I realized in Aruba after spending every single waking second with Skylar that she was ready for more stimulation and a more challenging environment than her current preschool was able to provide.

Skylar at the beach with sunglasses

It’s been a fabulous place for her, but all good things run their course and come to an end.   Kids grow, they mature; they outgrow certain things and need new challenges.

And today she was off to meet that challenge: she started school at a new school.

She was thrilled.

I have been a basket case.

I’ve been consoling myself with a baking project that involved lots of cream cheese frosting.  We have enough desserts and sugar in this house right now to send anyone into a diabetic coma and I surely didn’t need to bake anything.

Cream cheese frosting on electric mixer

But I haven’t known what to do with myself and it was stress-relieving for me, a little bit.  I didn’t even eat any of it.  And I always sample the goods but I’ve been too nervous and anxious wondering how she’s doing which should give you an indication of the state of my nerves.

I’ve been wondering how her day has been, if she’s liking it, if she was able to unscrew the tight lid on her water bottle by herself, if the other kids will be nice, if she’ll miss her friends at her old school.

I have been worried about all the things any mother probably worries about but until you send your precious little bundle of joy off into the big bad world you can’t imagine how basket case-ish you really will be.  Trust me, it happens.

She’ll be 5 years old in just a few weeks.  Where have five years gone?  I don’t even know.

Time flies.  Hug your babies because pretty soon they aren’t babies.

They say things like, “Mom, I am waiting for a response.  Please don’t ignore me.” when you try to ignore their requests to watch more Nickelodeon.

The school feeds them some snacks but I packed her a lunch that I would have loved to have if I were a kid:

Grapes, carrot sticks with peanut butter to dip them in, an apple, raisins, sugar snap peas

seaweed snacks because she loves those black salty things

Annie Chun's roasted seaweed snacks

and a small No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Square

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Square stack

At first I was thinking, well what if she can’t get the plastic wrap off it because I wrapped it really tightly and then I realized, she’s pretty resourceful when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter.

Just like her mama.

Do you remember starting new schools?  Were you nervous?  Excited?

If you’re a mom, did you have more first day jitters than your child or do you remember your mom being a bit of a nervous wreck sending you off to school?

I loved school and I was usually a mixture of anxious and excited with the start of a new school year.

I remember going from elementary school into middle school and feeling like that was big stuff.

And then when I was about to enter high school from junior high, that felt really big.  I was worried I may get lost in the high school and how could I ever get from one end of the school to the next in a five minute bell period. I moved from a very small school to a high school with over 2000 students and it seemed huge.

Time to go pick up my “baby” pretty soon and hear about her first day.

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