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I realized in Aruba after spending every single waking second with Skylar that she was ready for more stimulation and a more challenging environment than her current preschool was able to provide.

Skylar at the beach with sunglasses

It’s been a fabulous place for her, but all good things run their course and come to an end.   Kids grow, they mature; they outgrow certain things and need new challenges.

And today she was off to meet that challenge: she started school at a new school.

She was thrilled.

I have been a basket case.

I’ve been consoling myself with a baking project that involved lots of cream cheese frosting.  We have enough desserts and sugar in this house right now to send anyone into a diabetic coma and I surely didn’t need to bake anything.

Cream cheese frosting on electric mixer

But I haven’t known what to do with myself and it was stress-relieving for me, a little bit.  I didn’t even eat any of it.  And I always sample the goods but I’ve been too nervous and anxious wondering how she’s doing which should give you an indication of the state of my nerves.

I’ve been wondering how her day has been, if she’s liking it, if she was able to unscrew the tight lid on her water bottle by herself, if the other kids will be nice, if she’ll miss her friends at her old school.

I have been worried about all the things any mother probably worries about but until you send your precious little bundle of joy off into the big bad world you can’t imagine how basket case-ish you really will be.  Trust me, it happens.

She’ll be 5 years old in just a few weeks.  Where have five years gone?  I don’t even know.

Time flies.  Hug your babies because pretty soon they aren’t babies.

They say things like, “Mom, I am waiting for a response.  Please don’t ignore me.” when you try to ignore their requests to watch more Nickelodeon.

The school feeds them some snacks but I packed her a lunch that I would have loved to have if I were a kid:

Grapes, carrot sticks with peanut butter to dip them in, an apple, raisins, sugar snap peas

seaweed snacks because she loves those black salty things

Annie Chun's roasted seaweed snacks

and a small No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Square

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Square stack

At first I was thinking, well what if she can’t get the plastic wrap off it because I wrapped it really tightly and then I realized, she’s pretty resourceful when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter.

Just like her mama.

Do you remember starting new schools?  Were you nervous?  Excited?

If you’re a mom, did you have more first day jitters than your child or do you remember your mom being a bit of a nervous wreck sending you off to school?

I loved school and I was usually a mixture of anxious and excited with the start of a new school year.

I remember going from elementary school into middle school and feeling like that was big stuff.

And then when I was about to enter high school from junior high, that felt really big.  I was worried I may get lost in the high school and how could I ever get from one end of the school to the next in a five minute bell period. I moved from a very small school to a high school with over 2000 students and it seemed huge.

Time to go pick up my “baby” pretty soon and hear about her first day.

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  1. I thought she wasnt in school? Didnt you say she was doing the ‘un schooling’? Or whatever its called. Regardless, she is such an outgoing, independent little girl. She will do great!

    1. She’s been in school for almost two years now and although I believe in unschooling and homeschooling, our needs changed and things are working out great!

  2. I know exactly how you are feeling about Skylar. I think when a mom has just one child the emotions tend to run a bit higher.

    Recently I sent my 12 year old son off to practice wrestling with the big boys in High School. Mine is only a 6th grader in his first year of Middle School. They thought it was cool that he brings 6 years of experience and there has been no issues of taunting due to the age and physical size gap. I think the guys are more apt to respect him for taking on the challenge and look after him since he is part of the team in a way.

    All I know is that when I pick him up he’s happy, smiling and having a good time. That is what really matters the most because he does struggle with shyness. I’m sure Skylar had a great time and will adjust to her new school quickly. Funny how kids can do those things so seamlessly and easily while having fun.

    Take a deep breath mom, all’s good.

  3. I was always excited for the first day of school, but not when I changed schools. From elementary to middle school wasn’t too hard, but middle school to high school was super hard! It wasn’t even that different because I was still with most of the same kids, but it was rough.

    I remember my best friend was a nervous wreck when she sent her oldest to school, but when her second oldest was getting ready to start she couldn’t wait for some free time, lol.

  4. Ah, going thru the same thing…. we’re in the middle of a big move & we’re not quite settled yet so the kids are being ‘home schooled’ right now. It’s so nerve racking that I can’t sleep sometimes! Never mind finding our forever home on the Island, but finding a place that has a good school & good friends for the boys…. yikes!

