Raw Vegan Breakfast Cookie & Coffee


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I hope everyone’s having a great day!  I appreciate the feedback from my last post about the green smoothies and thanks for your stevia recommendations

Time to talk about some of the recent eats…

 Well let’s start with The Lone Ranger, aka My fruit-output-challenged strawberry plant I’ve mentioned before.  Seems the little plant has really hittin’ it’s stride and has graced me with two whole strawberries this week.  Here’s one.  Seemingly as precious and rare as a DeBeer’s diamond.

Fresh strawberry laying on countertop

Also been lovin’ summer watermelon

Sliced up watermelon in clear container

And blueberries


Put it all together and whadda ya get?  Why this of course.

Blueberries, strawberries and watermelon mixed together

Moving right along to The Promised Overnight Raw Sweetness that I promised at the end of my last post.

Since Fitnessista’s  been raving about her overnight refrigerator cookie, I thought I’ve finally gotta give this sweet delight a whirl.  And, I am so glad I did.

To use her words….ah-freain’-ah-mazin’!  She also has this recipe for it, which is kinda what I did, but I tweaked it a little.

My friend RawJuiceGirl also recently posted about a green version of a breakfast cookie.

Into My Raw Vegan Breakfast Cookie Mix went:
*1 small, very ripe nanner
*1/3 c dry oats
*1 scoop Sun Warrior Vanilla BRPP
*2 tbsp agave
*Dash stevia

*Dash of cinnamon
*Mashed it all up with a fork and voila
*Ready to be ‘frigerated now!

Mixture of raw vegan breakfast cookie in bowl

Note: No milk or other liquid was added.  Between the agave and the really juicy, super-ripe nanna, I was good to go with no more liquid and here’s a close-up of what it looked like going into the fridge..

Close up of raw vegan breakfast cookie mix before refrigeration

The next morning…

Refrigerated Raw Vegan Breakfast Cookie in bowl

Close-Up of the Raw Cookie Love!

Close up of Raw Vegan Breakfast Cookie 

Skylar’s reaction:  Doin’ the Happy Dance all over the kitch.

Young girl doing a happy dance

My reaction: Mouthgasm!!!!!  Sorry that I didn’t have my moment captured on camera.  You’ll have to take my word for it.  This one’s a keeper!

I wanted to mention that the kind folks at Equal Exchange sent me this awesome, Organic Fair Trade Coffee.  We all know know that I love my coffee, right?  So I was thrilled when a bag of this ‘joe arrived. 

Equal Exchange Organic Coffee in package on countertop

And in this cup?  Coffee Love.  Smooth, a hint of chocolate, not one bit of bitterness, totally perked up my morning!  And it did a great job of helping to wash down my breakfast cookie I should add.  Best part, it’s fair trade and it’s important to me to support businesses who support fairly trade products.

Brown mug of brewed coffee

I know that some of you believe that coffee is acidic.  Well, my contact, Rodney, at Equal Exchange had this to say about that oh so prevalent theme in the raw foods community and within health-conscious circles.  I quote:
Lastly, many mistakenly think coffee is acidic when its pretty close to neutral. It actually has the same acidity as cucumbers, about 6.9. The confusion stems from how the coffee industry uses the word “acidity” in a different way that is all about a taste sensation, not PH levels.”

So that’s some food for thought for me and definitely something for me to research some more.  I know Diana just posted about coffee drinking yesterday.  What do you all think about drinking coffee?

Lest you think I only eat cookies while chuggin’ a cup ‘o joe…here was some of the greenery in this abode.  Hugh Jass of Romaine, Brock Slaw, Tomatoes, Cukes, Yellow Squash, & Red Peppers.

Mixed greens with broccoli slaw and mixed vegetables in white shallow bowl

And there was the requisite bowl of B.S., cukes, tomatoes, red peppers, & yellow squash.

Mixed vegetables in dressing

Enough of the food talk, let’s do some yoga!

Remember yesterday when I had dropped back into urdhva dhanurasanaWell I need to get up.  “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, ” says the granny on that commercial from most of our childhoods.  Sure you can granny, just walk your feet towards your hands as far as you can.  Now keep walking in even more.  This is the most important step.  The closer you walk your feet into your hands, the easier it will be to trick gravity and pop up.

