I was just reading my new friend Justine’s latest blog post about the great banana soft serve she made with a peach and strawberry sauce. For those of you who are either new to the food blog world or have been living under a rock for the past month, this discovery of how to whip frozen nanners into yummy soft-serve has rocked the blogosphere. Thanks to Gena!

Anyway, Justine’s post made me smile, I mean salivate and covet, her soft serve yumminess. And it makes last night’s dinner of mine look not quite as thrilling, but it was tasty. I never tire of a plate of green goodies.

Last night’s raw veggie mix. Can you guess what the new ingredient was?
*Orange Peppers
*And the new ingredient was Raw Sunflower Seeds.

Kristin was just mentioning about the wonderful benefits of sunflower seeds in her latest post about halfway down. Great for fertility and all things woman-related. Whodda thunk it? Those little seeds.
Raw vegetable mix with sunflower seeds
For a snack yesterday I had one of the organic white peaches I scored from TJ’s a couple days back. Boy, are those some awesome peaches. Skylar can’t get enough in her little mouth, either. When fruit is in season, it rocks. When it’s outta season, it usually tastes like cardboard that you overpay for.
Organic White Peach on countertop
Did some yoga. This pose is prasaritta padonttanasana C
Woman doing prasaritta padonttanasana C yoga poseAnd prasaritta padonttanasana D
Woman doing prasaritta padonttanasana D yoga poseSome of the benefits of prasarita padottanasana, in addition to stretching the hammies and groin, are that you are inverting without necessarily having to get into sirasana (headstand), or handstand, or another inversion.

Inversions are great because they are calming, they cleanse your energy, they alleviate anxiety and mild depression, and they just generally leave you feeling like ahhh…life is now a little better. That’s my Tip of the Day: Invert. Who wouldn’t want to feel a little lighter, happier, and more relaxed? Best of all, it’s free and easy!

What do you do when you want to relax? Share your secrets!

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