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I recently received the new Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes Cookbook before its available in stores (release date is September 13, 2012)

It’s possibly the last cookbook you’ll need for a while because it has 1,485 recipes in it and is 985 pages.

A light read.

Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes Cover

This hard-bound collection commemorates 20 years of the best submitted recipes. It’s filled with mouth-watering favorites that will be sure to bring families together again for a new experience at the dinner table, and to enjoy a weekly meal, a special holiday or occasion.

You’ll find Saturday Night AppetizersWeeknight DinnersSecret Family RecipesPotluck Favorites and more. Also included are cherished magazine features including: Mom Made it Best, Our Favorite Contributor’s Meals, Mealtime Express, Cooking for One or Two, Grand Prize Winners and more.

Life is a collection of moments and Taste of Home is all about making those moments special and memorable. Each recipe has a very personal story of what it has meant to those who submitted it and their families.

Each recipe has been evaluated and selected by the Taste of Home test kitchen as the best of the best and can be recreated in your kitchen with readily accessible ingredients.


Taste of Home is a go-to resource for the holidays and any time of the year for information on food, cooking and entertaining. Each year, thousands of great home cooks from across the United States and Canada submit more than 40,000 recipes, of which 3,000 are published in Taste of Home magazines and online, making Taste of Home one of the largest and most successful practitioners of user generated content.

Before being published, every recipe is tested in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen to ensure that it can be prepared with affordable, everyday ingredients from regular grocery stores.


What’s included in the Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes Cookbook:

  • This special collection includes more than 1,400 of the most requested, most beloved dishes, all submitted by Taste of Home readers
  • Each recipe has been evaluated and selected by Taste of Home, which ensures that it can be prepared with affordable everyday ingredients.
  • Practical and proven tips to help every kind of cook enjoy perfect results every time
  • Personal stories and memories from contributors are sprinkled throughout
  • Lists Prep/Cook Times
  • Top 100 favorite recipes marked with an icon
  • Easy-to-follow directions
  • How-to photos and cooking tips
  • Personal stories accompany recipes
  • Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes at a Glance
  • 26 chapters inspired by the most popular magazine features
  • Chapters include some of the most cherished magazine features from over the years including: Mom Made it Best, Our Favorite Contributor’s Meals, Mealtime Express, Cooking for One or Two, Grand-Prize Winners, Potluck Picks


I really like this cookbook because of the sheer size and repertoire of recipes included, the fact that all recipes are well-tested and that they’re family favorites, and are made with readily accessible ingredients.

One lucky reader will win one copy of the new Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes Cookbook

Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes Cover

Comment below to enter the giveaway.

1. What’s your favorite cookbook of all time and why do you love it so much? (links welcome)


What’s a family favorite recipe of yours that you make over and over? (links welcome)

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  1. On BetterTV, the guest today-9/6/12, advertised that the recipes on the show would be available online. They are not available. I wanted the recipes for the cornbread, the mascapone won-ton desserts and the honey-almond salad dressing. Where are they? If you are going to present this offer on TV as a kind of advertisement, then I think it is only proper and fitting that you keep your word. Otherwise, you are sending a very negative message and this is very counter to your good advertising initiative. Thank you.

  2. I love all Taste of Home Cookbooks! I also like Country Woman Cookbooks along with Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks! Let’s face it I pretty much love all cookbooks!! I collect them and read them as if they were novels, etc. I do make Hash Brown Casserole and Corn Casserole over and over again. I sure would like to win this Taste of Home Cookbook!! Thank You!!!

  3. My favorite cookbook was my Aunt’s Better Homes & Garden Meat Cookbook. My Mom has made many recipes from it over the years w/ her twist on them of course. I was looking for those recipes in her recipe box and she laughed and got her book out. I inherited my Aunt Mary’s when she went to Heaven!

  4. I have both versions of America’s Best Recipes, and I use both of them. I like the science and precision of their explorations and conclusions.

  5. There is no way I could pick one cookbook. But one of my favs is the Mrs. Field’s Cookie Book!

  6. Taste of Home recipies have always been a “go to” when you need a sure thing. Taste of Home originated in my home state of Wisconsin. I used to received the magazine then gave that up when they published their yearly reciepe book. I have several of those books I believe the last one being 2007.

  7. Hard to say what my FAVORITE cookbook is, but I often reference Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cookies. It’s awesome because it organizes the cookie recipes by texture!

  8. I have too many favorite cookbooks to pick just one!! Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals Cookbook comes to mind first!!

