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So do you like it?  Huh? those of you reading in googlereader are asking. 

I decided to change the background and color scheme on my bloggie.  In case you can’t remember what it was because I know some of you, like VeggieGirl, subscribe to like 10 million blogs and always is the first commenter no less, I love ya girl! 

Anyway, the former bloggie background was an orangey, coral middle section with a semi-bright floral patten on the side.  Think cantelope, sunny days, and summer.  Well, it’s nearing fall and I wasn’t feelin’ the color scheme.  I really am not an orange lover.  Not to mention, I felt the orange background made all my food photos look a little off.  So, I am diggin’ this one much better.  What do you guys think?

I hope everyone’s been having a great weekend!  We just got back from the beach.  Well, the bay.  Mixed bag with a toddler.  Great for awhile, but then when we told her we had to go, All. Hell. Broke. Loose and MEGA tantrum ensued.  One of those tantrums that as a mom you wonder why you even tried to embark on this “oh-so-fun” actvitity?  That’s the price of being a mom to a little pumpkin just two and a half and on the bright side, it was still fun for most of the time. 

I’m going to try to keep the commentary to a minimum today because I want to spend time with my family before the weekend is sadly, sniff-sniff, over.

Remember in this post when I mentioned I have a container garden?  Well the Little Engine That Could, aka my strawberry plant that has yielded about 4 strawberries thus far in it’s short existence appears to be turning the corner.  And my harvest total will be at a whopping 7 berries this season.  Baby steps, I tell ya.

Strawberry plant with some growing strawberries

Here’s a sampling of some of the eats of the past 24…

Raw Oatmeal.  I just soaked 1/3 c dry oats with 2/3 c almond milk for about 18 hours in the fridge with a banana that I diced.  Result:  Creamy oats, no cooking.  Who needs that darn radioactive box, I mean microwave, anyway?

Homemade raw oatmeal close up

Last night’s dinner was more of the Sweet ‘n Tangy Chicken-Less Chicken Salad, served open-face taco style in romaine leaves, garnished with dulse flakes, cukes, zukes, yellow peppers, and some crack black.

Sweet and Tangy Chickenless Chicken Salad on romaine leaves

And no dinner is complete without even more veggies:
*Yellow & Orange Peppers
*Juice of 1/2 orange, Agave, & Crack Black

Mixed vegetables with dressing

Here were some of the beach shots, not stunning, but my butt was comfortably parked on my blanket and this was the best I could muster from that comfy vantage point.

Sandy beach showing calm water

Walking hand in hand.  I like this one alot.

Man and child walking along beach wading in water 

I want to go swimming by myself, Mommy.  Did I mention that I used to run away from my parents at the beach?  Payback’s a bitch, isn’t it.

Little girl playing in the water 
I really cannot believe I am posting this, but what they heck.  I mean, I have posted some shots of me wearing not much more doing my yoga.  So here you go.  Modesty and shame out the window I guess.  Also it’s for Justine who mentioned that she is not comfy in a two-piece in some situations and since she has a rockin’ bod, I have no idea what she’s talking about but I think it’s a girl thing…I mean, who loves the way they look in a swimsuit?  Surely not I!
Woman in swimsuit on beach with little girl wading in water behind her

Speaking of yoga, here’s one of me in Marichasana C on the New Yoga Mat! Which in case you missed it, I gave the lowdown on the mat in this post.  Cliff’s Notes: I gave it a Two Namastes Up.

Woman doing Marichasana C yoga pose


Tip of the Day:  When things are not going well, try to take some deep breaths and remember, This Too Shall Pass.  We all know this, but in the heat of the moment when there is sand getting all over the car, bare feet are walking on hot pavement, a kid is screaming bloody murder, your boss is chewing you out over something lame, your significant other just told you something even lamer…you get the drift.  Just take a few deep breaths, don’t freak, and remember it will be over soon.  

What’s your In-The-Heat-of-the-Moment Stress reducing tip?

P.S. Stay tuned for some chocolate tomorrow.  And guess what…it’s NOT the raw vegan brownies.  Somethin’ new!

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  1. Omg, that yellow bag is sooooo cute! I could definately accessorize it with cool things and every non-vegan will be jealous of it :p

    That raw oatmeal cookie looks delish :)

  2. I never even knew that their were complete vegan stores, so cool! Id totallty check out all the chocolates they have to offer :)

  3. I somehow missed this post!
    I love the health food and vegetarian stores we have here in L.A. not sure if there are any all vegan stores here…I must look into that!

  4. Cool store! But after looking at all your yummy foods nothing really stood out for me…I am just a yummy food addict :-)

  5. Look at you go with all of those yummy treats:)

    I've actually seen that vegan store It looks pretty cool!

  6. Emily-Ani's book is really good and I have only made a few things in it b/c I have just been short on time lately but plan to get goin' on things soon. I just thumbed thru it for you and really she doesn't use many grains at all. I think it's practically a GF and raw cookbook. And unlike other cookbooks where you need a dehydrator, this one isn't as heavy on the dehy action. And just the past week I've been craving PB. Normally not a nut butt girl either but I've just been goin' with it.

  7. Hello again!
    I tend to just run with a salad when I need to make something quick. I became a pro at them when I had but 5 minutes to throw something together before taking it out the door and to work with me.
    I love those dates too. I don't tend to eat nut butters but I can sense how good that creaminess would be!
    Q: I have Ani's book in my amazon cart, but am curious as to how many recipes have grains in of some kind. How are you finding it, since you're gf?
    ~ e.