    Glad it all went well for you & Skylar!

  5. Awwww, so cute!! I think you’re an amazing mom full of so much love that little girl. I can’t wait until I have kids and can snuggle them actually feel that love and “worry” that you mom’s have….sweet!

    So she loved it??


  6. These moments are so precious before they go out into the “big bad world.” My daughter is just about the same age as yours (five in Feb). Looking forward to hearing how it went. : )

  7. Does it count as a teacher? I know I’m always more nervous on the first day than my students are! :)

  8. I hope she had a fantastic first day! With the lunch you packed, I can’t imagine it being anything but wonderful :) My mom always put carrot sticks and peanut butter in my lunchbox and while I loved school, the highlight was lunch with my friends!

  9. By the way, that sounds like an amazing lunch. I’m sure her classmates will be munching on colored tubes of artificial yogurt and ersatz neon Cheetos– she’s all set! I’ve never tried carrots with peanut butter, it sounds intriguing! Hope Skylar had a great day

    1. Better than celery dipped into peanut butter (with raisins), i.e. ants on a log. I just don’t like celery that much. Carrots..way better!

  10. Aw, I’m sure Skylar is well-prepared and ready for the new school challenges. I can’t imagine she’d have any troubles fitting right in. She just oozes love and joy and FUN. I’d be friends with her in a second. Besides, with those desserts she’s going to be bringing daily, she’ll always have a friend or 18. ;)

    1. Yeah I had no idea what is acceptable to pack and what’s not..I mean, I’d love to give away tons of treats…but I dont want anyone complaining it’s too much sugar. As they go to town on Hi-C juice boxes and chips and Lunchables. But ya know :)

      She loved it. Like…an old pro. So that was great :)

  11. Having 3 older sisters I guess my mom was pretty used to sending her kids off to school, though I’m sure she was nervous at first. The only time I switched schools was in the second half of kindergarten– which didn’t really matter in the long run! Being a junior in high school it truly is amazing how time flies. I feel like not many of us appreciate everyday experiences enough.

  12. My little girl is 3 1/2 and I’m totally fearing the day I send her off to kindergarten! Here, they start at 5, and its a full day. Up until last year in Canada…kindergarten was only a half day. At least you have the comfort that she’s loving it. As much as we like when they miss us, its good to know they have some independence.

    1. It did. She loved it. It was so business as usual for her. Polar opposite of how it was for me :)

      And thanks for the story of your bowl being a Bday gift. It’s so pretty!

  13. I can’t even imagine what the first day jitters are like, but I am sure she did really well!! Is it a full day preschool?

    1. Full and it’s Montessori so it’s not really preschool per se, but they group kids as an age range within a few year span. You’re a teacher, so I know you know what it is :)

  14. I cry on the 1st day of school every year, even for my 5th grader this year. When my 2nd child went to kindergarten is when I knew I wanted a 3rd baby, just wasn’t ready for that babyhood time to end. So now I have my third baby here and want a 4th!

    I bet Skylar had a great day!

  15. Awww, this post is adorable, Averie! I hope Skylar’s day went well (if not, you’re going to need to stock up on cream cheese…)

  16. Skylar is just so beautiful and I love her expressions … I remember feeling the way you are feeling now … now I am feeling another type of anxious being that my oldest will be 18 in 10 days … and she is a senior … enjoy every minute … I hate to say it … but it is soooo true … they grow up soooo fast!

    1. I can’t even imagine what that will be like when she’s…gulp..18 and leaves home. I wish you nerves of steel and to savor all these moments with your “baby”, too :)

  17. My boys are teenagers now, one in high school and one in junior high, but I home schooled them from K-3 (the oldest one) and K-1 (the younger one). When we went from home school to private school, I dropped them off and then sat in my car and cried for about 3 hours until they got out – that first day was a half day. When I picked them up, they were so eager to tell me about their new friends and all the fun games they played. It really relieved me. It took me a while to feel I could let them go without feeling sorrow, not just at how they were going to do, but how much I was going to miss them. They transitioned from that school into the public charter school they are in now and I still miss them every single day! They love it at their school though, which is a big consolation. I must say, though, I look forward to picking them up, every single day! So, your reaction seems pretty normal to me! :-)

  18. Skylar is adorable! I love it when kiddos like healthy things. It’s all about what they are offered. My kids eat anything. And I totally know how you feel about them going to school. It stresses me out!