Woman doing urdhva dhanurasana yoga pose

Pretty soon those dogs will be so close to your hands that you will magically levitate upwards faster than you can say David Copperfield.  It helps if you tighten up those things called bandhas.  You know, your friends jalandhara, moola, & uddiyana bandhas?  Find em and start using them.  Lock em down and power yourself up.  

Woman doing yoga pose

And then, once you do make your way to standing, counterpose please.  Standing forward bend, loosely bending over, hugging your knees, whatever feels good, do it.  Make love, not war with your spine.

Woman doing yoga pose 


Tip of the Day: Go Win Yourself A Vita-Mix!!!!!!!   Need I say more??!!  Run over to Jessie’s Blog and Go Enter!!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for This Ain’t Your Mama’s….

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    I am a fan of sodas but I have reservations about the usual kind! It would be awesome to try these!

  2. Emily Childers–entry #1:
    I love Zevia and would love to win this giveaway!!!
    Also, I hope you are enjoying the monsoons in AZ. We just moved to San Diego from AZ and I miss those summer storms!
    Love the blog: )

  3. Entry #2

    i would like to win this contest b/c with all the food eliminations that my kids entail (like ten different things so far… not as much as some people we know, but still) I could really use a treat! And I can barely afford any! So something soda-ish sounds great to try.

  4. entry #1
    hi Averie! I'm a fellow foodlabber and I actually frequent your blog more often than others when I have a nursing kiddo asleep on one arm and can't move! I've actually always meant to ad you to my blogroll and say hey! So now I have!


  5. I want to try Zevia because we have a son who has deadly corn allergies (no corn syrups like other commercial soda's) so we are always looking for HEALTHY sodas and they are far and few inbetween. This is entry #1.

  6. I'd love to win Zevia because I would love to try an all natural soda without all the nasty chemicals that still tasted good! I've pretyt much given up diet crack, but I miss it at times! Thanks so much!

    <3 jess

  7. What a great contest! I would love to try Zevia. That it contains no sugar substitutes is a huge plus and the flavors sound really refreshing and tasty.

  8. "This is my Entry #1 because I just left this comment."

    I'd love to try Zevia because I've heard so many good things about it but haven't been able to get to a store that sells it.


  9. I would love some Zevia because I miss soda since I've gone all natural and Zevia is getting a little expensive to keep buying but it's so deliciou

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  12. This is my entry #1 – I would like to win and try Zevia because none of the stores near me carry Zevia and because I have only ever gotton to try the Root Beer (which I loved). I have been following a sugar-free, yeast-free, low-carb diet for 10 months and Zevia would be a great addition to the limited menu of beverages I can drink.

  13. that last "anonymous" comment was ME

    I have changed the position of my keyboard and it's not cooperating


    but it's just ME being STEALTH!


  14. Entry 1: I've really been trying to cut back on soda etc, so the idea of a natural alternative is so exciting!! I hadn't heard of Zevia before, and I'd love to get to try it.

    misseliza123 att gmail

  15. Found your link through my friend Michele's facebook. Like a gift and perfect timing finding you!
    My 12 year old daughter was just put on the GF DF SF diet.
    This is entry number one, we would love to win so that she can drink a can of soda sometimes and feel like a regular kid. Thanks for all of your recipes, I will be up late reading!

  16. This is Entry #1 for me: I'd love to give Zevia a try because I'm a HUGE fan of Stevia as a sweetener. I've been curious about Zevia sodas, but since I gave up soda a few years ago, I have mostly drank herbal tea, water, raw juices, and smoothies. If there really is a healthy soda option–I'd love to find out! :-D

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    I'd like to try Zevia because my family needs to get off soda..and I would love to see how taste!

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    p.s. this is my entry numero 1!! :)

  27. This is my entry #1. I would love to try Zevia because there are times that I get in the mood for a soda, but can't stand to waste calories on a can of sugar. I have recently started using stevia to sweeten my morning coffee, and I would love to try it in a refreshing soda. What a great alternative to the diet soda addicts out there!

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