  9. My fav recipe book is called “Vegan’s Delight”. It is full of recipes that are delicious and I can eat everything in the whole recipe book, so that is really cool, cause most recipe books have either something or other in them that don’t seem to agree with me and my stomach…

  10. My favorite cookbook is probably Practical Paleo. I love it because all of the recipes are not only delicious, they’re super healthy!

  11. One of my favorite cookbooks is ‘ Screen Doors and Sweet Tea” by Martha Hall Foose. I love the title and everything about it :)

  12. Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. Still a fantastic cookbook after all there years.

  13. Favorite cookbook is a really old one…the electric company used to hand out a holiday cookie book every year. I have my grandma’s collection from the ’50s!

  14. I really enjoy all three of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” cookbooks and use them often. The combo of cooking science and art (and humor!) make using them fun, plus I’ve had great success with most every recipe I’ve tried.

  15. I still LOVE cookbooks, andlike you, I read them cover to cover like a novel. There’s nothing better. Of course I always end up googling recipes because I forget which book they were in, but I hope printed books never die. I dont know why I just love them so!

  16. My best loved is my Great Grandmothers Betty Crocker cookbook for sentimental reasons but also because there are some classics in it!

  17. What a fun read…curl up on the couch this fall and oogle and drool over the great recipes!

  18. My most favorite cookbook has got to be The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Whereas I eat with an open mind (passion for veggies and lust after fusion and gourmet), my fiance is a meat.and.potatoes.ONLY kind of man. PW’s cookbook is the only one that I know of that actually contains recipes to fit his picky palate!

    And of course, Taste of Home always has a good recipe or two to fit my man’s stringent rules of food that he will eat. I’d love to expand his menu with this cookbook!

  19. I love LOVE my Taste of Home Baking cookbook! Recipes are great and love the helpful hints/conversion charts = lifesavers!

  20. what a fabulous cookbook! My favorite cookbook is my family’s cookbook that is a huge compilation of our favorites. I love that there are so many recipes that has been passed down from generation to generation.

  21. Favorite family recipes are definitely my aunt’s scalloped potatoes (though it’s so hard to recreate hers perfectly :( ) and Yum-Yum Cake that we have at family gatherings usually every Easter!

  22. I don’t have a favorite book, but I have crazy list of bookmarked recipes on all my computers (home, work, ipad, iphone). I have enough bookmarked to make 2-3 cook books!

  23. I love my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. I thought me a lot. This one is on my wish list – it would be fabulous to win it! Like and early Christmas gift :)

  24. One of our favorite family recipes has to be my grandma’s coffee cake. My mom makes it for breakfast on the mornings of special occasions and holidays, and when we smell it baking, we know we’re in for a treat :)

  25. The cookbook I grab repeatedly is The Joy of Cooking because it is a great reference and has quite a recipe collection also.

  26. My favorite cook book of all time is THIS cookbook but an older version, bought it by YOUR recommendation! Best purchase I’ve made in awhile, besides my 50mm lens :)

  27. I learned to cook with a Betty Crocker Cookbook that was printed in the 1960’s. It’s still my favorite.

  28. Now following you on Pinterest! And I pinned your Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip. This makes me very excited for fall and all things pumpkin! :)

  29. A family favorite recipe is definitely our Best Ever Waffles (http://cooking2perfection.blogspot.com/2012/07/best-ever-waffles.html). {Please excuse the picture…poor quality and lighting, definitely need to make these soon and snap a better picture!!}

    These waffles are the best combination of sweet but not to sweet flavors while being crunchy on the outside and light and airy on the inside. So easy to make too, so they are great if you are crunched for time or want to impress guests but not spend all of your time in the kitchen. We usually top ours with homemade strawberry syrup or maple syrup that my uncle sends us from Michigan. Deeelicious!

  30. My favorite family recipe is my grandmothers breakfast sausage ring that she used to make specially for holidays or special occasions. Unfortunately she passed away in October and I never got the recipe from her. I know it was coated in cornflakes but that’s as much as I know but I am determined to use the Internet and the knowledge she has taught me about cooking to find out how to make it and make it taste just like hers. Because she was the best cook I knew.


  31. Pinterest follow and re-pinned (love that chocolate cake!!) Melissa Karras (Treats With a Twist)

    Thanks Averie!!

  32. I couldn’t possibly choose just one because I have a ton of cookbooks. Out of recipes, I’d have to say my grandma’s banana bread and my mom’s chocolate chip cookies are the ones I always go back to.

  33. I actually have an older version of this cookbook and I’m obsessed with it! Its probably one of my favorites. I’d love the newest addition!

  34. My mum wasn’t a huge cook but one thing that has stuck with me (and sticks too you when you make it) are condensed milk and coconut balls coated in pink jelly crystals … They are so good (in moderation of course) :P