Raw Vegan "Spaghetti" & Aging Awesome Apples

One more day til it’s TGIF…cool!  How are you doin’ today?  Things are groovy’ round here.

I’m stoked and flattered that you liked the looks of my Raw Vegan Apple Crumble dessert I posted yesterday.  If anyone makes it, or makes something like it, holla!  I’d love to know how it turns out for you.

And, of course, I wanna thank everyone again for their continued support and kind words in response to my little family shennaigans that were goin’ on, but I’m feeling much more at peace and settled with things, and am ready to just move on and keep on doin’ my high raw all vegan thang, cuz it works for me, and I feel so happy and energized.  ‘Nuff said!  If you don’t like it, there’s the door, don’t let it hit ya in the boo-tay on the way out.  Peace. 

I also want to congratulate the 2 winners of the Chia Contest that ended.  Janetha and Alison, enjoy your seeds, ladies!  Each of them scored a 3 POUND bag of Chia Seeds from Chia Seeds Direct.

The day started off with a little smoothie action for me-n-Skylar.  1 banana, handful of frozen mango, lowfat vanilla almond milk, dash of agave.

And blend.

And Drink.

Since I already had the VitaCrusher out, it was time to get saucy.  Marinara saucy that is.  I took Gena’s recipe and started adapting with what I had on hand…

I put in 1 vine-ripened tomato, 1/2 red pepper, 5 baby carrots, dash oregano, heavy dash of basil, twist of black pepp, 1 Tbsp Agave, & 1 Tbsp EVOO.


Bowled & Fridged for dinner later on.

Next I spiralized 3 zukes.  It looks like I personally keep the Zucchini Farmers of America in business, but it was only three zukes.

Then when it was dinner time, dumpy dump went the marinara over the zuke noods.  I also added a few aspar-grass spears for good measure. 

And boy, winner-winner-chicken-dinner, or winner-winner-raw-vegan-dinner…this was yum.  Not to mention extremely healthy, simple, fast, and cheap.  Anyone have any friends who are fast-n-cheap?  Of course you do.

The only thing I would tweak would have been to use 1 whole rather than the half of red pepper just because my tomato was so darn juicy that I coulda used something less juicy that added bulk, but just a minor detail.  Flavor was excellent, despite the slightly thinner than typical marinara consistency.  

Moving along to dessert there was an abundance to choose from.  Raw Vegan Choco-Coconut-Chia Squares, the Raw Vegan Apple Crumble, Nanna softserve….Hmmm….

Opted for the Apple Crumble On Top of the Nanna Softserve with Cool Whip on the side for Scott.  Why stop at one dessert when you can combine and get a 2-fer?

The Apple Crumble is getting better as it ages in the fridge.  Aging Awesome Apples.  Kinda like a fine wine.  This stuff is fine, alright.

Yoga is tucking right arm underneath right leg and binding at the wrist.

Then stand up, balancing on your left leg, and extend your right leg.  Don’t release the bind.  And smile please.  You’re happy!  I know I was!


Tip of the Day:  Breathe through the hard times, be gentle and kind to yourself during challenging times, knowing that in the future, things will get better and easier. 

Also, time is tick, tick, ticking on the Stevia GiveAway for 6 winners.  It ends Friday at Noon Pacific.  And after this one…the free shizzle’s gonna dry up a bit ’round here.  So get in on the ax-shun!

Here’s a question for you…how do you juggle all the blogs you read?  Do you have your core group and that’s that?   Do you pop in and out of some like a soap opera that if you catch it once a week you can stay current?  Do you read some blogger’s every post no matter what?  If you read a blog, do you always comment?  Sometimes comment, never comment?   I am having a hard time because I keep finding more and more awesome blogs I wanna read, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day!   What’s your strategy with blog readin’?

Stay tuned for some Mandolin Food Music comin’ outta my kitch…

16 comments on “Raw Vegan "Spaghetti" & Aging Awesome Apples”

  1. OMG Avery, I don't even know where to begin. There is so much amazingness in this post. You'd better win at least one of those fooduzz awards! I'm off to go vote!

    Have I mentioned that you're awesome? And that I want some carrot cake pancakes now?

  2. I'm just catching up after the weekend and I've come to the conclusion that everything you whip up looks absolutely delicious! It's a good thing you don't live near MI because I'd be at your house eating all of these tasty creations :)

    "bake in the oven for a pancakey-cookie-muffin creation" I'm there once I get done procrastinating, I mean studying for my bio exam!

  3. Daaaaaayyyyyum, so much kitchen magic :-D Love it!!

  4. you are a hard girl to keep up with…I better get these recipes saved !!!

    don't want to miss any of them.

    I use my oven as my dehydrator these days…I heat it to maybe 200 degrees (or as low as I think I can get it) and pop in my pan of whatever…let it sit for an hour or two and then turn off the oven.

    so far so good.

    can't vouch it's 100 percent perfectly raw but it's close.

    your carrot "pan" cakes look tasty and fun for Fall!

    we're still digging the apple crumble here though.

