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I needed to take pictures of my kitchen earlier in the week and since I always enjoy seeing where people cook up their magic, or where food bloggers spends an inordinate amount of time, I thought I’d show you where I inevitably spend a large part of my waking hours.

My kitchen is small.  Note the width of the sink and dishwasher.  My entire kitchen is just slightly wider than those items.  The beauty is at least I am not wasting steps or wasting time walking from one end of my massive food prep area to the next.  Hardly. 

I can stretch my arms out and practically touch both sides of it, at once.

I store all my pots and pans, Vita-Mix, and mixing bowls in this low cupboard which is just to the left of the dishwasher.

And most of my food storage, cooking, and baking supplies are stored in another cupboard on two shelves.

I’ve done a post about what pantry and refrigerator staples I keep on hand.

Here’s my dehydrator that I dusted off which does take up very valuable countertop real estate.

And here’s my living room as viewed from my kitchen.

From my pantry supplies I made Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies and Special K Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake)


1. Tell me about your kitchen.  Is is big, small, new, old, modern, rustic, neat,  messy.  How would you describe it?  Do you like seeing pictures of other people’s kitchens?

My kitchen is shiny and modern which I really do appreciate.  Even though it’s small, it makes me feel good to be in it.  I think that the energy of the space you’re in and how you feel when you’re in it will impact your creativity and overall results.  Not just with cooking, but with anything.  Gotta feel good in your space and surroundings.

I keep my kitchen neat, and it’s always neat; not just for the photos but that’s how it looks.  I cannot stand a messy kitchen or having a state of disarray after I am done cooking or baking.  So, all the dishes get done right away and everything gets put back into it’s place.  I really couldn’t imagine leaving it messy and just leaving it like that.  It would drive me batty until I cleaned it.  Just my little thing.  Some people are messy and that’s cool for them.

And yes, I love seeing pictures of other people’s kitchen’s and spaces.

2. What do you keep on hand for baking and cooking supplies?  Do you have ample storage space?

The size (or lack thereof) of my kitchen and food storage area is why I don’t shop at Costco or the  big warehouse stores.

One large plastic tub of animal crackers or would take up far too much room in my limited food storage area.  So no matter how cheap it is, I can’t do it.  No space!

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Happy Veteran’s Day and enjoy your 11-11-11 and the weekend!

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  1. I live in an 1930s adobe and my kitchen is vintage all the way. Its VERY small and galley style. I have to be very efficient while cooking for more than two people. I have this incredible old-fashioned Kenmore stove, gas of course, which I love! I would feel so lost in a huge kitchen and having to run from end to end. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • The house I lived in when I was pregnant was a 1920s Spanish Mission Revival house here in San Diego and it had been re-habbed but I know what it would have been like had it not b/c other houses in the area were still circa 1960s. Can’t imagine 1930s! :)

  2. My kitchen is super tiny and doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as yours. Thankfully, it’s an apartment, so when I move out to find a house of my own I can be as picky as I want to be about the kitchen, because I totally need more space!

  3. We just moved and this new kitchen is smaller but it is square, which I prefer as there’s more counter space. The cupboard space is lacking a little and we’re feeling that but I love the fact that there’s more counters for me to spread out on when I cook!

    I love your kitchen btw, it’s gorgeous, and I love how it looks onto the lounge – must be great for entertaining!

  4. Your kitchen and living room are gorgeous! Thanks for the sneak peak. I LOVE seeing people’s homes.
    Our kitchen is a great size, but I would LOVE more storage. And it’s pretty BORING! Boring oak cabinets, white corian countertops, and white appliances. Booooring! When we moved in I figured we’d replace countertops, stain cabinets, and get stainless steel appliances. Who was I kidding? LOL!

  5. My kitchen is pretty big, especially for the size of my house. It is more on the modern side, with white cupboards, and black counter tops.

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