Some nights are fancy

Some nights aren’t.

Pepperoni pizza

There comes a time in every wife and mother’s life, when frozen pizza is worth it’s $4.99 in gold.

Slice of Pepperoni pizza

There are nights when the family doesn’t know the difference between fancy fresh fish and frozen tomato sauce and dough from a box.

Or doesn’t seem to care. And that’s okay.

Pepperoni pizza

I didn’t feel like picking around the pepperoni or tasting any of those sodium-laden pepperoni oil-infused bites so I let the family make quick work of this.

Pepperoni pizza slice

Along with a random smorgasbord from my crisper drawer, including that asparagus that I bought a week ago needed attention and a sweet potato in the back of the cupboard, I had tempeh and cucumber sticks.

I could take a bath in balsamic reduction.

tempeh and cucumber sticks with balsamic reduction

I had extra bananas to use and a spare orange and so we had Baked Orange Banana Coconut Donuts with Orange Coconut Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze for dessert.

As long as I was running the oven for the pizza, may as well pop in a tray of donuts was my logic.

Baked Orange Banana Coconut Donuts with Orange Coconut Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze

What’s your favorite kind of pizza crust and toppings?

Thin crust is a must for me and it must be super crispy. I hate crispy and crunchy in desserts and cookies, but for pizza crust, it’s the only way to go.

Deep dish is like eating a loaf of dough to me and I’d rather save my carbs for this kind of dough.

My favorite toppings are cheese, pineapple, and a sprinkling of hot pepper flakes. Basically a Hawaiian pizza without the bacon. Pineapple and peppers give me the sweet ‘n spicy that I love, without the sodium bomb.

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