A Slice of Raw Vegan Chocolate Pie

Thanks for everyone’s supportive comments about my new bloggie layout!  I’m so glad you guys like the new layout, but it’s nice to hear you liked the old one, too.  I liked the old layout too, but like I had mentioned in yesterday’s post, I just felt that orange was not exactly complementing my food pics very well.

And as I had left off yesterday, I promised you all some Chocolate Action, so without further ado…

A few weeks ago I went to a friend’s house and rather than showing up empty handed, I decided to make a raw vegan chocolate pie.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t bring her the whole pie. Whadda ya think I’m nuts? No, like any greedy cook, I saved half of it for our munching pleasure over here, and brought her and her fam the other half. The jumping off point of the crust came from here, but for the filling, well, that was my own concoction entirely.

Here’s what I did.  I am so sorry I don’t have photos of the process.  I musta been zoning out or trying to divert a toddler catastrophe like making sure Barbie’s dress is properly on or else

*2 c raw almonds (or you can use almond meal). Sidebar–I find that TJ’s whole raw almonds grind down into almond meal in about 15 secs flat in the Vita-Mix and oz for oz, they are just as cheap as buying TJ’s almond meal. So, rather than buying almond meal, although it would save me the grinding step, I’d prefer to have the whole raw almonds so I can use them for other things, too.
*2 or 3 medjool dates
*2-3 Tbsp of coconut oil
*Blend all 3 things together in Vita-Mix or food processor, remove, and squish the mixture into a pie plate. You can probably omit the coconut oil or reduce it, if need be. Just eyeball it to make sure you’ve got piecrust-like consistency.  

*2-3 ripe avocados (depending on how big your pie plate is, 8 vs. 10 or 12 inches, depends on if you use 2 or 3 avos)
*Handful of medjools, probably 4-5 or so
*1/2 c cocoa powder
*Agave to taste, I’d start with about 1/2 c (or try honey, stevia, or other sweetener to your liking)
*Optional coconut oil, about 1-2 Tbsp
*Optional vanilla extract
*Blend and spoon out into your pie crust.
*Refrigerate preferably overnight but at least 4 hours. You just want to get it semi cold to set up. Store in fridge.

Voila, Raw Vegan Chocolate Pie!
For extreme decadence, you could whip up some cashew cream. Cashew cream, aka the Raw Version of Cool-Whip, has been done many times and has appeared in many different vegan and raw cookbooks, but Gena also recently posted her version of cashew cream. Goodbye Cool-Whip, Hello Cashew Cream! Of course, the pie on it’s own is fabulous, or you could always just plunk a spoonful of Cool Whip on there….I won’t tell if you won’t.

In recapping some of my other chow, let’s see for my brekky there was the Lonesome Dove, or should I say Lonesome Strawberry, that I ate.  Which came from my severely output-challenged strawberry plant that I mentioned before.  It’s ok though because the extra-juicy watermelon and blueberries made up for it.

For Scott’s brekky, I made him some cooked oats, about 1/3 c dry with 2/3 c almond milk, 1 nanner, cinnamon & brown schug, and a few raisins stirred in. He said this was better than last weekend’s.  He says that every weekend.  For anyone new, I only make him oatmeal on the weekends, and every weekend he says it gets better and better.  By New Year’s I guess the oatmeal will be so good his ears will blow off or something.

And let’s see for dinner.  Well, just call me a freakin’ short order cook.  I made 3 separate dinners.  But that’s not really anything new, it’s just that on this particular night I made Scott a nice salad and some gluten and sodium laden ziti and marinara.  It was vegetarian, but definitely not something I was interested in.  Even before I went GF, pasta just never was my dealio.  But it sure is his. 

My dealio was more along the lines of Sqaush, B.S., cukes & zukes, carrots, orange & yellow peppers.  Now we’re talkin’.

So here’s my question, for those of you with sig others or kids who don’t necessarily eat exactly the same way you do, how do you manage?  Do you cook separately for everyone?  Or, do you say, tough shizzle and you’ll eat what’s served or you can starve, my beloved family members?  Or do you do what I do, and usually, take one meal and sort of customize certain aspects, based on everyone’s likes and dislikes?  Would love to hear how you juggle different tastes and food prefs.

Some yogaBig Air, Big Smile!


