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Some nights are fancy

Some nights aren’t.

Pepperoni pizza

There comes a time in every wife and mother’s life, when frozen pizza is worth it’s $4.99 in gold.

Slice of Pepperoni pizza

There are nights when the family doesn’t know the difference between fancy fresh fish and frozen tomato sauce and dough from a box.

Or doesn’t seem to care. And that’s okay.

Pepperoni pizza

I didn’t feel like picking around the pepperoni or tasting any of those sodium-laden pepperoni oil-infused bites so I let the family make quick work of this.

Pepperoni pizza slice

Along with a random smorgasbord from my crisper drawer, including that asparagus that I bought a week ago needed attention and a sweet potato in the back of the cupboard, I had tempeh and cucumber sticks.

I could take a bath in balsamic reduction.

tempeh and cucumber sticks with balsamic reduction

I had extra bananas to use and a spare orange and so we had Baked Orange Banana Coconut Donuts with Orange Coconut Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze for dessert.

As long as I was running the oven for the pizza, may as well pop in a tray of donuts was my logic.

Baked Orange Banana Coconut Donuts with Orange Coconut Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze

What’s your favorite kind of pizza crust and toppings?

Thin crust is a must for me and it must be super crispy. I hate crispy and crunchy in desserts and cookies, but for pizza crust, it’s the only way to go.

Deep dish is like eating a loaf of dough to me and I’d rather save my carbs for this kind of dough.

My favorite toppings are cheese, pineapple, and a sprinkling of hot pepper flakes. Basically a Hawaiian pizza without the bacon. Pineapple and peppers give me the sweet ‘n spicy that I love, without the sodium bomb.

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  1. Aaaaaaah I’m your fan, I swear hahaha, I’ve been making some of your recipes and my friends are becoming crazy. I’ve noticed that there’s only like 4 recipes of pizza in your blog. I would be so happy if you make a pizza recipe, pan pizza or cracker pizza, but the real thing, I mean real pizza, old school pizza. I’m your fan but I would be totally in love with you if you make a pizza recipe. I’m so done with spending money on pizza and all those recipes out there are so… Meh. Sending a lot of love to you.

    1. I have this pizza dough recipe and once you make that dough, just takes an hour – you can doctor it up any way you want! I don’t make lots of pizza for my blog because well, my pizzas are always vegetarian and I don’t feel like that would be that ‘interesting’ to most people so I usually never blog about them but thanks for saying you’d like to see more pizza recipes. I’ll try as the weather cools off :)

  2. I love seeing pizza on your blog!! Is it a first?

    All pizza is pretty great in my books, and green olives are one of my favourite pizza toppings.

    1. One other time I showed a picture of pizza when I was at a street fest, but yes, other than that…it’s a first :)

  3. you are kidding!!!!!! OMG THAT IS SO GREAT! I’m seriously freaking out right now!! haha! We have a great new student center that is AMAZE and you need to come back and see it!!!

    Thanks for the advice on protein powders!

  4. How did you manage to make frozen pizza look amazing?! Great pictures as always.