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Ever forget about a vegetable or a food, and then when you see it, “you’re like, oh, I forgot about you!” And kind of like that shirt in the back of your closet you forget about, suddenly the old becomes new?

Well that’s what happened to me when I read a post of Gina’s recently and she had yellow squash photographed. And from that moment on, I was like a pregnant lady in need of pickles: I had to have some yellow squash! So I made it.

Also featured are:
*B.S. (Brussels’s Sprouts, but there’s always lots of B.S. around here, too)
*red peppers
*Agave & Crack Black
*And I squeezed the juice of a half an orange over everything and let the acid from the fruit juice do the work of cooking the veggies!

So yep, it’s all raw.

Crunchy, and probably lightly steaming would have been a little easier to chew, but it sure tasted nummy!
Mixed vegetables with dressing

And wait, the Black Things Are Back. If you missed the Dulse Flake post, go check it out. Thanks everyone for the great dulse comments and chatter!
Mixed vegetables and greens topped with Dulse flakes in shallow white bowl
Oh and here was the sauce that I drizzled over the Squash Plate. I have mentioned this one before in this post, but in this version of Cinnamon Ginger Dipping Sauce I used:
*Juice of half a small Orange
*3 Tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
*2 Tbsp Cinnamon
*1 Tsp Ginger
*1/2 Tsp Cumin (that’s all I had in my nearly empty bottle)
*1/4 Tsp Guar Gum
*1/4 Tsp Xanthum Gum
*Agave to taste, probably 2 Tbsp
*Blend well, I used my Vita-Mix
*Keeps in fridge for a few days so I made extra
Cinnamon Ginger Dipping Sauce in white bowlThere on the side you can see the tangy zangy sauce.
Mixed salad with side of cinnamon ginger dipping sauceAnd no morning is complete, now is it, without a Green Monster. This one had:
*1/3 of a large head of Romaine
*3 celery stalks
*Dried mango (that you can see on the canister sides because I ground that a bit before I put everything else in)
*1 Apple
*2 skinny Carrots
*1 Banana
*Agave to Taste
*Blend it up in the V
Mixed vegetables and fruit in blenderAngela, you ain’t got nothin’ on this one! See the mango flakes in there? Mmmm, nummy.
Blended vegetables and fruit in jarEveryone’s favorite time…yoga!

After my morning trot, I thought I was feelin’ the need for a little heart chakra opening and backbending. So I hung out in Camel for a bit. Aka, Ustrasana.
Woman doing Ustrasana yoga poseAnd then of course, after any kind of backbending, make sure you do a counter-pose! Like Child’s Pose (balasana), or some kind of foward bend. Be kind to your back! Ahhh…happy time.
Woman doing Child's yoga pose:)

Tip of the Day: Make time for yourself. Period. No excuses. Take 10, 20, 60 minutes (lucky dog!) every day, whatever increment of time works for you and your life, and just make it your own. Workout, zone out, read your emails, catch up on sewing, knitting, reading, talking on the phone, whatever it is. Just make time for yourself so that you recharge your batteries. I recently wrote to a group that, If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t No One Happy! So true! And you don’t have to be a mom for that to apply.

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for Chia Seeds in Action….

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  1. Emily yes the oatmeal does come out less dense when you don't cook it. That said, I made it for my husband and although I do eat oats, I don't go hog wild on them. I am gluten free and if you buy certified GF oats they are, but I don't. Therefore, on account on not glutening myself too much, I don't go overboard. Plus, my gut cannot really handle too many grains. At all. I need to watch it.

    Yes, Mission Bay. Are you another San Diegan? I've met a few already since I started my blog! And I also replied to you about the mat from your other comment.

  2. That's a nice bay (is it Mission Bay? I can't quite recognize it…).
    I like your new template! It's a little less busy for these lazy last days of summer :)
    I must be the last person to try raw oatmeal in raw foodie circles, but I never did much like it when cooked. Does it come out lighter than it's cooked cousin?
    Have a great day! I am enjoying catching up again…

  3. FF-That's cool that you used the same layout that I am using. Great minds think alike obviously :)

    Hi Sahara I actually thought of you when I was changing my layout thinking, well Sahara thought my layout was really bright n cheery, and that little voice was in my head, but I decided to ditch the orange action. For now at least. Glad my tip helped you. Hope things with your situation are stabilizing…hugs :)

    Kimberly-glad you love the layout and yeah, I think any mom who has survived toddlerhood has got some battle stories of tantrums in public places. It was a doozie, but we're all better today :)

  4. LOVE the new blog look! I've been thinking of changing mine but haven't got around to it.

    I know what you mean about the tantrums of a two year old. Mine are older now, but when they were little we took them into a HUGE toy store. When it was time to leave–we literally had to drag them out! We NEVER went back:)

  5. I needed your tip today! Thank you. I immediately took a big slow breath when I read it. Had that kind of evening. I loved the old design, but this one is nice too. Have a good week Averie!

  6. Well I think it's required that I love the new background, I have this background on my personal blog:)

    Beach days are slowly crawling to a halt, aren't they? Good thing we get to stretch it out a bit here in San Diego:)

    The oats look yummy, makes me think of fall. Oh how I love fall!

  7. VG that is awesome you have that kind of relationship with your folks. Under stress, mine are not who I call.

    Foodnfit-where in San Diego do you live? Glad that you enjoyed the Del Mar scene last nite. Ahh..memories, we used to do that scene too but not lately. As in the last 3.5 yrs. LOL Hillcrest market is always the most crowded in all of San Diego. Best, IMO, but most crowded and sometimes I feel that sadly, things are no cheaper than WF. When a farmer's market is no cheaper than Whole Paycheck, we've got a problem. So while I do love it, and eating locally and seasonally, I never find it's a "bargain" by any means. LMK what you thought.

    Sassy–you are too kind, thank you:) I try, ya know. After a kid I refused to get that sloppy mommy thing going on. But I mean vegan, yoga, raw foods…not really that hard to stay in shape, ya know? Thanks though :)

  8. I love your new colors! very fall ish.

    I am an orange ADDICT, I loved your last layout too!

    yeah tantrums can be a bear! Ours is doing the same thing…and BITING!

    Happy Sunday and nice day at the beach.

    we're going to neighbor's bbq in a bit

  9. I love the new background! :)
    Yea that spot in Del Mar looked like a great place to hop around and get some drinks, I loved the whole atmosphere.
    Omg Hillcrest is amazing, I love it and I loved the Market. You're right thought…a bit too crowded!
    Looks like you had a great day by the bay…your little girl is adorable!

  10. THANK YOU for the love and shout-out – hugs!!

    Love the new blog look, beach photos, daily eats (ahem, chocolate!!) :)

    My In-The-Heat-of-the-Moment Stress reducing tip = talk to my folks.