First all, a shout out to everyone who has been leaving positive comments and reassuring words, like on my last post about chia pets, I mean chia seeds. Everyone’s support and reading along is sooo important to me, so thank you for your support! Let me know if there’s anything you want to see more of. More yoga? More food? More chocolate?…mmm, that sounds good to me.

Onto the Eats…
Do you ever have a moment where you realize you had better mix it up a little bit and get outta a food rut? Not that I was feeling in a rut, just a really solid groove, one that needed a little shake-up. So, I shook.

Unfortunately after I decided to shake it up, I realized I was dangerously low on spices and seasonings. Necessity is the mother of invention, I tell ya. I looked in the pantry and saw about 1 cup of raw almonds. And then, off the top of my head, Raw Sweet ‘n Tangy Chicken-Less Chicken Salad was born.
Sweet and tangy chickenless chicken salad over mixed vegetables and green salad
Raw Sweet ‘n Tangy Chicken-Less Chicken Salad:
*1 c raw almonds (I soaked them for oh about a half hour. Don’t call the nut soaking police on me. It all worked out.)
*2 Tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
*2 Tbsp O.J.
*2 Tbsp Agave
*1/2 inch fresh ginger

*Pepper to taste
Vita-Mix or Food Process it to smoothness of your liking. I like some texture, you can see that here.
Close up of chickenless chicken salad
*Then, I threw in 1/8th cup of each: carrots, orange peppers, & zucchini (but you coulda used any veggie that was calling out to you from the bottom of your veggie drawer)
*Blend a smidge more


Scooped the mixture into romaine boats on a bed of greens & garnished.
Chickenless Chicken salad in two romaine boats
Drizzled Scott’s with some balsamic and oil dressing from TJ’s & garnished with a few pepper pieces.
Chickenless Chicken salad drizzled with balsamic and oil
The little nutty pate would have been excellent wrapped in collards Gena style or in rice paper wrappers or on some Mary’s Crackers hors dourves style. Kinda along this theme of Angela’s Veggie Pizza Crackers. The possiblities are endless, really. Gena also has lots of nut pates in this post if you want even more nutty inspiration.

Enjoy….I did.

Scott’s verdict: Babe, I am really impressed with your creation!!

Lest you think that it was all health food and vegan chicken salad for this rabbit, you are sorely mistaken. I dug out plenty ‘o spoonfuls of the Chocolate Love I made yesterday.
Raw vegan brownies in clear container
This morning I went for a quick run around my N-hood at 9am. Honk Count: 2. Whistle Count: 1. Leaning and trying to talk to me outta the car window Count: 2.

Of course any runner knows how much we love to have “our zone” broken with such heart-warming gestures like honking and whistling. Seriously guys, whistling? Honking? Oh yeah, I forgot, that’s the way to a woman’s heart, just honk at her. Classy. Can I get your number now that I am so flattered. Grrrr….
Woman in running attire in front of gateBut when I returned my True Classy Little Lady was waiting for me with a big smile and hug. Makes up for all the Loooz-ers I encounter on my urban runs. Anyone else go through this while you’re trying to work out? What’s your working out pet peeve?
Woman and child smiling on patio
Oh, and please tell me what the recipe that you pulled outta your arse that actually worked and got high praise is? (Bonus points for fast n easy, raw, and vegan!)


Tip of the Day: My friend RawJuiceGirl is having TWO giveaways at once! First, she is having the Food Matters DVD GiveAway that I already mentioned yesterday but now she is also having a Natalia Rose DVD GiveAway. Go check that shizzle out pronto!

P.S. Stay tuned for my next Yoga-heavy post!

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