Thanks for the good suggestions from my post yesterday about my juicer dilema. I think I’m going with the Mack Daddy, but am going to mull it over for awhile longer…

Onto the eats.

Here’s last night’s Raw Veggie Love:
*Red Peppers
*Juice of half an orange, agave, and crack black

Raw vegetables dressed in a clear containerI’ve also really been enjoying watermelon lately. So juicy and refreshing (thought that’d make a good title today).
Sliced up watermelon in clear containerWoo-hoo let’s pretend I am excited for this morning’s trot. Note the new running shoes. My aches and pains are feeling much better. Shoes, I’m telling you all, don’t go el cheapo and try to make a beat pair last. You’ll pay for it later.
Woman in running attire in front of gateGoof around a little longer in a silly surfer meets triple threat (h.s. basketball day lingo) position.
Woman in running attire doing a surfer pose in front of gateThen I came home and moved onto some yoga. Marichyasana B, with a smile.
Woman doing Marichyasana B yoga poseThen a little marichyasana break for a hug from my helper.
Woman and little girl sitting on yoga mat hugging and smilingTitibasana, with concentration.
Woman doing Titibasana yoga poseOh and let’s not forget, another trip to the TJ’s this morning. Was just there yesterday, but needed unsweeted & unsulphured dried mango, walnuts for the Raw Vegan Brownies I’ve been pounding down lately, and some greens. As evidence that I have been pounding the chocolate love, Skylar told me she loves drinking my boobie milk because “it tastes just like chocolate mousse.” An honest statement. On both of our parts. Think I’m gonna back off the chocolate? Resounding, Hell No!
Packages of mango slices, raw walnuts and spring greens on countertop
Then whipped up a Monster Smoothie. Yes, there are leftovers. Here’s what went into the Vita-Mix:
*1 Banana
*1 Orange
*2 Apples
*10 Raisins
*1 piece of that dried Mango
*10 Baby Carrots
*Handful of greens
*Thick stalk of Broc

Vegetables, fruit and greens in blenderHere’s the Result
Blended smooth vegetables, fruits and greens in blenderAnd in a jar for fridge storing.
Blended vegetables, fruits and greens in glass jarAnd now, we’re off to a park to tire out the pumpkin and get some fresh air and sunshine.


Tip of the Day: Don’t be scared of crazy smoothie variations. You cannot really taste the bitterness of a broc stalk, or the greenness of peas, or greens, with all the other sweeter fruits in there. If it was just me partaking, I wouldn’t care if it was a little ummm, green tasting. But this is a great way to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies, too and also play fridge cleanout. Worst that can happen? You feed your garbage disposal it’s dose of greens for the day.

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