Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Love


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Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Love Close-Up…delish!

Close up of oatmeal raisin cookies on countertop

Yesterday I picked up a couple cookbooks, both Sarma’s and Ani’s (thanks Border’s for that one-day 40% off coupon in my inbox!).

Raw Food Real World cookbook
Ani's Raw Food Desserts cookbookI had to whip up a batch of Ani’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Of course they are made with uncooked oats, so if you don’t get technical, they’re raw, they’re vegan, and a snap to make. Can’t publish the full recipe but very short ingredient list.

Here’s a photo of her book with the cookies shown and then a picture of my dough coming out of the Vita-Mix. I was pretty damn impressed that my dough looked just like the pics of hers! Seriously gang, this recipe is so easy, it’s pretty much goofproof.
Open cookbook with oatmeal raisin cookie mixture in blender

10 Happy Cookies
Formed oatmeal raisin cookies on plastic wrap on countertopAnd then I wrapped them up individually for Scott’s lunches or snackies for me or Skylar.
Individually wrapped oatmeal raisin cookies stacked on top of one another They probably won’t last too long!


Tip of the Day: Don’t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen! Worst thing that can happen? You waste a few bucks worth of ingredients and feed your garbage disposal.

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  1. Sorry I didn't mention that I followed your link over from the HMN loop when you posted it…I SWEAR I'm not a stalker!!! I was thrilled to see you posting again after namastemama was shut down. I'm going through a bit of a reinvention myself and will need to change my blog over soon.

  2. VG–yes juice is so helpful for any kind of ailment or issue going on, I can tell already!

    Emily-I am glad you liked the story, and congrats for finding and being on the path that's workin' for you! As for my next appliance to tick off my list…easy The Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator. I told hubby yesterday, well ok babe, so now that I have the juicer, I just wanted to let you know I'm not quite done…

    Hi Bridget, glad you found me, have no idea how, but yay! I know you were one of my namastemamma followers which I had to shut down due to a few weirdos who were leaving weird anon comments. I think it's awesome you save your pulp and if you check out choosingraw.com, Gina has some posts on that. As well as Kristin's Raw. That's why I need the dehydrator, so I can make pulp crackers!

    Thanks ladies, I appreciate your support on my blog soooo much. Extra shout out to VG who is usually my 1st and daily commenter. You bring a smile in my inbox :)))

  3. I LOVE my juicer and the way that I feel when I use it! Your juice sounds fabulous! One thing that I do with my pulp is save it to make muffins and pancakes for my boys. I sprout my own wheat berries, dehydrate and grind them then add to the pulp along with anything else that might sounds good and then either bake or put on the griddle. They love these and I have virtually nothing to add to my compost bin after doing so. Glad I found you on this blog, Averie!

  4. Happy to hear you enjoyed it! I love reading stories like these. Even though I know I'm set going down this path, it somehow makes me feel even happier to read others stories :)
    We used to do our juice first thing before we left home, and so if it was going to be longer than my drive to work before I drank it, I just threw a few icecubes in to keep it as cool as possible.
    As for which appliance I'm most coveting it'd have to be a replacement juicer!
    How about you now you've ticked that one off your list?