For a little while on Tuesday while Scott was inside working, Skylar and I were at the pool.

Complex pool

She slid

Slide leading into pool

And I tried to do as little as possible and laid on my chaise.

Poolside chairs

And admired the view.

Sky and palm tree

After that, we went to the beach.

Aruba beach

And after the sun started going down…

Skylar at the beach

We came home and drank peaches and coconut cream smoothies

Ate frozen grapes

Frozen grapes in bowl

And kiwi


I bought 6 of them for less than $2 bucks yesterday.  Skylar ate 5 and told Scott and I we could split one.  How generous of her.

And we all sampled some Christmas Crack Chocolate Saltine Toffee

Chocolate Saltine Toffee Stacks

And thankfully miracles with melty pictures apparently do happen.

And then we went for a walk as a family.

Aruba street with palm trees

Not a horrible day or anything.


How was your day and what made you happy today?

When life is crazy about six months from now, when the pressures of real life are intense and things are hectic and frantic, days like today are the days that I remember and try to channel to get me over those harried moments.

I burned today in my memory so I can remember it when needed.

Do you remember goofing off in the pool and trying to get your parents wet while they tried to stay dry?

I used to try to splash my mom who tried to stay dry.  And now Skylar does the same thing to me.  She’s such a rascal.

And a tender little spirit all in one.

Skylar at the beach

P.S. Thanks for the Chobani Yogurt Giveaway entries

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