  19. They DO grow up so fast, i know this too much with Anthony turning 12 this year! YIKES!

    Im so glad she likes the new school! She is so cute!

  20. Holy smokes- I can’t believe she’s already in a “big girl” school. :) I can’t imagine what I’m going to be like when the boys go. A basket case may be a bit of an understatement. Yikes. Can’t wait to see your cream cheese frosting creation and to hear about Skylar’s day! :)

  21. I hope Skylar had a great day at her new school! I can totally relate to being nervous about switching schools. We are thinking about a new school for the toddler, and just thinking about it has been nerve-wrecking. Like Skylar, he handles new situations quite well, but you never know…

  22. I don’t have children, but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on how things are different for Skylar being school than they were when you were doing unschooling with her. I think it’s awesome that she’s excited about her first day! :) I always hated school starting back up, haha. I guess I like having my own schedule too much…. still do.

  23. I was the child of a military family, so I think I was a pro at dealing with new schools. It was always exciting for me. I don’t recall ever being nervous. Only when I was in high school and transferred to my last one was I unhappy. But you know… I was a teenager who went from a popular cheerleader in a good school, to a nobody in a gang school.

  24. I hope you will tell us how she liked it :) I am dying to hear how it went!
    Surely I will never forget my first day at school, it was sooo exciting and I had been waiting for that day for absolute ages.

  25. Such a sweet post!

    As a preschool teacher I see some moms who just are heartbroken when they drop their child off…but when they get the big hug and see the massive grin at the end of the day, it’s good for everyone :)

    1. the minute we got there, she BAILED from me and ran into the middle of the room…and she was off. Doing her thing. Not one of those crying at mom’s leg kids. She was like BYE MOM GOTTA GO!

      I was way more heartbroken than she was :)

  26. She sounds like a pretty tough cookie, and I’m sure she had a great time. Can’t wait to hear the news!

  27. How exciting for Skylar and stressful for you! Hang in there! I loved new schools and environments when I was a kid, but not so much as a teen diving into a new social scene.

  28. oh, Mama! having to change to a more challenging school is a GOOD ‘problem’ to have. from what I imagine based on your stories, I am sure she’s doing great! I went to preschool before kindergarten and LOVED it – there was a swim pool and a trampoline, and my best friend was there too. we went all through school together – graduated high school together! what an exciting time for her, just beginning her journey! channel that worry into finding ways to capture all the memories! :D

    can’t wait to hear how it went.

    1. Yeah she majorly outgrew the old place. And this is a Montessori school so she’ll be in this class for another year or so. They group kids in a 2 to 3 year age range all together and so if it all works out, she’ll be there for awhile!

  29. Aw I bet she did just fine, and I’m sure she made plenty of friends with that killer dessert by her side! It probably won’t hurt to send her with a few extras all week in fact ;)

    1. I know! I wanted to send extra…I Have SO.Much.Stuff around here right now…but I dont wanna make other parents mad. People tend to freak out about “sugar”. But they forget those juice boxes and Lunchables are packed with sugar but I digress…

  30. I think I may have cried on my first day of kindergarten :) That is one of the scariest things to me about having children someday…letting them grow up, be heartbroken once or twice, or be frightened about being out in the world!

    1. I’s crazy that I am “one of those” moms now. All teary eyed sending my baby off to big girl school.

  31. Hugs friend. I am not a mom, but I sure know how my sister reacted both times her kids started school and then when they recently changed schools. I hope she’s loving it!!

    1. Glad to know your sister went thru it, too. Not that she went thru it, but that it’s “common” to be a wreck :)

  32. Aw, I hope she’s had a good day and enjoyed the new challenge! I love that first picture of her, she’s looks so full of fun and mischief…;)

    1. Yea she took my sunglasses and said mom, these say D and G on the side. And then put them on. Such a thief :)