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Remember this post where I mentioned that I drink coffee, it’s my vice, but that I am not giving it up anytime soon? Well, after 5 years, my coffee maker crapped out. Rather than saying, oh this is a sign from the Universal Coffee Gods that my time is up with coffee and that I should move on to greener (no pun intended) pastures and a healthier beverage….oh no, I went to the nearest Bed, Bath, & Beyond and purchased this little Cuisinart diddy. It is carafe-less and I feel so powerful pressing that little lever to dispense my happy nectar. The coffee tastes way better in it that it was in my old machine, and because I had a handy 20% stash of BB&B coupons, I scored on the price, too. We all know that those coupons they send in the mail never expire, so you should hoard them for a rainy day, like when your coffee maker blows up and you need a quick fix. Or organic bedding is calling your name, or you “need” yet another kitchen gadget…hang on to those coupons everyone!

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Last night’s dinner. I never get sick of broccoli.
Bowl full of mixed vegetables
Also in that Bowl:
*Mixed organic greens
*Brussels’s Sprouts
*Raw corn shaved from the happy cob TJs
*Red Pepper
*Yellow Pepper
*Black Pepper
*Juice of a half an orange
*Agave drizzle

Oh before dinner, Scott and Skylar and I were about to embark on our 5 mile power walk through Balboa Park and I needed a little snackie. I don’t eat Mary Gone Crackers too often, but when I do, they hit the gluten-free, lots of nice fiber & pretty healthy ingredients, spot. And a little slab of TJ’s raw almond butter, perfect.
Mary's Gone Crackers and Almond Butter Packages

This morning’s yoga practice. Pincha Mayurasana. Also called Peacock Pose. This is one of my all time favorite yoga poses ever! Hands down, I love this pose. I feel really strong in it. It makes my back muscles like traps, my shoulder girdle, bi’s & tri’s, abs & core, and even legs, all work at once. I like trying to lower my chest just a couple inches from the ground while I am inverted and see how close I can get. Gravity is pretty strong though! The inversion helps clear brainfog, depression, and gives a nice little mood boost.
Woman doing peacock yoga pose
Woman doing peacock yoga pose


Tip of the Day: Working out doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You’ve got 5 minutes? Great, go run up and down the stairs as fast as you can for 5 minutes. It’s 5 minutes of cardio you otherwise probably wouldn’t do. Or bust out some crunches or a few sun salutations. Just do something. Very few people I know have huge blocks of time to devote to working out. So, if you can get in 25 push-ups or 10 minutes of yoga or whatever floats your boat in those times you think you “don’t have time”….well, just take baby steps and fit it all in.

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  1. Hi Sassy….I just peeked over at your blog, you're vegan, green, and GF and that's pretty much where I'm at too. Thanks for finding me, cuz now I found your blog. All these great blogs, so little time :)

  2. Just found your blog and love it! I can't believe I've never seen it before.

    Love the chocolate chip larabar!

  3. yay i found your blog from justin's and i am glad i did. lots of good stuff, and my first look you had homemade larabars, i knew i was in the right place.

    happy humpday!

  4. Gina-hope your trip out to AZ was smooth sailin' and easy. But are the airport TSA lines ever easy? I think not. It will be worthwhile when you get to see your fam :)

    Justine-she's my only. And we're one-and-done. My uterus is closed for biz. LOL Thanks for the compliments on still nursing, yes, it's the best thing ever for both her and me, makes me feel like I am giving her a gift for life: love and health :) I can't wait for a little time away though, I am not a saint! This mama needs some Solo Time, for sure!

  5. Yum!! Thanks for the recipe :). I know how you feel about leaving the little one. Over time it will get better, believe me! Pretty soon you will be be begging for time away :). Is she your only child? By the way, its great that you are still breastfeeding!!


  6. homemade larabars (or laraballs in my case) are so good!
    i HATE flying…and i have to do it tomorrow! yikers
    have a great day!

  7. Wholebodylove…yes, it is sooo much cheaper. I stopped by your blog and saw your Adddoorrable little pumpkin :) What a cutie pie. Us moms need to watch our p's and q's and not spend too much on granola bar treaty things b/c it can blow the shopping budget, can't it! I was just reading a blog 20 mins ago where the author was buying $4.99 EACH little snack bars. Ummm….I'd be broke :)

    Sara–yes I was totally a nervous wreck with my flight thinking what if…and then lots of worse case scenarios were going thru my head after a really long day so it was awesome to walk thru the door and hear that squeaky little Mommmmmy I Missssed You! and have hugs. Ahh. I went from never apart from her to 12 hours in a new city. Not recommended but we survived.

  8. The pure bars are 1.50 at Trader Joes (i think). My kids love them so I buy them each one every week or 2. Making them would be so much better and I usually have those ingredients lying around.
    glad your trip was successful. I have spent the day away from my kids, but being that far away would have stressed me out, you know, just in case your flight got canceled or something (that is what I would have been freaking out about). I am gearing myself up for a night away but it will probably be in October (my BFF is having twins).

  9. Hi Hangry and FF–thanks for stopping by and saying hi! The trip to Phoenix was total chaos, but mission accomplished and I am back in San Diego safe and sound.

    I have never had PureBars. Aren't they like 3 bucks a piece? Sorry, I just can't justify very much money towards snackey foods so I make my own which even though good ingredients cost money, it still comes out cheaper, even if it's a PITA sometimes to clean out a VitaMix with homemade Lara-goo :)

    HangryP–tell me about your rendition of homemade Lara's? Do you make them? I'm all ears!

  10. Enjoy the few hours in toasty Phoenix! Thanks for the LaraBar remake. I have recently switched to Pure bars since they are organic but this is even better!