Tip of the Day:  Cloth Napkins.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle my friends.  I bought a dozen cloth napkins from BB & B for about 10 bucks.  And you could get them cheaper from Target or TJ Maxx or someplace like that.  But I just throw them in the wash with everything else.  I don’t iron them, I don’t try to get every last stain out, but if you pick something other than white, it’s amazing that with very little effort they look decently stain-free.  It’s way more economical than using paper towels or paper napkins for everything and it saves the planet.  My Go Green speech is officially over now.

15 comments on “A Slice of Raw Vegan Chocolate Pie”

  1. Aww Skylar :-D So cute!

    FABULOUS pose!!

    Love coconut oil – great, nourishing stuff.

    Happy weekend, dear Averie!!

  2. holy heck you can hold yourself up…yes indeed your yoga inspires me!!

  3. Baking soda is one of my "al purpose" things…
    coconut oil too…(I am one of those "it's a better sunscreen" Mamas too

  4. You have definitely inspired me to get on the yoga bandwagon! I really enjoyed this morning's class and I look forward to taking others. I hear they're starting a 6:15am power yoga class twice a week – not sure I can get my butt outta bed for that one, but I may try! :) I certainly feel more enthusiastic about it now since finding your blog! Please keep the pictures and explanations coming..thanks!

  5. this is my first time checking out your blog and i love it. that pose is killer! i'll be here regularly :)

  6. VG-Hope your weekend is mellow and you're not hardcore studying yet or anything. Glad you likey the yoga :) xoxo

    RunToFinish- yep, I can. Didn't happen overnight…by any means!!

    Cindy-Oooh glad you don't like gloppy SPF with parabens and SLS's either :)

    Hayley-I am sooo happy you are going to start doing yoga. Seriously, it will change your life. It changed mine, both on and off the mat. 615a is really early but think of it as after that, by 8am, you've already had the best start to your day, your physical workout is done for the day, and your emotional benefit lasts you all day. I used to practice daily from 7-9am with a 6-7am pranyama (breathing) meditation. Pre-kiddo of course! Now, 20 mins at a time is about my calling card.

    Quisha-Glad you found me and please stop on back. I post daily and with yoga every day. Enjoy!

  7. I love olive oil as a hair or skin conditioner for me and my cats :) Your yoga skills are amazing! I am definitely nowhere near your level, but I do absolutely love a looong downward dog after a run!

  8. hi just stumbled across your blog, i was reading up on oats, and if they were a raw food, i think that they steam them to 220 at the manufacturer. do you know if you get them out of a bulk bin at a health food store it is different? also i would like to follow you if thats ok? not like to work and stuff… just on blogger….:)

  9. I use NOW foods brand of nooch. Your brown sugar/agave concoction looks pretty rockin' though!

  10. Traveleatlove-olive oil is my go-to hand lube in the winter. My hands get so dry from doing so many dishes, it's great on skin, isn't it. Thx for the yoga props.

    Dirty Duck-By all means, follow me!
    As for the raw thing…well I think in the manufacturing process that all oats are probably heated higher than strict raw foodies would consider raw. I call it "raw oats" in the sense that if you soak them long enough, they become yummy and creamy without heat. That's what I meant by raw. Not sure about bulk bins, I doubt it but haven't researched it. LMK what you find out!

    Caroline-Thx for stopping by and for your Nooch recommendation. Hope things are going better for you today :)

  11. I LOVE how you made raw oatmeal and then nuked it. LOL ;-D

    That is a fabulous pose. Thanks for encouraging those of us who can't be all twisted like you right now (I mean that in a good way!) because we're not flexible enough yet–and for inspiring us to keep devoting time to yoga so we'll get there someday!

    As for the tip on buying something and not using it for its intended purpose… Hmmm…. I guess I'd have to say cold pressed oils for oil pulling–and not cooking or other recipes and although it isn't eco-friendly, I learned years ago that hairspray takes ink out of clothes a lot of the time. ;-D

  12. I am more of an olive oil girl than coconut oil when it comes to my exterior. I find the coconut oil a little clogging on my skin, unfortunately.
    And I 100% agree on the tea! I wish I liked it, I do, but it always leaves me wanting.
    Loving the sound of your oatmeal today, I must say. Such a good flavor combination!

  13. ooh, that caramel sauce for the popcorn?!?!!! yum :)

  14. I have that Rooibos and it's yummy with a little agave and vanilla!

    Love the yoga!

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