Today so far has included some cooking & chopping, a run, and some ashtanga. And a trip to 2 grocery stores because I don’t like TJ’s broccoli so I get that at the regular grocery, but here’s some of the TJ’s bootie. One of the curses of eating fresh, whole, sometimes locally-grown fruits and veggies is that I can’t shop too far in advance, so I feel like I live at one of many grocery stores!
Packaged fruits and vegetables on countertopHow does everyone manage their grocery shopping between going to multiple stores for various produce, products, or specialty items. Whole Foods, I mean Whole Paycheck, for some things, TJ’s for others, regular grocery for other stuff, smaller independent health food stores or food coops for perhaps bulk grains, seeds, or nuts, then there’s the Target runs, and it goes on and on. I really try to consolidate trips but I am always looking for tips to manage things. I know Gina talked about this recently, too. How does everyone mange it?

Yesterday I mentioned my latest purchase, a shaker cup to whip up my Jay BRPP. Love it so far! Protein and water, with the wisk ball go in…
Protein powder in shaker bottle15 seconds of shaking and BRPP is perfectly mixed. It’s the simple things.
Protein powder mixed with water in shaker bottle after being mixed
And then I whipped up some Raw Vegan Freezer Brownies. I have made them alot lately, here’s one of the links.
Today’s blend was:
*Scant 1 c dates
*Heaping 1/2 c walnuts
*Heaping 1/2 c cocao powder
*1/2 agave
*2 tbsp vanilla
Blend in Vita-mix and scoop out, put in freezer. So easy!
Raw vegan brownies in clear container
Close-up of the Chocolate Love!!!! About midnight, this is going to hit the spot when I surf everyone’s bloggies.
Close up of Raw Vegan Brownies
Big question question for you all….I am really, really wanting to get into drinking green juice, aka Plant Blood as Kristin calls it. I am really torn about which Breville juicer to purchase.

Kristin likes this compact little Breville. Here’s an Amazon link to it, too. The GreenStar isn’t something I am interested in, but the compact one looks practical and is budget-friendly. I worry it’s too small though.

Gena recommends the Breville Juice Fountain Plus in this post. Which I will call very nice, mid-range. But, I’m actually tempted to go with this next one because I could use a 20% off coupon at BB & B on either the mid-range or the Mack Daddy (next).

Mack Daddy is the Juice Fountain Elite. Again, could get 20% off at BB & B. Hmmm…what to do? A mom friend of mine with 5 children says she has this one and could not live a day without it.

I adore my Vita-Mix and use it every day, usually multiple times per day, and if I use my juicer half as much, I am temped to just go big right from the get go. I labored over my Vita-Mix decision for years, and had I known then how much I would love it and that I use it even more than I could have imagined, I would have just gone for it. I am kinda thinking that’s how juicing is going to be for me.

Thoughts, tips, advice anyone?


Tip of the Day: Find what you really think you’re going to use/need in life, and save up for that, and cut corners other places. For me, I don’t need NetFlix, I don’t need movies, dinners out, or cute new clothes from Bebe. Of course I’d love those things…but in reality, I need great kitchen appliances (and running shoes) and that’s where I allocate my resources. Everyone’s priority system and needs are different so find what you realllllly want, and then try to make it happen but cutting out the fat, no pun intended.

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