Considering that my first juicing experience with my New Juicer, and my first swig of homemade fresh green juice, was something like losing one’s virginity, a special and revered event (tongue-in-cheek humor here), I thought I’d take pics along the way. Enjoy the pics!

(And no, I didn’t take pics along the way of losing my virginity….there was no time for the camera, it was over in 22 seconds flat.)

The Machine as I mentioned in my previous post
Breville Juicer on countertopThe Input:
*4 Large Romaine Leaves
*1 Kale Stalk *1 Apple shown, but I actually used 2 (I am trying to replace my afternoon iced coffee and I make that really sweet so the 2nd apple did the sweet steps, people.)
*1/2 Cuke
*3 Celery Stalks
*1 Carrot
*1 smallish inch of Ginger
A variety of vegetables and an apple drying on countertopThe user’s manual said to use a baggie for your pulp. I thought this was a great tip and will double as my Tip of the Day: Make your life easier and take shortcuts when and where you can. We’re all doing such a great job eating organically, consciously, healthfully, locally, seasonally, etc. and although there is waste in using the plastic baggie and the environment can strike me down now, it saved me quite a few minutes cleaning the pulp bin. I will say the only downside is the cleanup of the juicer, but well worth it, trust me, I’m not complaining at all! So save yourself time and cut corners sometimes if it helps keep your sanity, not just with juicing, but with life in general.
Juicer producing juiceFirst I juiced the greens, then the apples and carrot and you can see the green is at the bottom, and it’s more orange towards the top.
Measuring portion of juicer showing the juice that has been madeFit perfectly in my handy dandy Shaker Cup
Shaker cup filled with fresh juiced vegetables and fruitAnd in the fridge, just chillin’ for me. Juice Goddesses, don’t hate me. I know you’re supposed to consume fresh juice immediately, but this was consumed within 2 hours post-juicing. I cannot run that loudass juicer while my sweet precious is napping, that’s a surefire way to blow the nap and end up with a really crank mommy that not even a green juice can fix! And again, I mention my afternoon iced coffee(s) that I am trying to cut down on or even eliminate so that coldness was a bonus, especially on an 85 degree day.
Shaker bottle in refrigerator filled with juiceThe verdict:
It was awesome, I am totally hooked after my first hit on the crackpipe, I mean first swig of plant blood.

Some feelings and sensations I noticed in no particular order:
*Lightness of my body.
*No heavy-food-in-tummy-feeling that I can sometimes get from smoothies.
*No sloshing of too much coffee and no GI upset that I get when I over-do the coffee on my afternoon workout/power walk with my family.
*Mental clarity (but that could have been because I reduced my afternoon iced coffee bonanza in half and wasn’t going from caffeine high to crash and burn)
*A sense of calmness. I’m not making this up and am not trying to be all new agey. Really, it calmed me.
*Lots of peeing. I think I was detoxing after just one glass!! Love it!
*I felt nourished, satiated.
*I was less munchy and almost not even hungry for dinner. (I of course made room for midnight chocolate, I mean, duh…not even green juice could get me skippin’ that!)

Thanks for your comments and juice recipe tips you all wrote in with from the last post, too.

So my final question is if you had an unlimited budget, what kitchen appliance are you most coveting? What are you just drooling for? Why? Can’t wait to hear everyone’s wish list!


P.S. I’m going to try to post again later today with some of yesterday’s food and yoga highlights but not sure how the day will play out. For sure, will catch ya all tomorrow if I’m not back today.

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