Kombucha Bottling

Remember yesterday when I said I got a new oak barrel to brew kombucha in?  Well, my existing batch was ready to be bottled.  Here it is, all bottled up.

Look at that foam and fizz!  Yeah, baby!

For the new batch, I brewed almost 2 gallons of tea + 2 generous cups of Sugar

Poured that tea & sugar into the barrel + 1 c of the previous batch of ‘booch (it’s a nice starter, i.e. boost to get everything off to a good start)

And added a Scoby Mushroom from my Kombucha Hotel

 Look at all those scoby’s I’ve grown!
 Layers of shrooms!
The Kombucha Hotel method is how extra mushrooms are recomended to be stored. They can hang out for up to 90 days on the countertop in a tea/sugar mixture without any issue.  Putting them in the fridge can kill them so the Hotel method is what Eddy the Happy Herablist recommends.

Put the barrel on the warming plate and set it to 80, and now I just wait 7 or 8 days. 

In a week, I will drain off my first glass, about 10% of the total volume of the barrel or about 10-12 ounces, add 10-12 ounces of fresh tea/sugar to replenish, and Continuous Brewing will be established.  Drain, replenish, repeat daily.

Drinking kombucha is almost as good as drinking a pina colada. Just thinking about it makes me want to be back on this Beach in Aruba!

 She looks so much older now!  This picture was taken just under 7 months ago.

Have you ever tried kombucha?


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  3. I wonder if there are any recipes with Kambucha.

  4. Just discovered the English name for it. This Mushroom (in Russia called Tea Mushroom) is known to everybody in Russia. Almost every family have owned one at least once. Was extremely popular in Soviet times when sodas were not so easy to get product on the market. So this was a sort of substitute.
    I like it very much, but only recently discovered that it has a little alcohol in it (because of yeast fermentation) so need to be careful to give it to kids.
    Your barrel is my dream container for this Mushroom. I also think that even glass picnic jars with a hose on the bottom will work as well.
    And we never specially heat up our mushroom, it just stays on the kitchen counter with a cloth on top to avoid flyes get in

    • It’s also called mushroom in English, too!

      Yes, tiny bit of alcohol as the by-product of the yeast fermentation, but small.

      Glass jars, yes, they are what I use or use the oak barrel. And heat will kill the mushroom, you’re right.

      happyherbalist.com (tons of info and fun to read – enjoy!)

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  6. whenever i come to your blog there is atleast one post which is interesting.keep up the good work.

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