so much for the chance to win!

  8. I am wishing for good health and happiness for my family and friends, and a few new cooking items; a waffle maker and silicone baking mats. :-)

  9. Eco friendly cookware, pots need to be replaced with something more environmentally friendly. Le Creuset set would be great too. Thanks

  10. That is an easy question. I would love anything Le Creuset. I don’t have a frying pan. I’d like the 13″ in yellow.

  11. I would love to continue upgrading my cookware and kitchen tools this year. I’ve been slowly replacing the older items with higher quality products over the last several Christmases, its amazing the difference!

  12. A super dooper food processor, one that doesn’t leak if I do liquidy foods :)
    Happy Thanksgiving, thank you for the contest!!!

  13. I wish for my family and friends Peace – Joy and continued Good Health :>)….a bright red kitchen aid mixer would be pretty cool !!

  14. I’m hoping I receive a couple of new shirts and some more USA bakeware–love the stuff and I’m working on replacing my old pans with this brand.

  15. I would really love a new set of Le Creuset cookware. My husband bought me mine in 1969 when we were first married. He could not really afford it, but it has lasted such a long time. By now, however, I have broken some pieces and there are other pieces that were not available back then that I would really love to have. That’s my wish.

  16. I don’t really have a list this year. My husband and I and my sister and I have decided to make our gifts for each other. I want some of those crocheted tulle scrubbies though, so I guess that’s on my list.

  17. I wish for my family to be healthy and happy. As far as kitchen-related wishes, I’d like a slow cooker, a better cutting board, and a good knife steel.

  18. The only thing I really want his healing for me & my hubby, he had surgery and I am suffering from a painful neuro. condition. So, the gift of health I guess you could say.

  19. Honestly, I really don’t have anything on my wish list. I would love to go out and find a new handbag after Christmas. On clearance of course!