Thanks for all the positive comments from my loyal readers on yesterday’s post when I mentioned my musings about exercise. I am grateful you guys all “get it” and can appreciate actually wanting to exercise because it makes such a positive difference and impact in your life. And of course, yogi that I am, I think that yoga is one of the best forms of exercise because it’s not just for your body, it’s for your mind and spirit too and that’s sooo important for staying balanced.

And now, onto some simple summer eats: Fresh Watermelon and Blueberries. I love to put my fruit in the freezer about a half hour or so before I’m gonna eat it. The fruit is almost frozen but not quite, and the watermelon is still juice…I love it like that!
Sliced watermelon and blueberries close upSimple Summer Raw Veggie Love:
*Baby chard

*Yellow Peppers

*Orange Peppers



*And then I slathered it with the juice of 1/2 an orange, agave, crack black.

Mixed vegetable and green salad in white bowl
And here’s where my simple foods fueled me up, apparently. Here was a floating picture I forgot to post from a couple days ago. Since the yoga pics seem to be a big hit for everyone, I thought I’d show you side crow, aka parsva bakasana.

Woman doing parsva bakasana yoga pose
If you’re feeling a little challenged in any kind of arm balance, even if it seems a little counter-intuitive (and you could very well do a face-plant so watch it!) but actually lean forward. Tilting yourself forward just ever so slightly will shift your center of gravity a bit and can help to get that booty and legs off the ground a bit easier so you can float. Some people wrote in they were having trouble, maybe that tip will help you.

And this is what I call a Floating Marichyasana A. The angle isn’t the best, but my right foot really is off the ground, and I’m hovering. Tip here is to really hook your arm around your leg. And, it’s not arm strength here friends, it’s core strength that’s gonna help you fly like a bird, and all of a sudden a random Steve Miller song goes through my head as I type…
Woman doing Floating Marichyasana A yoga poseSay Cheese! She’s looking at the camera today. Nice, love it when that happens.
Smiling young girl in pink shirt:)

Tip of the Day: Know what your limits are. If you need to step back from something, scale it down, take a break, or eliminate it all together, you’re not a failure, you’re being real and in touch and being good and true to yourself. For me, yoga means being able to be in touch with yourself and if you’re ever not feeling something or you’re not into it, to just give yourself permission to take a break, ok peeps!

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