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Today so far has included some cooking & chopping, a run, and some ashtanga. And a trip to 2 grocery stores because I don’t like TJ’s broccoli so I get that at the regular grocery, but here’s some of the TJ’s bootie. One of the curses of eating fresh, whole, sometimes locally-grown fruits and veggies is that I can’t shop too far in advance, so I feel like I live at one of many grocery stores!
Packaged fruits and vegetables on countertop

How does everyone manage their grocery shopping between going to multiple stores for various produce, products, or specialty items. Whole Foods, I mean Whole Paycheck, for some things, TJ’s for others, regular grocery for other stuff, smaller independent health food stores or food coops for perhaps bulk grains, seeds, or nuts, then there’s the Target runs, and it goes on and on. I really try to consolidate trips but I am always looking for tips to manage things. I know Gina talked about this recently, too. How does everyone mange it?

Yesterday I mentioned my latest purchase, a shaker cup to whip up my Jay BRPP. Love it so far! Protein and water, with the wisk ball go in…
Protein powder in shaker bottle15 seconds of shaking and BRPP is perfectly mixed. It’s the simple things.
Protein powder mixed with water in shaker bottle after being mixed
And then I whipped up some Raw Vegan Freezer Brownies. I have made them alot lately, here’s one of the links.
Today’s blend was:
*Scant 1 c dates
*Heaping 1/2 c walnuts
*Heaping 1/2 c cocao powder
*1/2 agave
*2 tbsp vanilla
Blend in Vita-mix and scoop out, put in freezer. So easy!
Raw vegan brownies in clear container
Close-up of the Chocolate Love!!!! About midnight, this is going to hit the spot when I surf everyone’s bloggies.
Close up of Raw Vegan Brownies
Big question question for you all….I am really, really wanting to get into drinking green juice, aka Plant Blood as Kristin calls it. I am really torn about which Breville juicer to purchase.

Kristin likes this compact little Breville. Here’s an Amazon link to it, too. The GreenStar isn’t something I am interested in, but the compact one looks practical and is budget-friendly. I worry it’s too small though.

Gena recommends the Breville Juice Fountain Plus in this post. Which I will call very nice, mid-range. But, I’m actually tempted to go with this next one because I could use a 20% off coupon at BB & B on either the mid-range or the Mack Daddy (next).

Mack Daddy is the Juice Fountain Elite. Again, could get 20% off at BB & B. Hmmm…what to do? A mom friend of mine with 5 children says she has this one and could not live a day without it.

I adore my Vita-Mix and use it every day, usually multiple times per day, and if I use my juicer half as much, I am temped to just go big right from the get go. I labored over my Vita-Mix decision for years, and had I known then how much I would love it and that I use it even more than I could have imagined, I would have just gone for it. I am kinda thinking that’s how juicing is going to be for me.

Thoughts, tips, advice anyone?


Tip of the Day: Find what you really think you’re going to use/need in life, and save up for that, and cut corners other places. For me, I don’t need NetFlix, I don’t need movies, dinners out, or cute new clothes from Bebe. Of course I’d love those things…but in reality, I need great kitchen appliances (and running shoes) and that’s where I allocate my resources. Everyone’s priority system and needs are different so find what you realllllly want, and then try to make it happen but cutting out the fat, no pun intended.

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  2. Yes, Crystal…the juicing clean up sucks. There is no way to shortcut that. It just does. Now I know why Sarma wrote in her book juice bars (good ones) are invaluable and why Kristin of Kristin's Raw recommends the mini Breville, she says cleanup is easier. Well…alrighty then :) Still gonna juice but I may, gasp, make ahead 2 days portions at once so I'm only cleaning up every 48 hrs and not every 24. We shall see….

  3. It's great that you're juicing all this stuff. I need to juice more, but I hate cleaning it up. Yes, I'm lazy apparently. lol. Whole Foods juiced for me this week, though. :)

  4. Jackie, I checked out your blog, awesome work girlfriend, thanks for stoppin by to see mine. Yeah this recipe is a keeper, it's our fave, minus the celery. Just romaine, kale, cukes, apples and carrots. And it's sweet enough but not overpowering, you still feel like it's green, too. Hope you like it!

    Deb-Thanks so much for going to all that work, hope it wasn't just for me :) and that you were actually curious, too. I think my best bet it to just….sigh…get a Cuisinart food proceesor. Dammit, after the Vitamix I should never need another appliance but you're right, multiple steps and aggravation ain't fun :) Thx for the trial, and i look fwd to reading a future post on it perhaps!

  5. Averie! Success on the nanna ice cream in the Back to Basics. A LOT of work- having to start it with the regular blade, switch it to the other one, then open it constantly to mush it down. You'll spend quite a bit to get the type that has all the attachments- at least $30?? You might, no, you WILL be happier with a small food processor! I might post on it some day b/c I made it more icy and into a (VERY SMALL) mini smoothie in a bowl :-D Thanks for the idea though!!!


  6. I never thought of using my juicer with greens. I usually make kale chips. What a neat idea, I bet the apples help bring a sweet note. THe recipe is a keeper :)

  7. Don't you just love Trader Joe's? My boys adore the Naan, and it's so cheap! Way to go on scoring a great deal, I just love deals! So much yummy food and so little time!

  8. I appreciate your post. You are talking about some of the same things I like – salads, yoga and homemade granola.

    I like the sound of the green drink recipe too. I think my husband and I may try it:-)

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Emily I need to go read the label but I'm sure b/c it's a manufactured milk, they add some sweetener but it's not super sweet. But you could make your own…cup of almonds, soaked. 4c of water. Blend. Strain if you feel like it. Add vanilla. Done.

  10. I hear you with the celery – sometimes it's just a little too overpowering. I guess my favorite addition is too (jalapeno) so it's all a balance :)
    I had no idea you could get low fat vanilla almond milk – what does it have in extra? just vanilla or also some sweetener?
    Have a good weekend! ~ Emily

  11. Diana-The celery does add volume but nothing like cucumbers. I think those and just greens of all kinds are going to be my friends. 1 celery stalk, ok, but more than that it's too celery-ish but I am sensitive to it. It's one of those flavors to me like cilantro, you just can't miss it. But yeah, a little ginger. And lemon. Zippy!

    Healthy Ashley-That's high praise, thanks :)

    VG-Thanks, sweet, huh :)

    Anon-aka my DH (dear husband)-thanks babe, hopefully we can just make it thru today and get some good news for the weekend!

  12. That is one heck of a juice!!! Definitely similar to what I like to throw in my juicer, though I think it would be hard for me to get too much ginger! That is so key for every juice, IMO. Lately I'm enjoying 1/4 lemon too, just to give it a nice wake-up kick (since I'm drinking it at 6am!). But yeah, re: celery…I've been curious to try it since i'm sure it would add some nice volume, but since I'm not crazy about it in real life, I suspect I wouldn't enjoy it much in my juice. I guess I'll never know til I try! Nothing a little ginger and lemon wouldn't cover up anyway…

  13. Yes, this former Carnivore and King of bad diet has joined the Green Juice Train. Thanks to an Amazing Wife that makes these great juices, not to mention healthy eats throughout the week I am hooked on the Colors of the rainbow in my food. Thanks Averie Sunshine, you are an incredible Mommy, Yogi and now my inspiration for healthy eating!