  5. Those oats loook sooooo good! I've been on a major oatmeal kick lately! I MUST try this! :)

    I have a bunch of bananas, I think I need to break out my dehydrator and getting going!

    Carrot pancakes? YUM!!!!

  6. Katie, I'm flattered sweetie and same to you :) Thanks for the shout out, and you're welcome to stop by for some pancakes anytime!

    K-Girl, thanks for the love and you're welcome as is Katie or any of you rockin' chicas to swing on by. Thanks for catching on on bloggies, not on bio. Duh…easy choice :)

    VG-Dayuummmmmgirl, I hope you've been having fun in the kitch and happy times over in your world too!

    Cindy-Glad you're still enjoying the apple crisp..woo hoo!

    Lauren-Yea the oats were delish…I snagged a few bits of Scott's. And you should totally break out your dehyd. as long as you already have one. I think it's so easy and fun!

    Thanks to all you fine peeps who have already swung by and for the rest of you that mosey on thru the rest of the day…I will be out, tryin not to spend a forture in either HomeGoods or Pier 1 so if I dont get a chance to say thanks for your sweet comment, I'm thinkin' of you and loving you for coming by!!

  7. You are a raw food goddess!
    I know this post is about the pancakes, but when I spotted the link to your raw apple crumble topping, I had to take a peak.

    I was laying awake in bed last night wondering about making apple crumble with dates as the sweetener (yes, I even dream about food), and here it is! Thanks as usual :)

  8. Oh you better believe I'm jealous of your magic box, but every day I put my food (typo, but I'm leaving it) down and remind myself it's beyond not practical for me to have one at this stage in life (aka living with a roommate and workin with a small kitchen). However, that doesn't mean I'm above experimenting with conventional oven-ifying dehydrator recipes! I actually want to put my juicer pulp to good use and make some crackers. A girl can only drink so many pulp smoothies! Nice job with your recipes so far–will let you know if I try em in the oven.

  9. Ooh those oats are great! And just look at those (pan)cakes!!

  10. I've had my eye on a dehydrator for awhile, I was trying out raw stuff for a bit (a few months back), but one too many yucky raw soups turned us off for a while… :/ I'm very curious to see what you and gena (choosing raw) create for fall/winter… :)

    I also have a small kitchen, so I'm not sure where the dehydrator would live, but keep making yummy looking stuff, and I may just be able to convince myself that the dehydrator can live on the counter top. ;)

  11. Looks like you've been having a blast in the kitchen with all your new toys:) Wish I could come eat at your house!

  12. you and your fancy schmany gizmos! I vote you write your own cookbook/yoga pose guide — just sayin.

    Feed meeeeee.

  13. I'm obsessed with how delicious your concoctions look :)
    Also…5 miles in 104 degree heat? OMG, you are a trooper!

  14. I want a dehyrdartor soooo bad, I have no idea where I would even put it in the tiny new kitchen i'm going to have BOOOOOO

    seriously all of that looks awesome and how are you so skinny with all those treats

  15. please adopt me?!

  16. Hey Averie!

    All of these yummy looking pics are a makin' me hungry : )~

    Thanks for the recipe, I am going to the co-op tomorrow so I'll pick up the few missing ingredients and let you know how they turn out!

    Thanks for always stopping by my blog, makes a girl feel good : )

  17. I'm not even going to try making those (pan)cakes because I know exactly what would happen – total loss of all self control! Although those cuke rolls look awesome and might be worth a try when I want to fancy pants things up a bit!

  18. Wow, Averie… first, I'm SO excited that you got your DEHYDRATOR!!! Eeeek! SO, SO exciting!!!!

    And I just LOVE all the recipes you've been whipping out lately, girl! Woo hoo! I can't wait 'till I have some extra time to try some of your creations. This weekend will be the perfect time, I think! :-D

    I'm going to try to get caught up on posts now that I have some "off time" from festivals. I have some reviews and contests, recipes and fun stuff coming up. And I got my Zevia sodas and T-shirt I won in your contest. Eeeek! Can't wait to try those sodas and post my thoughts!

  19. That banana brulee! SO GOOD!

    Mmm and I love the pancakes, I must get a dehydrator ASAP!

  20. Wow….seriously…wow. Where do I start? Every single thing in this post is drool-worthy – as always!! Even the nanner brulee – how simple and yet so tasty-looking!! I LOVE your carrot pancakes – who'da thought?? They sound delicious. As always, copying & pasting!! :)

  21. I love pancakes…I love your recipe, so creative : ) I cannot wait to get back to my kitchen to try these out. Glad to see you are having fun with the dehydrator!!

  22. Seriously, your food looks better and better every day! Where do you come up with this stuff!

  23. Sooo creative- love the way you just wing-it. Brulee rocks the house!

  24. Those pancakes look so, so good Averie! I need a food processor so badly, it makes me sad… my little blender just isn't powerful enough to make a lot of things :-(

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